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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Intro to AR/VR/MR/XR: Technologies, Applications & Issues by University of Michigan

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About the Course

This first course in the XR for Everybody specialization creates a foundational understanding of the differences between AR, VR, MR, and XR. The course provides learners with a broad overview of the rapidly evolving XR space and the tools to characterize future XR developments and assess their potential and limitations. It establishes key concepts and dives into the XR device landscape, helping learners to differentiate current and future platforms and devices as well as critique the use of VR or AR in applications. The course pivots in the second half to look more at how to shape the future of XR, by analyzing trends and raising issues such as COVID-19, social and ethical concerns, accessibility and equity, as well as privacy and security. The course comes with an honors track in which learners will try out and classify existing XR applications, pick technologies when designing solutions for various XR application scenarios, and dive into the issues contributing to the larger discussion around trends and the future of XR....

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Mar 11, 2022

This course is an exceptionally thorough overview course for beginners with no XR experience at all. Highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about the technologies and issues in XR.


Jun 1, 2022

Highly encourage anyone who wants to get into the XR space to attend this course to understand the concepts, privacy and ethical issues before diving into design. Throughly enjoyed this course.

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By Waclaw K

Feb 20, 2022

The course is a very basic introduction to the field. As a complete novice to AR/VR, I did get some insight which will be useful. The lecturer is very enthusiastic, which is really awesome and encouraging.

However, overall the course is rather shallow, there are unnecessary repetitions, there is a lot of talking with little substantial content. I had the stamina to complete the honors track, but in hindsight I find the time spent on the course mostly wasted. Some of the discussion provided at the course is unnecessarily long and of little practical value, which could be characterised as overly academic. For example, there is a lengthy explanation of what X in XR means, with a suggested reading of a multipage 'research' paper (by the lecturer); thre are other courses at Coursera with similar scope, which spend on this 1-2 minutes and then quickly proceed to much more practical issues.

Throughout this and the other courses in this specialization, the lecturer seems to preferentially cite/reference publications of their own or from their students, which is surprising and disappointing. It gives the (possiby wrong) impression that they have little familiarity with the field beyond their own work and opinions, do not follow up on others' work. Too much weight is placed on self-marketing instead of a balanced, fair overview of the field.

Some parts of the presentation (in particular, examples of VR/AR interactions) seem not very well thought-through, the sight keeps moving around the scene in haphazard ways instead of focusing on the important areas (and explaining why), which at times is quite uncomfortable to watch.

By Morgan B

Jan 26, 2021

Professor Nebeling is a fantastic instructor who clearly cares a lot about the topic as well as the students.

By chris h

Apr 26, 2021

A really fun and digestible introduction to XR, very interested to start the next in the series

By Bob D

Aug 25, 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed my Intro to XR: technologies, application & issues course. It was great to see a technology course cover accessibility and equity in depth and with the importance they deserve. It also gave me the opportunity to try my first ever accessibility audit of an VR application: Mozilla Hubs, drlling down from the POUR principles as I looked for equivalence between WCAG 2.2 guidelines, and where possible related success criteria, and an immersive VR application. The course also covered privacy, security, and ethics and it was also interesting to see the intersection with accessibility and equity in those subject areas. For anyone wanting to investigate the technology, rather than just wanting to program with Unity or Unreal Engine, I can't recommend the course enough.

By Andrew J

Jan 10, 2021

This course is a great introduction to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Professor Nebeling thoroughly covers the key trends and issues in the extended reality space and provides robust frameworks for analyzing design and strategic decision making. There are many examples using the actual technology to get a better understanding of the current applications of XR tech.

By Maya G

Aug 7, 2022

This was a great foundation to XR. I highly recommend it as a jumping off point to understand more technical aspects of XR development.

By Altoaimi L W S

Dec 14, 2023

This was a great introductory course on extended reality which introduced some basic frameworks for differentiating between different technologies and concepts, as well as having highlighted some key issues arising from these new technologies. The workload is quite light compared to other online courses, even with the honors track, which is designed to get you to experiment with different extended reality apps (whether on your phone or on AR/ VR devices if you have any). Overall a wonderful course and I look forward to completing the next two in this specialization :)

By Yuliya F

Feb 11, 2021

Excellent intro into XR World. If you are interested in AR or VR but you are not sure what is the difference between the both definitions and XR comes... This is the perfect course for the people who are not in the technologies but would like to start using it. Very well structured, very well prepared, high quality content and up to date. I am fully satisfied and HIGHTLY RECOMMENT IT. Thank you so much for the concept and development of the course!!!

