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About the Course

Learn how debt and equity can be used to finance infrastructure investments and how investors approach infrastructure investments! According to the OECD, the global infrastructure investment requirement by 2030 for transport, electricity generation, transmission & distribution, and water & telecommunications totals to 71 trillion dollars. This figure represents about 3.5% of the annual World GDP from 2007 to 2030. The European Commission estimated, that by 2020, Europe will need between 1.5 - 2 trillion Euros in infrastructure investments. Between 2011 and 2020, about 500 billion Euros will be required for the implementation of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) program, 400 billion Euros for Energy distribution networks and smart grids, 200 billion Euros on Energy transmission networks and storage, and 500 billion Euros for the upgrade and construction of new power plants. An additional 38 - 58 billion Euros and 181 - 268 billion Euros in capital investment will be needed to achieve the targets set by the European Commission for broadband diffusion. Traditionally investments in infrastructure were financed using public sources. However, severe budget constraints and inefficient management of infrastructure by public entities have led to an increased involvement of private investors in the business. The course focuses on how private investors approach infrastructure projects from the standpoint of equity, debt, and hybrid instruments. The course concentrates on the practical aspects of project finance: the most frequently used financial techniques for infrastructure investments. The repeated use of real life examples and case studies will allow students to link the theoretical background to actual business practices. In the end of the course, students will be capable of analyzing a complex transaction, identifying the key elements of a deal, and suggesting proper solutions for deal structuring from a financial advisor's perspective. Course Format The course will consist of lecture videos, readings, and talks given by guest speakers. Although we do hope you will attend the entire course, it is possible to just focus on single topics. Suggested Readings The course is designed to be self-contained, there are no obligatory readings that must be acquired outside of the course. For students interested in additional study material, you may refer to: • Gatti Stefano, "Project Finance in theory and practice", Academic Press, 2nd edition, 2012....

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Dec 27, 2020

very useful course I learned a lot of things related to project finance, the instructor was good as well. I just wanted to know if there is a list of the meaning of the key words used in the course.


Aug 19, 2020

I enjoyed the course. The material is well explained, good details and examples. Gives a good base of Project finance with focus on the insfrustructur phases and the relevant risks and solutions.

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By Jérôme J

Nov 2, 2018

This course allows you to have a pretty good insight of Project Finance. You get the opportunity to have a strong understanding of the subject.

My advise for you :

If you're reading this, that means you you have an interest for it.

So jump into it.

By Edoardo A

Jan 1, 2020

Very practical content, intuitively explained. While i knew already quite a lot about corporate finance, this course was still very relevant for understanding the difference with project finance. Particularly liked the focus on the legal structures for project finance, however i would have have add more case studies and more complex quantitative tasks.

Thanks Professor Gatti and Bocconi's staff for the course!

By Nitin G

May 9, 2020

While content was present in theory, would have appreciated if there was more practice content on the financial modelling aspect of investing in infrastructure. Also, there was very little content related to different PPP models that are there.

By Bernardo L B

May 29, 2019

Sometimes the classes and week slides are not totally clear

By Alejandra A

Jul 6, 2019

I really enjoyed this course, the material is presented in very didactical manner, the contents are not dull, the professor is very clear as well as entertaining and it provides a great overview of project finance. However it would be nice to have some more real-life exercises to get more in depth with the practice. I am looking forward to a more advanced version of this course.

By Raafe K

Oct 14, 2018

I really enjoyed taking this course with Prof. Gatti on Finance and Infrastructure Investment. The course was well presented, and it covered the fundamental concepts of project finance in an intuitive and easy to understand way. Highly recommend this course to budding and experienced engineers who wish to expand their knowledge base in the area of project finance.

By Vidyadhar B

Nov 1, 2019

This is a great course and a lot of insights in the course that are required for an infrastructure development project. A robust financial arrangement is a critical success factor for any successful infrastructure project, and this course will help to learn the knowledge needed to set up a robust financial arrangement needed to deliver a successful project.

By Alberto C M

Sep 29, 2020

Excellent course. I highly recommend it. Prof. Gatti explains project finance quite good, he is constantly trying to put examples of what he is explaining. This course addresses project finance from different points of view such as financial as well as legal. Thanks coursera and Università Bocconi for giving us the opportunity to expand our knowledge.

By Ruben G W

Jul 14, 2019

The instructor was very clear in explaining the subject. I love the discussion videos of Mr Stefano Gatti with his students, it felt like I was in the forum. I would recommend this course to anyone who is relatively new in finance and willingly to learn about Project Finance. Thank you, Mr Gatti and team, your effort is highly appreciated!

By Luis W T F

Jan 21, 2019

This is a very complete course that teaches the student how project finance deals are prepared along with all the elements that are involved in their settlement. The course also teaches how capital budgeting can be done to analyze the cash inflows and outflows of a given project on parellel with its financial sustainability.

