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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Meditation: A way to achieve your goals in your life by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)

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Do we truly think that we have lived for ourselves? Perhaps we have lived for money, love, fame, family and pride etc.? Therefore, we don’t seem to be satisfied even though we are full of those things. It is because that we don’t know ourselves. Eric Fromm talked about human nature as two modes of being: “To Have” and “To Be”. If we are “Having” the nature of possessions, we are not satisfied, and feel empty and futile. Then, how can we be “Being” the nature of our inner-selves? Sometimes, we happened to be aware of this “Being” nature and try to change ourselves, but fail. But, because of our daily routines, it’s easily forgotten. And more it is hard to escape from our unwanted minds controlling us. From now on, let us reflect on ourselves and look at our minds leading up to today! Don’t we achieve our goals after knowing ourselves? And let us find the “Being” nature of our original selves after escaping from the minds restraining and controlling us. In this lecture, the definition and principle of the mind are explained in simple and clear ways. You can make sure and practice the methodology of finding the true original mind of inner-self by escaping from the false mind of possession. Self-reflection is the first step to meditate. You can know yourselves most objectively through meditation and you will realize that all the thoughts and actions are due to your minds which are nonexistent and false. If you throw away the false mind, you will find the true mind. Meditation is now world-wide sensation. There are many research reports that show people can be leaders if you have a habit of self-reflection through meditation. Now meditation at school and the workplace are popular. Happiness is having no worries. You can really relax yourself if there is no bundle of thoughts and you can be successful when you know yourself truly. Worries come from the memorized thoughts of the false mind. Your inner potential of positive power are revealed, your peaceful and happiest mind will be in your mind, and you can live the life you wanted through meditation. This method of meditation is very practical and everybody can follow the methodology. As an engineer, I will guide you step by step to practice this meditation. I am sure that this lecture becomes a turning point in your life....

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May 18, 2022

This course is deceptive because you approach it through your false mind and learning and implementing the self reflection methods you come out a better person. Just to note: I am 67 yrs old


Apr 19, 2019

An interesting and thought-provoking course on how self-reflective meditation can help achieve life's goals such as peace and contentment. My thanks to the educator and course organisers.

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By Deleted A

May 19, 2019

The Instructors voice is monotone, English is not his first language and it is hard to understand him.

By Nicola J

Apr 19, 2019

An interesting and thought-provoking course on how self-reflective meditation can help achieve life's goals such as peace and contentment. My thanks to the educator and course organisers.

By Magdalena v W

May 11, 2019

I have learned so much about myself in this course and I recommend it to any person who need to let go of old programming. This is a life changer.

By Alexandre A D

May 17, 2019

Thank you very much for your course. This is the second time I take it, and then I took it for the first time in 2016, it completely changed my mind. Since, unhappily I didn't practice the self-reflection every time. That's why I decided to take this course once again, and I hope this time to practice the self-reflection regularly. I would like to thank professor Duck-Joo Lee and all persons contributed to this course.

By Abeywardena, H

Dec 7, 2020

I got 42% for my first self understanding index and I got 91% for the final self understanding index. This was a life changing lecture series for me as I am spending a very critical time period of my life which will decide the future of my life. I went through some pivotal changes in my career, education and social life and it affected me in some negative ways and I kept doubting the decisions I made and keep reminding of all the hardships and bitter moments of my life. After following this lecture series I was able to reflect on those negative thoughts and I realized that all that happened is in the past and I must not relive them in my mind and go through the suffering again and again. Instead now I'm discarding all those memories that keep me grounded and focus more on the present moment and the future. Even though I practiced self reflection meditation as Professor Duck Joo Lee taught I was able to experience the positive effects in my daily life. I feel more light hearted and I'm more aware of my surroundings and the people. I'm also aware of my own emotions and feelings and I'm able to control them. I'm definitely going to keep practicing this method of meditation for the rest of my life and I will share this information with many people as I can. I would like to thank professor Duck Joo Lee from the bottom of my heart for teaching this valuable method of self reflection meditation and I wish him good luck and good health to continue this good mission in the future and I wish all his hopes and wishes in his life will come true. I would also like to thank KAIST and Coursera for conducting this valuable course. Thank you.

By evelin v

Nov 22, 2019

Excellent course for learning to control emotions. Also this course help to know how to get out of the mind all things that we do not need to reach out the goals that we want to.

By Rhea A D

Jul 12, 2018

Its an amazing course to do. First introspection of own self and then with a through understanding of Self reflection meditation, it changes the perspective and the way to look at life.

By Minh D

Sep 11, 2018

I have to admit that I can not patient more as the instruction make it very very very boring. Teacher sit down infront of you and project powerpoint from week to week, sideway tone all the week, he drag 1 idea for many class, a lot of high/intensive terminology with less clearly explain, ...

But I also admin that, by patient to half of week two, I also gain some gem. But in general, it still can not fulfill what I expect from the course title. I surrender and accept that this course not belong to me even if it value with teacher and Coursera much effort, thank you. I have to find other way or course to find out my question.

