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About the Course

A growing number of exciting, well-paying jobs in today’s security industry do not require a college degree. This is the final course required to assess your acquired knowledge and skills from from the previous two specializations, IT Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Security Analyst Fundamentals, to become job-ready for a cybersecurity analyst role. You will be expected to pass a final assessment quiz for each of the seven (7) prior courses within the IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate. Upon successful completion of the quizzes, you will acquire the IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate....

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Dec 4, 2023

This was an interesting course. As I progressed, I kept experiencing 'ah-ha' moments as I connected course material topics to personal and professional experiences. This was a tough course.


Aug 10, 2020

The Course is comprehensive. Very detailed. You need to read the course material very well in order to pass the final assessment. In all its a very great course am happy i took it.

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By Prateek B

Jul 9, 2020

If a person attempts the quiz twice in 24 hours - then on the second attempt, the score will remain exactly the same as was achieved in the first exam. The server cache do not get cleared and this is a very irritating process.

By James H

Jul 5, 2020

Most of the Instructors are not really instructors. they just read a script. You will not learn anything by just watching the videos because all they are only videos of instructors reading and not teaching.

By Bongo S

Jul 14, 2020

Great course it took a little over a week to finish all 8 courses, I love the sense of achievement that comes with finishing the last Assessment, truly a great standard.

By Eric A

Nov 30, 2020

This review is for the entire entire IBM Cybersecurity Professional Certificate. The first four courses are heavily repeated and the videos are just different individuals reading slides which was tedious at times. The content vastly improves as you get further into the courses (mainly Cyber Threat Intelligence and the Capstone). The final assessment is reasonably difficult. If you have any experience in this field, this certificate is not needed. If you are completely new to cybersecurity you will learn something.

By Nelson B

Aug 11, 2020

The Course is comprehensive. Very detailed. You need to read the course material very well in order to pass the final assessment. In all its a very great course am happy i took it.

By adedeji

Jul 20, 2020

This course is good. I mean really good. However, it has for now remained the toughest course I have ever taken in my life. If you pass this course from module 1 through 8, then you have the tenacity to succeed in your career because it will take you out of your comfort zone.

An excellent course.

By Paweł G

Aug 13, 2020

The test is very hard to pass without studying the material. It took me a while to pass it.

The test doesn't give you any feedback so students are left on their own.

By Max H

Oct 10, 2020

Thank goodness I have passed this terrible exam. Poorly written questions, bad english, useless statistical questions, missing images and buggy as hell.

By Zahid M

Jun 28, 2020

One of the hardest exam I have ever did. Final exam was very tricky... :) But I manage to pass it.

By Saphilous S

Sep 15, 2020

WTH!!!!!!!!!!! I gave the same answers four times and I got 78.24, 78.24, 78.24, and 86 percent. there is a bud that you guys have to fix and you have to fix it quickly!

By Mohammed M

Jul 4, 2020

This was one of the hardest and best courses I've taken on Coursera.


Jul 3, 2020

This assessment is very challenging. It gives you motivation and frustrating at the same time when you fail the test. But this course is great.

By Edward S

Aug 31, 2020

Very Hard! Took me 4 tries, first I received a 65,71,71,91.... REVIEW every single course, video, and additional resources! I

By Christopher C

Jun 17, 2020

Brilliant content! I am a CEH holder and I can tell that it was as challenging as the CEH course!


Jun 24, 2020

The assessment is awesome.It is best course for new entry in cybersecurity professional.

By Denis O

Sep 7, 2020

The worst experience ever. No normal feedback, like it might help people from cheating.

Mistakes in the quizes which makes it even more a nightmarish experience. Passing practical quiz with first attempt did not help at all as the final quiz has mistakes, like question 65 with paypal printscreen did not load the printscreen thus you can not answer the question and would loose 1 point for sure...

Stay away from this disappointment.

By rajiv

Jul 10, 2020

the last i cleared it twice but not getting shows as completed an error is shown instead of this

By Ashwanth B R

Jul 13, 2020

First I would like to express my thanks to Coursera and IBM for giving this opportunity to learn about Cybersecurity. All the courses are good and especially the Cybersecurity assessment is really a challenging one. This specialization requires dedication, commitment and patience. It is a worth certificate. Also I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my tutors who gave me a sound knowledge about this topic and the contents were good.

By Juan C C M

Jul 4, 2020

It was the most difficult exam I have taken so far, but the satisfaction of passing the exam is enormous, an excellent series of courses for those who want to continue their path in the world of cybersecurity.

By Naim U F

Jun 23, 2020

The final assessment really put our learning to the test. Liked it so far.

By Rishabh N

Jul 16, 2020

Extremely thorough assessment. If one has not attended the course with full attention and dedication, it is nearly impossible to pass the examination.

By Alex F

Aug 23, 2020

The final exam is little buggy

By Svetoslav B

Aug 24, 2020

A bit too hard, with few bugs in the grading system.

By Rayhaan E

Jul 14, 2020

Nice course ! but we are still waiting for the professional certificate

By Rodolpho A M

Jul 7, 2020

Wew, this was a hard test!