By Radha K T

May 17, 2020

This is an exceptional course being offered by Università Bocconi. The instructor Prof Stefano Gatti is amazing. He made the complex subject so easy to understand and course delivery was brilliant. I would recommend this course for any infrastructure professional,especially for people working in PPP space.

By Hashem S E

Jul 1, 2020

this course really gave me enriching knowledge in the field of investing in projects, it gave me insights in many aspects regarding whither to invest in a project or not. any how, this is my favorite course among all coursera courses, i loved the teaching method, the instructor, and the bocconi university

By Muhammad R F

May 25, 2020

The explanation is straight to the point, making the complex simple and easy to digest, adding insight, provoking curiosity, and increasing the mindset in the Infrastructure Investment Project Finance and Investment. Thank you very much to Mr. Stefano Gatti and the team. An interesting way of education.

By Prakhar G

May 11, 2020

This course is a very detailed course regarding project finance. It gives a full overview regarding project finance and how it has evolved. The professor teaches each and every concept in a very detailed manner along with numericals to make the students understand the practical side of Project Finance.

By Arturo D

Jan 5, 2021

Some of the topics asked in the quiz were not explained or discussed in the videos. That will be the only feedback. Good course for people that are starting in project finance.


Apr 18, 2020

The way in which quizes are graded is confusing to say the least...

By Vaibhav K

Apr 9, 2020

The content is good but 3 starts because of low quality of quiz

By Fabio M F G

May 2, 2018

Great introduction to Project Finance, full with comprehensive examples. Lectures are quite self-explanatory for anyone with elementary (maybe introductory?) finance skills. Obviously, the subject is quite country-specific (I myself work in Brazil with little knowledge except for a few other countries we use to benchmark) and the course focuses on Italy's regulatory framework.

I just wished there were more case studies and discussion with other peers from other countries, especially cases of success in developing world (though one of the two case studies relates to a port in Peru). I believe there are a few English typos that make some lines hard to understand at first, but nothing that bothers much after a more careful reading.

Great course overall! Definetely five stars! Wish I had the opportunity to discuss these issues in person with Professor Gatti!

By Bolanle A E

Aug 1, 2020

Financing and Investing in Infrastructure by Università Bocconi by is certainly one of the best courses I have taken in Finance. The passion of Professor Stefano Gatti comes across all through the course and the simplicity and ease of delivery was beautiful to experience. I also loved the conversation between the Professor and his scholars. And the effort in actually going through the examples in his own writing really helped drive the concepts home. My Organisation is currently in the process of some major infrastructure investment activities across Africa and I believe I am now better able to lead my team of strategists through this process successfully. I say a big thank you to Professor Stefano Gatti and the entire team at Università Bocconi, Ho imparato così tanto grazie a te, Grazie!

By Eddy S D

Mar 19, 2017

Great course to explain the fundamentals of Project Finance summarizing key concepts and including some brief examples. Professor Gatti is clearly knowledgeable about the topic and takes great care of being both accurate and synthetic. Course syllabus is also well structured to progressively build an understanding of PF. Improvement points (there must be a few ones!): videos could be made slightly more "natural", more examples/case studies would be appreciated. Above all, this course would deserve to be complemented by a level 2 entering into more details of modelling and complex examples.

By Preetam S

May 3, 2020

It was wonderful learning from Professor Stefano. Course is well structured and covers all the basics of finance in infrastructure. It was an enriching journey from learning very basics like who are the shareholders to how they protect their positions in the capital intense sector like Infrastructure.

It is highly recommended to people who are working in the Infrastruture domain to take this course.

Thank you very much Professor Stefano (and team) and the Coursera community for making this course available.

By Juan M G

May 31, 2020

The instructor goes into important details about project finance transactions that show he has vast experience in the field. The explanations are clear, the examples (both practical with numbers and the case studies) are very helpful in cementing the knowledge I was trying to learn. Overall, highly recommended for any who works in the infrastructure field, whether someone new to the field or a veteran that wants to refresh the fundamentals of project finance deals

By samer m

Jul 1, 2022

A simplified but very inclusive introductory course on project finance. The lectures and interview sessions with the Lead professor and his colleagues was highly entertaining as well as informative . The course exceeded my expectations in terms of an introductory course. the ratio of time spent to material absorbed is perfect. I would like to delve deeper in this subject in the very near future. I congragulate Bocconi University on this course offering.

By Mary C M P

Aug 21, 2018

This course is worth your time, effort, and money. You would learn the intricacies of infrastructure finance, including how lenders organize themselves, the different contracts involved in project finance, and even the profitability and cover ratios used to assess the profitability and financial sustainability of an infrastructure project. You would understand the course even if your background is non-finance - they simply the explanations.

By Fabio R C

Dec 20, 2018

Very nice course! As a lawyer, I am usually focused on drafting agreements related to project finance, however without understanding the financial concepts behind the documents. Now, I am not only able to understand the whole financial structure of a project, but I am also able to discuss and create new contractual clauses in order to reach better results to the stakeholders at the table. I definitely recommend this course.