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About the Course

This is the second of seven courses in the Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate. The Python programming language is a powerful tool for data analysis. In this course, you’ll learn the basic concepts of Python programming and how data professionals use Python on the job. You'll explore concepts such as object-oriented programming, variables, data types, functions, conditional statements, loops, and data structures. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you through this course by providing hands-on activities that simulate relevant tasks, sharing examples from their day-to-day work, and helping you enhance your data analytics skills to prepare for your career. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will have the skills needed to apply for data science and advanced data analytics jobs. This certificate assumes prior knowledge of foundational analytical principles, skills, and tools covered in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. By the end of this course, you will: -Define what a programming language is and why Python is used by data scientists -Create Python scripts to display data and perform operations -Control the flow of programs using conditions and functions -Utilize different types of loops when performing repeated operations -Identify data types such as integers, floats, strings, and booleans -Manipulate data structures such as , lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets -Import and use Python libraries such as NumPy and pandas...

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Jan 13, 2024

About the most interesting learning experience i have had. I love the course structure , its clarity and especially the content of its labs which took the concepts to another level of understanding.


May 24, 2023

Excellent introduction to Python programming, Pandas, and NumPy. I'm quite familiar with all three but still learned a few new tricks. The walkthroughs in this series are quite well done.

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By Farrukh N A

Jun 22, 2023

Google needs to either change the course from ' Getting Started in Python' or lower the steep difficulty level of course that starts with when you finish the module of dictionary, tuples, and so on. The reason is that the lectures emphasize on the basics of data structure but the questions of the same lectures of much higher difficulty and doesn't even explain the relevant functions / techniques and such strategy leaves students like me to be frustrated & disappointed. So, please if the questions (especially the dictionary & tuples) ones bound to be difficult then share the relevant techniques in the lectures before prompting us to do the exercises.

By 包晗

Jun 30, 2023

Great courses for a beginner, but the labs are so difficult, you cannot finishi them based on those video and readings without any previous knowldge about Python

By John E

Apr 25, 2023

The materials and presentations are excellent, but I am not a fan of the busy work involved in the end of course PACE portfolio work. Professional presentation is certainly important, but you end up diluting the course by including so much of this material. Furthermore, having worked on many projects, I can tell you that the workflow process is so iterative that trying to "shoe horn" the process into a four letter acronym -- which is better than the six letter acronym in the previous specialization -- is both reductionistic and frankly artificial. My suggestions are as follows: remove this excess material and "re-factor" the PACE/portfolio material into one course, perhaps the capstone course. Otherwise, I learned quite a bit.

By Ilia B

Apr 21, 2023

Too basic to "Advanced"

By Jeremiah M

Jul 19, 2023

This was a very good course for people just starting out with Python. The instructor was well spoken and did a nice job explaining the topics. If you have never been exposed to any sort of computer programming language than this course may take you a little bit longer to get up to speed, but the resources provided should be enough to get you started.

By Corey F

Nov 28, 2023

I really enjoyed this course. There was a wide range of things covered and even though I had no experience with Python at the start I now feel confident enough to do the basics.

By Kyle E

Aug 9, 2023

This course covers the essentials for data analytics well, introduction(short) to python basics and pandas.

Good amount of labs practice with data frames and the functions and methods that come with it, however, this course is not sufficient if you have little to none experience or knowledge of the python language.

I would highly recommend a full basic course on python for data science before proceeding any further in the certification because every other course in this program uses python extensively and you do not want to limit your understanding due to the technical aspect. Take your time, review the course material, take regular breaks to realign your mindset and most importantly - practice, practice, practice.

By manjineshwaran g

Jun 22, 2023

I'm exited with this course, i learn python from scratch and pyhton libraries such as numpy and pandas are easy to learn. tutorial video are effictive, lab are so effictive, thanks a lot.

By Muhammad B

Jun 5, 2023

Exceptionally well-designed course! I just loved it. I knew Python before but from this course, I learned the ways to communicate results. Lastly, The instructor was amazing.

By Ijaz M

May 5, 2023

Overall the course is pretty good. The python tutorials could be more interactive, include more tutorials and then gradually increasing the difficulty level.

By Mr. G

Sep 5, 2023

"I recently completed the 'Python Programming,' and it's undoubtedly a 5-star course! The content is expertly structured, starting with basics and progressing to advanced topics. The instructor's explanations are clear, even for coding newcomers. Hands-on exercises and great community support boosted my confidence. This course equipped me with a solid Python foundation for real-world projects. I highly recommend it to beginners and those wanting to deepen their skills. I'm thrilled with the experience, and it exceeded my expectations. A definite 5-star rating!" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

By Michael T P

Apr 11, 2023

This was a very good, no-frills turbo-mode boot camp for python. I already knew at least 80% of it, and it was good review and practice, plus I learned a couple new things along the way that I'm excited about, mostly list comprehension, plus good practice with numpy and pandas proficiency.