By Tran T N

Jun 22, 2018

I was overloaded by everything happened in my life, I couldn't control all of them. Through this course, now, I find out the way to get out of those massive things. Those things are just the false pictures I've taken in my life before, and the pictures overlap my mind so that it makes a stereotype of things that I subconsciously get myself to follow it. Now, I am breaking it step by step to see the real world, see differently with the world I created for myself before. Should you to take the course, you will have a new viewpoint to the world as I have right now =)

By Hengelbert P

May 17, 2020

It does have academic content, despite what you might think. It really does show actual evidence on why meditation is a good thing, and even more, it gives you a method devoid of any new age, spiritual stuff that might not be for everybody. What I liked the most was the debate about our perception of reality based on the work of several philosophers. Overall, a must take, given how stressful the current situation with the pandemy and with modern living in general is. Thank you so much, Prof. Duck Jo-lee

By Dr. M S P K P

May 21, 2020

This Course is mandatory for every individual in their life as now a days everyone is disturbed by external and internal disturbances. Lucky to learn the Course under the experienced and expressive Professor Duck-Joo Lee, whose lectures itself reduces any stress. Initially I was confused by his accent but later realized the magic in his way of teachings which make me feel very calm,cool and relaxing. His Smiley face is added advantage. The World is lucky to have a blessed Professional Professor....

By Erika T

Sep 8, 2019

The lesson is cristal clear, well explained and simple to understand ! It is accessible to any level from beginner to advanced. Thank you so much Professor.

By Davide G

Oct 7, 2019

Few nice ideas, not really helpful when it comes to practice meditation

By Amelia O

Jun 12, 2020

The course was very interesting and a bit scary in the beginning! I was afraid i will not understand since it starts in a way I would have not expected a Meditation course would have!

It actually went in the right way to be able to grasp the concepts and reasons.

The method is unique and I can already feel relieved and peace while practicing Self-Reflection Meditation.

Dr. Duck-Joo-Lee was very kind in his approach and way of teaching this interesting course. I will miss him!! Thank you so much for all.

By Montse A R

Jan 15, 2019

Fantastic Course!!! I am practising meditation now and I can feel it is working. Although I feel stressed and anxious sometimes now I have the perfect tool to fight those feelings and be a happy person.

Thanks very much to the professor.

By Lennis P

Jan 28, 2019

This is a great course. The concepts can be applied by anyone no matter what stage in your life you are in! I plan on continue practicing self-reflection meditation as taught on this course for the rest of my life.

By Fern B

Sep 23, 2020

The presenter does not have a solid grasp of English, making it difficult (even painful, stressful and certainly not relaxing) to listen to the videos - he seemed to be simply reading from a text.

I tried just reading the text instead & looking at the download of the slides and then skimming over the videos but that just didn't work well. There is probably valuable information in the course but the delivery is so important.

I went through all of week 1 (the life graph exercise was interesting) and part of week 2 at which point I realized I could not continue the course, despite my interest in the topic.

I would have hoped for a higher quality of courses from your offerings.

By Andres T

Jul 29, 2020

The teacher's accent is just too annoying for me, I can't stand it.

Besides, the course's material is too vague. I have watched over six videos, and by the end of each video I don't think I have learned a thing (except for "you need to self-reflect to have a complete life", which doesn't even factor default mode network implications and how they are can negatively impact you instead".

By Weng M C

Aug 7, 2019

Thank you Professor Lee for your effort in organizing this course and teaching us this meditation method. I feel better every time practicing it. I have not been in a good mental condition for quite a long time, sometimes sad, sometimes very angry about everything around me. I have been sacrificing myself, seeking for love and victimizing myself for quite a long time. Through self reflection, I see my problem started from my insecurity feeling since childhood, from the past experience that I can't change. I am actually trapped by my past. Practicing self reflection and subtraction free me from the past and make me more aware of how I am feeling at the moment. I agree with you that we are supposed to live a happy life. I will continue practicing it every morning to make my life better. Thank you!

By Kristene K

Mar 8, 2022

I am a Psychologist and was interested in the course for professional development. Always good to learn new ways of delivering material to clients. However, I was not expecting such a life changing course. To understand that hanging on to both unhappy and happy memories is holding us in a false world is truly mindblowing. I had been focussing on working with patients to let go of negative emotional attachments to the past. However, we are just as much a prisoner of our minds trying to recreate happy times. This builds on the many years of neuroscience I have studied in how memories are formed and remembered. Thanks so much.

By Maria P

Feb 24, 2021

El maestro es muy bueno, explica muy bien su clase y en lo personal me alludo a entender la vida de una manera mas real. me ayudo a disminuir mis preocupasiones. Gracias Dr. Duk-joo Lee


May 5, 2020

The course was very interesting and easy to go through! The real challenge starts now when I have to apply all the knowledge gained. As we already know "knowing is only half the battle".

By Zlatica S H

Feb 15, 2022

This course is not what I expected it to be. I wanted to learn to meditate, but this course does not teach that. It is more a course on overcoming bad memories and experiences from your early life in order to feel better and perhaps more focused on the future. Some of the text must have been translated from Korean because it is not written in good standard English. This makes some of the quiz questions hard to understand.

Overall, if you want to learn to meditate, my advice is to look elsewhere.

By Nicolás D D

Oct 27, 2019

Frankly, this is a boring course, with a few pieces of practical information and a very slow speaker as a teacher. Wouldn't recommend.

By Deleted A

May 1, 2020

Poorly organized. Teacher reads slides and talks too slow.