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Welcome to Supply Chain Analytics - the art and science of applying data analytics to assess and improve supply chain performance! A supply chain is a complex system with conflicting objectives of cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Supply chain management is becoming increasingly data driven. Through the real-life story and data of a major US telecommunication company, you will learn the analytics tools / skills to diagnose and optimize a supply chain. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to 1. Use data analytics to assess the impact of various strategies on all aspects of a supply chain, from inventory, shipping, to warehouse order fulfillment, store operations and customer satisfaction. 2. Customize the supply chain strategy by product to improve the overall cost efficiency without sacrificing customer service. 3. Obtain hands-on experience on the application and financial impact of analytics in integrated supply chain and logistics planning. VASTA (name disguised) is a major wireless carrier in the US selling cell phones through a national network of retail stores. Recently, it wrote off a huge amount of obsolete inventory each year and was suffering a significant cost inefficiency in an increasingly stagnant market. VASTA must assess the competitive environment, and renovate its supply chain to stay competitive. At the end of this course, you will help VASTA save $billions on supply chain cost and retain its leadership in a stagnant and saturated market. I hope you enjoy the course!...

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Aug 3, 2020

The whole course was very smooth & steady. I understood every topic very well. Thank you very much Coursera as well as Professor Yao Zhao Sir for helping me understand the basics of Supply Chain.


Jan 12, 2021

Very informative course on Supply Chain Analytics which clears SCM concepts in clear and lucid way. Also gives clarity on how data analytics can be used in making supply chain related decisions.

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By Santosh K B

Aug 21, 2023

I took this course as part of my learning program and I found it very useful and interesting. The course covers the fundamentals of supply chain analytics, such as data collection, analysis, visualization, optimization, and decision making. It also provides various applications of supply chain analytics in different domains, such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, healthcare, and others. The instructor is very knowledgeable and engaging. He explains the concepts clearly and provides relevant examples and case studies. He also gives feedback and guidance on the assignments and quizzes. The course materials are well-organized and easy to follow. The course platform is user-friendly and interactive. The course is challenging but rewarding. It requires a lot of time and effort to complete the assignments and quizzes, but they help to reinforce the learning outcomes. The course also helps to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills that are essential for supply chain professionals. I would rate this course 5 out of 5 stars for its quality, content, and delivery.

By Aditya M

Sep 3, 2020

its too good for help me to understand supply chain management system.I have done this course though Fanicial aid but after completed it. Coursera team didn't give certificate. Please team give me certificate. I am poor student. I don't enough money for purchase. I hope you understand my issue. Please help me for and enhance my career

Best Regards & Thanks

Aditya Mohan

By Nusayer A

Aug 4, 2020

The whole course was very smooth & steady. I understood every topic very well. Thank you very much Coursera as well as Professor Yao Zhao Sir for helping me understand the basics of Supply Chain.

By Sumedh R M

Jun 8, 2020

An excellent course in supply chain management domain giving an overview about various factors affected in supply chain which leads toward implement a successful supply chain in an organization.

By Nagendra A

Apr 10, 2020

A fantastic course wherein there is a right blend of conceptual clarity and numerical rigor to understand the classic trade-off between supply chain costs and customer order service-levels.

By Meghana B

Apr 7, 2020

Its a very good course and course is designed in very simple way for understanding .Thank courser!

By Usman m

Jan 20, 2020

I'm very much interested in this course and learned very much skills.

By Peter G

Jun 10, 2020

Great way to get exposure to Supply Chain Analytics. Not something I was exposed to during my Supply Chain Management course at University. Can instantly apply to a business idea depending on what retail operations you would like to run. At the end of the day retail is all about stock and sales, but you need to optimise your cost for stocks to ensure each sale is as profitable as possible.

By Jenna W

Mar 30, 2023

This course is good for you if you want to know about formulas for a supply chain analytics report. It might work well if you combine what you learned from other courses (eg, Inventory Analytics, Demand Analytics, etc.) under the Supply Chain Analytics specialization. I mean, adding formulas & models taught in all courses could make a comprehensive Supply Chain Analytics report.

By Senthil K

Apr 4, 2020

Thank you Prof. Yao Zhao and Coursera. It was fantastic to follow the lecture classes by Prf. Yao Zhao. The importance of Analytics was beautifully drawn out. The importance and difference between Push Strategy and Pull Strategy was interesting.

This is my first Online course. And this experience has been fantastic.

Thank you Coursera.

By yohannes b

Jun 6, 2022

I am very happy to have received free training and thank you very much for your cooperation It was great about education and it filled my knowledge gap and I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that in the future you will have the opportunity to study for those who are unemployed and unable to pay. thank you

By Subramani Y

May 26, 2021

The Course is very crisp and sharp. It is all about creating spreadsheets, graphs and interpreting them. From outside it just looks like a normal paper work but a single piece of graph and spreadsheet explains you a lot of information if you completely understand the concept.

By Pawan J

Feb 10, 2020

"Coursera is a great platform for educational purposes"

Coursera's courses are extremely good. They are well designed and being a full employee I really appreciate the fact of how well they are designed. They are very up-to-date on topics of interest and new courses.

By Nitish B

Jan 9, 2022

Absolutely an insightful course on supply chain analytics how an international supply chain works right from sourcing to distribution with key insights on push and pull strategy with calculation tricks on inventory and shipping cost management and much more.

By Andrea C C

Jun 1, 2020

Excellent course, Supply chain always surprises me with something new and different, the key is to continue learning every day from this complex world how is the logistics and even better if it is done hand in hand with the experts.

By Jolas R

Jun 28, 2020

This course content and the professor is highly recommended for non-SC and SC Professionals. The language used in the materials are very comprehensible and relatable. Case study that were used are easy to understand.

By Indri H

Jun 14, 2020

This course is very encourage the students to finish their course, whatever their level of understanding is. The difference is only the time to finish it, but everybody has the same chance to accomplish it.

By Suhas W

Jan 13, 2021

Very informative course on Supply Chain Analytics which clears SCM concepts in clear and lucid way. Also gives clarity on how data analytics can be used in making supply chain related decisions.

By Shakil I W

May 30, 2020

Very effective course for the beginners to know about the push-pull strategies and how to take decision for choosing a supply chain strategy for a company through quantitative analysis.

By Sushant B

May 21, 2021

The most amazing part of the course is simplified learnings, I am very much thankful to Professor Yao Zhao who has made joyful learning by making simplified course materials.

Thank you!

By subash

May 28, 2020

This is a very good course in supply chain, it focuses on Push & Pull strategies in different scenarios. The explanation was precise and brief. Thank you Coursera & Rutgers University.

By Ashwani

Jul 25, 2021

this course is really have good information about supply chain analytics. i have learned about the push and pull strategies and how to calculate that which we should prefer.


Jun 6, 2020

This course exactly provides the basic knowledge required for supply chain analyst through the simplest ways possible. I found it very useful for applying it to my research

By Thanh P N

Dec 21, 2020

The course is user friendly and at the right level for beginner to catch up with clear definition and concepts about Push, pull strategy as well as great Excel tactics


Sep 28, 2021

This course consists of fundamentals of supply chain analyst and delivered by the professor in a simpler way to enhance its meaning on the deliverables. Thank you!