By K.F S

May 9, 2023

I get more detail information about python programming language and its hands on labs are perfect to know the concepts .

By Harish K

May 12, 2023

A best approach for data analysis and better foundational skills to learn new techniques with python

By HungPM29

Apr 22, 2024

perfect starting point

By Islands

Dec 30, 2023

Although I have not completed this course by now and am halfway done, I feel extremely disappointed with this advanced course. In this advanced course, course 1 is the intro, and courses 2 and 3 discuss fundamental Python analysis and visualization using numpy, pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn. By viewing content, courses 4 - 6 are advanced Python analysis, such as Introduction to Machine Learning and Regression Analysis. Let's start talking about courses 2 and 3. They throw you everything, and you must figure it out alone. It's just like you haven't learned Allegra yet, and they throw you calculus staff. How can you learn how to run if you don't know how to walk? It feels like impossible. If you have no previous Python experience, don't take this course! It will keep and keep confusing you. Let's have an example by looking at course content. In course 3, they taught you data analysis, visualization, and data cleaning afterward. This does not make any sense. If you aren't familiar with data analysis yet, data analysis should follow the steps in order(the steps might differ, but the structure is the same): Ask questions, data collect, data clean, analyze, and visualize. They don't teach in order, which is ridiculous, in my opinion. I learned content similar to this course about two years ago and recently re-picked it up for review. But for sure, if you have yet to gain experience with Python, don't take this course; find something better, I promise. At least, it confused me more.

By Chatzos “ X

Apr 29, 2023

I recently took a crash course on Python and overall, I found it to be a great experience. The course was very informative and to the point, covering all the important basics of Python programming. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, and the lessons were well-structured and easy to follow.

However, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the final project of the course. While the course was great at building foundational knowledge, the final project felt a bit weak and didn't really challenge me to apply everything I learned throughout the course. I think the course could benefit from a stronger and more complex final project that really puts all the skills learned to the test.

Overall, though, I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get started with Python programming. It's a great crash course that will give you a solid foundation in the language and its capabilities.

By S M G A N

Jun 24, 2023

I recently finished the Coursera course Get Started with Python, a requirement for the Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate. Overall, the course was well organized and exciting, giving me a strong foundation in Python programming. The learning process was pleasurable because of the instructor's expertise and engagement. However, I was a little let down by the course's culminating assignment. Although the course did an excellent job of covering the fundamentals, the final project lacked complexity and didn't fully use the abilities presented in the course. Given that it offers a solid basis and covers key ideas, I would suggest it to anybody looking to begin their Python programming adventure.

By Himansu H D

Sep 12, 2023

This course provided good understanding of Python programming language as well two important libraries, numpy and pandas. It has increased my skills in Python programming language and have come to know usefulness and power of these libraries in data analysis work.

Thanks to Course team for preparing material covered in this course as well to instructors for providing good explanation of material. Thanks also to Coursera platform for offering this great course, Get Started with Python , as part of Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

By Luz N R A

Jan 19, 2024

This course has everything to begin analizing data, I wouldnt say its for beginners, that's what I like most, since I was expecting to gain a deeper knowledge on Python and this course met all my expectations and beyond. It doesnt seem obvious when you begin but its quite important to place all your knowledge in practice, and I found labs a useful and completed tool which guides you in each step. I am grateful with Google to make this complete and concise material for students.

By Saeed V

Dec 19, 2023

Course 2, "Get Started With Python," in the Advanced Data Analytics specialization by Google on Coursera was an invaluable learning experience. The content provided a solid foundation in Python programming, covering essential topics such as functions, conditional statements, loops, strings, and data structures. The course has significantly enhanced my skills and understanding of Python, laying a strong groundwork for further exploration in data analytics and programming.

By Hitesh J

Dec 3, 2023

I recently completed the Python course on Coursera by Google, and it was an excellent learning experience. The content was well-structured, making complex concepts easy to grasp. The hands-on approach, coupled with real-world examples, enhanced my understanding of Python programming. The course on Coursera provided a fantastic platform, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to build a strong foundation in Python.

By Carlos O

May 6, 2023

The course goes in depth with all the principles of programing with python and the use of the libraries (pandas and numpy) the exercises have a proper difficulty and the final project really helps practice the use of the libraries and to analyze the results emulating well how a professional in the field is expected to tackle the problems he or she confront in the work place

By Siva S P

Dec 15, 2023

If you are a beginner and you wanna enhance your Data Analysis with python skills, I think this is the best place to start off as you put all your learning skills at the end of the course's data analytics project , which is a very thoughtful step by google to make their potentials learners equip their resumes with great critical thinking projects. Thanks to Google !!

By Redem P

Nov 20, 2022

I enjoyed this course alot.

A keen understanding of Python can truly take a Data Science practitioner's skill to the nest level. Lecturer was very proficient and engaging. This helped alot in staying motivated learning a new programming language, as I come from an 'R' background.

This is a good course on the popular programming language Python.