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The world of business strategy is in transition. What used to work doesn't anymore -- not necessarily. This course prepares you to think strategically in an age when companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have become more valuable (in market cap terms) than companies like Exxon. Today, business value and competitive advantage arise more often from consumer perceptions of what is "cool" than from physical assets or economies of scale. In this course -- the first of a three-course specialization tailored specifically for the age of creativity and innovation -- you will gear up for the challenges of strategy formulation and implementation in a 21st century business. After taking the course, you'll be able to: - Explain why "doing" strategy is considered "the high point of managerial activity" (Mintzberg); - Recognize and avoid the old, tired ideas about strategy that are still out there, so you can adopt fresher, better ideas; - Point out how doing strategy has changed because of advancing technology and globalization; - Prepare for the Capstone Project for the Strategic Management and Innovation Specialization...

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Sep 21, 2016

I liked the course a lot, the references were great and gave me great insight about Strategic Management. The lecturer was really good, specially if you compare him to the one in Strategy Formulation.


Apr 12, 2020

The course provides a good foundation for the most famous strategy concepts. I have appreciated the capstone project which gives you the opportunity to apply the theories learned in the first 3 weeks.

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By Thomas V

Sep 21, 2016

I liked the course a lot, the references were great and gave me great insight about Strategic Management. The lecturer was really good, specially if you compare him to the one in Strategy Formulation.

By Mohammad A

Nov 03, 2015

It is a great course that simplifies how we should think about a business (the start and the long term visions) it also reorders our way of thinking about how firms work and overcome their obstacles.

By Shrish N

May 13, 2017

Awesome Course. Very well explanation of the concepts and the material content is fabulous. I will definitely recommend this course to my contacts who are interested in pursuing business strategy.

By Sohail B

Sep 07, 2017

Brief Profile: Sohail Butt

I am a man of 58 years old and having an experience of almost 30 years of Business Management of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Industries of Pakistan. Presently I am having my own Consulting Company " AIMMS CONSULTING" and extending my services as Management Consultant to different companies of said sectors.

I am of the conviction that learning is never ending and have a habit of learning new ideas about my favorite subject about Strategic Management & Innovation.

I really appreciate highly the efforts of my respected dynamic & highly competent Prof Robert Austin and enjoyed the course material and videos presentation of this course. Mind blowing conceptual approach was adopted especially in the areas of basic concept of Strategy, its recognition, evolution of strategy past progress/past mistakes situations, Strategy position versus capabilities, strategic implications, advance differentiation strategies and best of all Capstone project of e-Type 21st Century creative company. Overall it was my superb experience of learning.


MY PERSONAL HUMBLE REQUEST, Please make also the important components of course material as a part of this Certificate with % AGGREGATE so that it has a much more worth & impact for the courses participated.

A separate Transcript must be issued with having Aggregate % Score and important Components of participated course.

Thanks & best wishes to all Coursera Team.

Thanks & best wishes to all Coursera Team.

By pietro

Sep 22, 2019

very high-level. not much to learn

By Kevin C

Feb 16, 2016

This is a highly recommended course and the content is second to no other on Coursera at the time of this review. I have taken all of the courses in the series from Copenhagen Business School, as well as nearly all other business management courses offered for other institutions. This specific course on Strategic Management is the single most informative and current material of all of the options. It does not answer every question or address every concept you would need to know to run a major corporation, but it is a fantastic overview of past and present methods of business strategy, and is of value to any business minded individual.

I highly recommend this course and the entire series from CBS. Enjoy!

By Jacopo G L V

Apr 12, 2020

The course provides a good foundation for the most famous strategy concepts. I have appreciated the capstone project which gives you the opportunity to apply the theories learned in the first 3 weeks.

By sidi b l m n

Sep 05, 2018

it's very crucial to express my good behaviour about this course vital important value, I'm indeed very satisfied to take this course certificate which should help me to get applicable job. this course once someone finished the weeks immediately would feel faithfulness because of the good contents had included. the management is one task mission surrounded by the category of leadership and for the rational reason being emphasis to take attention and look to this lessons by high of serious and give wanted attention to the high professionalism professors who are skilled how teach their students and knew how to deal with audience's feeling and concers.

By Barry L

Nov 04, 2019

Excellent introduction and overview by Prof. Robert Austin. Covers a lot of ground and introduces you to theories of strategy from Porter, Mintzberg, and others. Great use of short video lectures, YouTube videos and readings. I thought it was similar in content to a University level course. Not dumbed-down - just the essentials. You get out it what you put into it. Can easily be enhanced by picking up a used strategy text book if you want more, but not necessary. Some of the links are not longer active, but you can usually search for the article. Excellent value, and requires learning and application to do the Capstone project.

By Guilherme C

Oct 07, 2015

Great Course the english is very well spoken, the literature is very well distributed along the course, the examples are really clear and you can learn on your own pace. I strongly recommend this course for business students, and entrepreneurs. The Capstone project is quit challenging to make you think outside the box, and really encourage you to use all of the features you have learned along the course. Plus the teacher is really clear within the knowledge that is being spread and the content of the course is very current, and can help you open your mind for new ideas.

