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Business and environmental sustainability are not natural bedfellows. Business is about making money. Sustainability is about protecting the planet. Business is measured in months and quarters. Sustainability often requires significant short term costs to secure a sometimes uncertain long-term benefit. To some activists, all executives are exploitative, selfish one percenters. To some executives, all activists are irresponsible, unyielding extremists. And yet engaging with the issue isn’t optional – all businesses must have a strategy to deal with sustainability and, like any strategy, this involves making choices. This Strategy and Sustainability course based on Rosenberg's recently published book by Palgrave ( that encourages learners to filter out the noise and make those choices in a hard-nosed and clear-eyed way. Prof. Rosenberg’s nuanced and fact-based point of view recognizes the complexity of the issues at hand and the strategic choices businesses must make. He blends the work of some of the leading academic thinkers in the field with practical examples from a variety of business sectors and geographies and offers a framework with which senior management might engage with the topic, not (just) to save the planet but to fulfill their short, medium and long-term responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders. This course promises to be both engaging and thought-provoking, aimed at anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of a subject that is no longer perceived as a choice but a necessity for future managers and business leaders alike....

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Nov 18, 2021

Great teacher and great content! I think this course is a great starting point for somebody who start learning more about sustainability and would like to develop its strategy in the company.


Dec 4, 2022

Very insightful and well-done course. It provides tools and notions that help you connect strategy and sustainability and provide you with a fresh view on many important topics. Recommended.

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By Meg K

Jul 24, 2017

Overall I enjoyed the course and various breakdowns of business approaches to company environmental policy. The various historical examples gave points of reference for policy and helped one understand the material.

One major concern I have with the course was the professors dramatic shift in tone when discussing advocates vs. activists. He defines activists as having no academic, legal, or genuine intellectual understanding of policy and purely becoming engaged for personally beliefs. Greenpeace is used as an example, and a story in which activists caused economic harm and physically threatened the safety of workers in his further explaining the negative impact and ineffectiveness of activists.

In his attempt to create a course structure and define effectiveness of certain groups the professor instead creates a negative false archetype and in the process immediately lost any credibility with me. After that point in the course I doubted the validity and understood everything was more based on the opinion of the professor than industry accepted/embraced understanding.

It was for myself a decent beginner course.

By Coleman C S

Jan 30, 2017

This course would feel very basic to anyone who has studied sustainable development or sustainable business in any form. It may complement what you've already learnt by articulating the concepts well, but the lecture videos felt redundant after reading material for Week 1. This course can be improved by adding a few in-depth case studies to the weekly assignments.

By Fábio A

Jan 23, 2020

It's a 3,5/5 course... It is a good content and a great way of displaying it, but in some moments it gets too repetitive. If you already have a basis of knowledge in this area, you should seek other courses. Otherwise, it is a great option to get started.

By Nikki m

Aug 28, 2018

It's a good beginner's course to get an introduction to sustainability.. It's a gives a brief overview of the sustainability market, it's verticals, and challenges.

By Ana L O

Jun 19, 2022

I was very excited when I started, but when I saw one of the assignments is watching a video from 2005 of a climate change denier (Bjorn Lomborg), I was absolutely outraged. The guy is saying we shouldn't invest in climate change because it doesn't bring immediate benefits, that we should be investing in combating AIDS, and establishing free trade instead!! HELOOO! This is 2022, and all we discuss is how urgent mitigation actions are!! This course is completely spoiling the image of IESE Business School!

By Chia C L

Jul 26, 2023

There are many given examples which make it easier to relate. IT also takes into account the different stages the company wants to take towards this new normal in sustainability. I find the big picture is good. However, the assignment can designed where one can key in different sections as it is not easy to do the peer review for some cases.

By Mridula K

Jun 12, 2024

Prof. Mike's sessions are quite impressive. He explained the aspects of sustainability strategy for business, in a holistic way. As the course was designed in 2016-17, a general suggestion would be to upgrade the course content to suit the current scenario with many sustainable initiatives around the world, particularly post covid.

By Martín V

Sep 2, 2021

El curso ofrece un paneo general sobre las distintas estrategias que las organizaciones pueden tomar de cara al medioambiente. Cuenta con el dinamismo del profesor, casos reales a lo largo del ultimo siglo, y recomendaciones tanto de libros como de charlas TED que van muy alineadas al topico. Muy recomendable.

By Li H

Feb 7, 2022

Prof. Mike is a very good teacher for organizing this course. the course clearly defines how and who shall touch sustainability within a business organization, the process of crafting a sustainability strategy. The tools and framework of analysis are also very helpful. Look forward to practice in the reality!

By Fauziah H A

Jul 19, 2023

Thank you Professor, I have come to know and understand how business and sustainability are interconnected with the environment and government. How business can also relate to social and environmental issues. I hope to get the opportunity to be able to use this knowledge in a real job and grow well with it.

By William G

Sep 19, 2021

I really appreciated the course, it was very well structured, with a good mix of theory and real life examples. You can clearly feel the passion that Mike Rosenberg has for sustainability and it's definitely contagious ! It does make you want to explore further this vast and exiting subject !

By Premkumar R

Feb 13, 2023

A very well structured course that gives a good insight into how business people think about sustainability. If you are working on a strategy and presenting it to your management colleagues. It provides the right tools to present the issues and develop a strategy for a company.

By Shiladitya S

Jun 25, 2021

very good for gaining understanding of Sustainability , gives a global perspective . the end course peer assignment , given an opportunity to know more projects and get feedback on ones own. the template of formulating ones sustainable strategy was very helpful.

By Bashir A

May 10, 2023

Excellent delivery of modules by an expert who knows how to impact his subject on participants of the course. Well structured course / Enjoyed the peer review as a means of understanding concepts in different context. Very revealing

By Natalija C

Nov 19, 2021

Great teacher and great content! I think this course is a great starting point for somebody who start learning more about sustainability and would like to develop its strategy in the company.

By Tommaso M

Dec 5, 2022

Very insightful and well-done course. It provides tools and notions that help you connect strategy and sustainability and provide you with a fresh view on many important topics. Recommended.

By Rose V

Nov 29, 2022

Very pragmatic view of how to define a sustainability strategy. Good examples used to illustrate the strategy path and the company readiness towards sustainability

By Mudita M

Apr 6, 2022

It was a pleasure learning from Mike Rosenberg. He brings complelling and well-balanced insights, which are relatable and can be immediately put into practice.

By Ramkumar V

Jun 14, 2023

Fantastic course, very practical insights that can be applied. This course will be very relevant for many practioners. Thank you, Professor Rosenberg.

By Balakrishnan V

Feb 16, 2022

Excellent course content. Prf. Mark Rosenberg was very clear in articulating this concepts in a easy to understand way. His examples were spot on.

By Ella M

May 8, 2024

Easily understandable concepts giving a great overall picture on sustainable strategy. Gives the tools to make a business plan for the fututre.

By Maria J M G

May 31, 2022

Excelent. It is much more practical, dynamic and interesting than other similar courses, I have learned a lot in a short time. Thanks Mike!

By Monica M

May 28, 2024

Great course to understand what entails to develop a strategy on sustainability and the most important issues that affect that decision.

By Francesco Z

Aug 31, 2023

The course is very clear, even for those who do not have any knowledge about sustainability in the context of business.

100% recommended

By Claudine F

Jul 17, 2020

Very interesting and current content. Provides all the elements to consider in building a framework for a sustainability strategy.