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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Measuring and Maximizing Impact of COVID-19 Contact Tracing by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

This course aims to provide managers and developers of contact tracing programs guidance on the most important indicators of performance of a contact tracing program, and a tool that can be used to project the likely impact of improvements in specific indicators. Students who complete the course will be proficient in using the Contact Tracing Evaluation and Strategic Support Application (ConTESSA) to estimate the impact of their contact tracing program on transmission and strategizing about how to increase their program’s impact. A secondary audience for the course will be decision makers interested in knowing more about the characteristics of effective contact tracing programs, and strategies to improve. The course is designed for individuals who are already leading contact tracing programs who have significant experience with epidemiology and public health. We strongly recommend completing this course on a laptop or a desktop rather than a phone as you’ll need to complete worksheets and open the course and the application simultaneously....

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Sep 2, 2020

This course is an advanced level course on COVID-19. I love this course so much. From this course we know about the use of programmed apps for contact tracing. It is very helpful for job aspirants.


Aug 9, 2020

Excellent albeit difficult ( at least for me). The instructors and material provided is just great. Everybody who wants to support their community should do the course and get the qualification.

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By Ronald A C

Aug 1, 2020

Very hard, yet worth to finish. Thank you for this very informative and reliable course given to me.

By Suraj M

Sep 3, 2020

This course is an advanced level course on COVID-19. I love this course so much. From this course we know about the use of programmed apps for contact tracing. It is very helpful for job aspirants.

By Christine C

Nov 16, 2020

I found the information to be challenging but the instructors were great. It did take a few review times to master the material but I think it made for a stronger working knowledge in the end.

By Nicole S

Aug 24, 2020

I will be honest, I cannot believe I passed this course. I needed help from the Help Center to reset the deadline. So, once the course was open, I was able to continue the course through completion. This was a definite "Advanced Course" NOT a Beginner Course. I would be advised of that first. And surely take a course in Epidemiology beforehand, it will help. Learning about "Reproductive Numbers" and the like. Otherwise, it will prove to be even more challenging. I did not pass the 3rd exam after a few tries. But since I had the new deadline I tried one last time before I was about to give up. I finally after much frustration and disappointment, I finally completed the course with a better grade than I expected. You do need to use Contessa Application for finding the correct numbers required in the Exams. After much trial and error, you can get through it. Read very carefully and just be calm that you can go through this course to completion. I am very happy to have received a Free Certificate for this course. Learned more than I ever thought I could. You can too, just going to take some time.

By Symthiya S R

Oct 28, 2020

This course is really informative and helps in understanding the statistical approach of contact tracing.

The practical approach allows proper understanding and data entry method.

By Banda A A K

Aug 1, 2020

A very in-depth course for contact tracing program managers. Concise and easily understandable

By Hellen O

Aug 16, 2020

Very resourceful, though needs more time than the time allocated

By Hilary M

Aug 2, 2020

This course was good, but I did have some issues on an Apple computer with the YAML files.

By Robyn B

Aug 10, 2020

Incredibly frustrating because I don't think enough information was given on the data entries in order to get the correct answers. Also, I wasn't able to get to the downloads needed to answer the questions. It would have been helpful to have more examples shown in the videos and more details on how to get to the correct information to input. The course did have a lot of good information and ConTESSA is a great program to help communities decrease their spread.

By Sandra F

Aug 10, 2020

Video not consistent with high expectation of application of complex know required to successfully and timely complete assessments.

By Sergio A P V

Aug 10, 2020

All can improve, but must the explain about the app to calculate the contract tracing.

By Yvonne S

Aug 5, 2020

This is a great course but I am having trouble with the measurements

By Brian W

Aug 9, 2020

The information and questions in the quizzes are presented in a purposefully confusing way. Very frustrating and disheartening.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

By giselle b

Sep 6, 2020

Did NOT like the way the instructors (especially the female who giggled all the time) showed how to enter data! Was not made clear! As a college graduate, this should not have been that complexed. Will not finish the course, and would not recommend it either!

By Brigid L

Dec 15, 2020

As stated in other reviews, some of the inputs required for the quiz in section 2 are incorrect (100 deaths, not 200), which made it very difficult and frustrating to complete. It took more time than stated in the course outline.

By Ms. R J

Aug 17, 2020

i want un-enroll in this course because ConTESSA app is not working. totally frustrated in the course quiz 2. i attend the correct way but i did'nt get the answer

By Shannon m p

Aug 31, 2020

The files won't open - it hangs constantly - totally unable to make this work properly.

By Taha H

Aug 1, 2020


By Jorge V P

Sep 29, 2020

The course is really difficult for a learner like me, who is not exposed to statistics and epidemiology. The fulfilling part is the attitude to succeed and complete the course without regret. The initial concept is easy I suppose because it's a simple recall of the learned concepts on COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course but the succeeding principles and application is really hard. I think the idea of maximizing the use of the given application and how it will benefit my community sustained me to continue. I have to be resourceful by looking line by line on the forum and entering different values in the assumptions ( I enjoyed it actually) in order to answer Quiz 2 and Quiz 3 correctly and hoping to get at least 80% as the passing rate. I was glad I made it. For recommendations, maybe the author will provide more examples and practice materials prior the final quiz in order for the learner to be familiar with lots of situation.


Aug 6, 2020

The examples in the quizzes were a little complicated for new users to access what proper measures to enter; even going back and reviewing the videos several times. Watching the videos simply showed us filling in the field. I think if there was a video to have an example like the quiz it may have been helpful to us understand a little beter. But overall the videos were short, to the point and user friendly. All the speakers spoke clearly and was not monotoned. THANK YOU!

By Rawan H

Aug 27, 2020

I Learned a lot about how to run a contact tracing program and what metrics would be in play. I found it useful from a monitoring and evaluation perspective even if I don't work directly on contact tracing, it helped me hone my M&E skills using COVID-19 contract tracing as a case study. I enjoyed it a lot, so much appreciation for the course instructors and the Bloomberg school for making this course publicly available.

By Mary H B

Sep 30, 2020

The course was well-designed and easy to understand. It would be great if more explanations were given on misconceptions on what affects the basic reproductive number and how interventions should be adjusted based on the data. Nevertheless, the course was very helpful and it helped me gain more insight on the impact of contact tracing efforts to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

By Maggie D

Aug 25, 2020

A useful tool to master for those of us needing to prove the value of Contact Tracing programs. Without being able to show impact of our work, we cannot get funding. As others have said, I use Mac and had trouble using CONTESSA while also using Coursera. And, I had to take Quiz 2 multiple times. Thank you for your expertise and this free content. More, please!

By Vineet K P

Aug 30, 2020

Very brilliantly depicted application and user-friendly interface of the same. Also, the class on how to use is perfectly balanced.

Suggestion: Can the same app ConTESSA applied at hospital setting as many health care workers are also coming COVID positive and contact tracing at healthcare setup is very different as compared to the general public.


By Ng L J

Aug 3, 2020

This course blew my mind! It gives more in-depth detail on contact tracing and how to take the most suitable approaches to reduce risk transmission. Especially during this most difficult time when data received can be overwhelming and news can be anywhere. The most difficult part is applying the knowledge to be put into real practice.