By Vic C

May 05, 2016

The course was well put together and worthy of a 5-star. The only issue I had was that they blew through the slides to re-focus on the speaker who was elaborating on the slides. This is very inefficient and very annoying. I often had to stop the video to absorb the written words or take notes when they could have easily continued to play audio for 3-4 seconds longer before going back to the close up of the instructors face--which honestly isn't necessary at all for this course.


Feb 15, 2016

This happens to be my first e-certification course. I am very much pleased with with course content and delivery of the same. The videos are really effective and successfully communicated the concepts. The learnings are immense and I hope to enrol for many more valued courses in future. These are really really great learnings and irrespective of the fact whether the industry accept the certifications or not, it is always important for the individual's learning curve.

By Chinma E

May 20, 2020

Quite a wonderful experience to learn and improve skills. I am glad I took the course, I strongly recommend for students or just anyone in business or corporate management. Thank you, Coursera!!!!!!

By Andrea G

Jun 28, 2020

The course is generally very interesting, but I complain about the following points:

1. Several links to articles to deepen the subject are not accessible. You have to buy another subscription on the corresponding website in order to read the referenced article. As part of a course, the referenced teaching materials should be freely accessible.

2. In my opinion, the evaluation questions are too generic. You can also pass here if you answer only a part of the task. I personally think that not only students should evaluate each other. To ensure a certain level, a professional assessment is required. Otherwise, such a certificate has no value.

By Arushi R

Oct 28, 2015

A very interesting and useful course. I took it as a supplement to my studies at my B-school. It has helped clarify many concepts and given me applicable tools. Loved the lectures,quizzes and the Capstone project. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about Strategy at its core.

Thank you Professor Robert Austin! Your teaching methods are very different from what I have here in India, The examples you gave throughout the course were very apt and aided my greatly.

By Rodryk S

Jul 24, 2017

Excellent course and excellent professor. This Course provides an excellent overview of the devolopment of strategy from its origins to today and explains how the world has changed and how strategy has evolved from SWOT, to Strategic Planning, to the BCG Matrix and the Experience Curve, to Porter and to Mintzberg. The links to the further readings are very helpful and motivate to browse for more. The final assignment gives the chance to apply the learned material. Highly recommended!

By Darde N

Oct 23, 2015

This course gives a lot of informations and supports to understand the essentials keys about strategy. I enjoyed myself during these 4weeks. The class is very interresting, the case presented are very concrets and even if we have some difficultyies in english, it's easy to follow the course. I recommand this MOOC for anybody, from all types of formations. It helps to have an idea of the business world when we are a student, and make wiser choices as a company.

By Doaa M I

Mar 08, 2020

Very interesting course. I really enjoyed every part of it. The instructor method in presenting topics was very interesting and the references were rich and offered me a great reference and insights of detailed topics explanation. the course really exceeded my expectations.

I thought it would be somehow boring since it presents strategy theories and history of strategy, however it was very interesting. Thank you for this course. I wish for more from CBS.

By Sharanya A

May 14, 2018

The course is very good. The teaching method is draws attention and therefore it becomes easy and motivating to focus on the course content. 5 weeks seemed a lot less time because I really liked the course. I have learnt the basis of Strategy and the course structure has helped me to understand the important aspects of strategy in a very smooth way. I really appreciate the hardwork done by Coursera and the professor.

By Abdullatif A

Aug 01, 2017

The course is clear and helps you understand how to look at the problem in a long term vision and not effect your own existing moments / growth / plan. Through out the program you will get lots of real examples which is really helpful as well as interesting to notice and try to find a solution which forces you to place yourself in a real life situation.

Thank you Coursera for providing such great course for us :)

By John O A

Aug 21, 2016

This course has been exactly what I needed for my new role! It's been insightful, interesting and largely impactful. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who needs to understand strategy in the 21st Century and profitability in a world with changing dynamics.

I'd like to a big thanks Coursera & Copenhagen Business School for making this resourceful programme available to me and many others around the world!

By Vasu G

Jul 27, 2019

The format of delivery of knowledge oriented with strategy, beginning from how it came into existence, its decline and reemergence later, was really wonderful. The reading material provided throughout the course was exceptional too and one does not usually land to such quality material.

Towards the end, where one starts to question what have I truly learnt, the capstone project was an amazing guide to same.

By Enelen

Feb 25, 2016

This was a really well created project that not only taught us about strategic management, but also gave us counter side to every theory mentioned, the counter-arguments against all the different schools of thought when it comes to management, something which most textbooks and even classes generally skip, which is why this was a very informative course for me. Thank you for creating such a nice course!

By Innocent H

Jun 19, 2018

Excellent course which allowed to broaden my knowledge and skills regarding the essence of strategy, strategic planning and implementation processes as well as its evaluation; since I completed this course after another related set of two courses, i.e. Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation. The tutors are superb and offer the courses with tangible and up-to-date referencing! Kudos CBS!

By Moses T

Jun 14, 2019

Very well articulated with good practical examples.

Can possibly have slightly longer videos. Right now, in all the courses, the videos seem to be a little too small. May be can stretch a little more, and also, have a flow of videos. Right now, a video, a supplementary material, I mean, the flow of listening gets disrupted and the focus shifts.

Please see if any changes can be made.