By David S

Mar 19, 2022

This course was extraordinarily interesting. I feel I learned a lot and I will be more actively interested in the world of XR from now on. One of the strengths of the course is the ability to combine video content, exercises, assignemnts and much more food for thought in a perfectly balanced way. My feedback about the course is extremely positive and I will continue with the other two parts of the specialization.

By Rafael H

Aug 2, 2022

This course is really amazing as I could learn very new and exciting things. The content is well designed to go smoothly and the instructor gives lots of examples that help to understand the questions and the applications of the technologies even if we haven 't access to it at home. I highly recommend doing all activities presented in the honors track since they add a lot to the process.

By Robert D D

Jun 6, 2023

This is a fantastic course that works beautifully on several levels to reach a wide variety of learners with differing backgrounds. The instructional design is really well thought-out and there are additional avenues for learners to go deeper into each subject area. The instructor is very personable, genuine and relatable also, which makes the course a real treat. Well done!

By Federico C

Dec 28, 2020

I took some other courses on this platform before so far this one is my favorite!

Is a good mix of theory and hands-on with a lot of examples and exercises to get a good grasp of the lectures and videos.

The professor and the community of learners are very engaging.

Thank you everyone for bringing this specialization to the average consumer like me.

By Mario S G

Apr 18, 2021

A very useful course for those who want to be introduced into the XR world. Professor Nebeling explains very well all the concepts, examples provided are very illustrative, and you can also know about the field from other professors, professionals and students interested in the XR world. I recommend this course with no doubt.

By David M

Jan 18, 2021

This course gives an in-depth primer to the XR space, providing all the information one would need to have an up-to-date, thoughtful and informed discussion about the associated technologies and the considerations that need to be addressed as this technology begins to make its way into our everyday lives.

By Srinivas T

Jul 24, 2023

An amazing learning experience. Thank you Michael Nebeling for creating such a through and highly organized course. Without any burden on the learner, you covered lot of material in a short time. I've joined other two courses and I'm in the middle of completing them. Thanks University of Michigan.

By Deleted A

Feb 22, 2021

I was originally looking for a more specific technical course to help me enter the XR world (i.e. Developing in Unity), but I'm happy I took this course to get a broad overview of the XR industry. I feel more equipped to continue my learning and look forward to the other courses in this series.

By Matthew D

Oct 24, 2022

An excellent introduction to the new and rapidly changing fields of AR and VR, grounded in fundamental HCI (human computer interaction) concepts. Filled with videos, demos, and interviews, it's great for both people brand-new to XR and those looking to round out their basic knowledge.

By Sabrina B

Mar 9, 2021

I really loved this course, Professor Nebeling explains in a simple and clear way even the most difficult concepts (for those who do not have a base from which to start). I recommend this course to anyone who is approaching these topics for the first time!

By Julie

Mar 25, 2022

This course is a perfect course for everyone looking for an XR intro. Prof. Nebeling does an awesome job explaining the basics in an interesting and engaging way and his enthusiasm and passion for this field is really contagious. Recommend 100%

By Antony P S

Jun 9, 2022

El curso es muy interesante, y para el los estudiantes amantes de la tecnología, la programación y la sobretodo para los amantes de la tecnología. El curso es entendible y buen bueno. Personalmente me gusto mucho.

By Sitikantha K

Feb 14, 2022

I liked the course content, the pace of content delivery in videos, useful reference and mutiple times revision of key concepts. The practioner and student discussion sessions were highly informative.

Thank You

By Maria V

Mar 12, 2022

This course is an exceptionally thorough overview course for beginners with no XR experience at all. Highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about the technologies and issues in XR.

By peng l A

Jun 2, 2022

Highly encourage anyone who wants to get into the XR space to attend this course to understand the concepts, privacy and ethical issues before diving into design. Throughly enjoyed this course.

By Fiorella N H

Oct 17, 2022

Temas muy interesantes que no conocia, ni sabia que exitian y saber que pueden usarse para fomentar su aplicacion en cualquier area en el que se desarrolla ser humano.

By Eva A

Aug 9, 2023

An excellent course, competent presentation of information that allows you to immerse yourself in the topic of XR. The first step towards a new career.