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By the end of this project, you will learn how to create an Excel Spreadsheet by using a free version of Microsoft Office Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet that works like a database. It consists of individual cells that can be used to build functions, formulas, tables, and graphs that easily organize and analyze large amounts of information and data. Excel is organized into rows (represented by numbers) and columns (represented by letters) that contain your information. This format allows you to present large amounts of information and data in a concise and easy to follow format. Microsoft Excel is the most widely used software within the business community. Whether it is bankers or accountants or business analysts or marketing professionals or scientists or entrepreneurs, almost all professionals use Excel on a consistent basis. You will learn what an Excel Spreadsheet is, why we use it and the most important keyboard shortcuts, functions, and basic formulas....

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Feb 26, 2023

This platform is very helpful for learning skills.

I am very satisfied to this platform. If you are looking for a skill you should have to attention on your skills

learning through this platform


Jan 16, 2023

A little less content than expected but the title does say it's just an intro plus it's free. The explanations are clear and the course is quite engaging. The Coursera platform is very user-friendly.

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By Kaitlin O

Dec 13, 2021

if you have ANY knowledge of excel, don't waste your time with this. i could have figured this stuff out by opening an excel doc. you will learn how to bold/underline a header and sum a column of data. if you want more in depth knowledge of excel, try a different course.

By Malu C

Aug 5, 2022

An excellent and easy to understand course for those who need to use excel for work or school but have no idea of how to get started. This course will guide you with all the basics

By Aron A S

Apr 13, 2022

this is best for begginner guided course in excel which will help him/her the power of excel

By Kevin A

Jan 17, 2023

A little less content than expected but the title does say it's just an intro plus it's free. The explanations are clear and the course is quite engaging. The Coursera platform is very user-friendly.


Mar 25, 2022

This guided project is very practical and way better than theoretical learning.

By Zyrus A

Jul 8, 2022

Ever since I started working in our office a month ago, Microsoft Excel was one of the most software apps that I am frequently using whenever I'm doing report—so I took this course to freshen my skills on it once again, and it helped me a lot. A huge thanks to our kind Professor, Ms. Summer Scaggs for being a good instructor and delivering the lesson very well during the entire online class.

By jess m

Jul 17, 2022

VERY basic intro to Excel. Great clear instructions and easy to do.

By Annalisa G

Apr 4, 2022

One question in the quiz is confusing. It says to "create a worksheet in Excel that shows the number of states for each sales person. What would you put as the header for column A and column B (in that order)" The order of the information provided says "number of states for each sales person" which would be option 4, "No. of States, Salesperson". The other interpretation would be option 1, "Salesperson, No. Of States". This question just needs to be more clear so it's not open to interpretation, leading to answering the question incorrectly.

By Awais A

Feb 27, 2023

This platform is very helpful for learning skills.

I am very satisfied to this platform. If you are looking for a skill you should have to attention on your skills

learning through this platform

By Ayesha N

Feb 16, 2024

Complete waste of time for someone who knows the VERY BASICS of excel. if you have never even heard of excel before then this is for you, but even then there would be better ways to learn the basics

By Satyam S

Nov 11, 2022

It is a Good free resource for learning. Use it.

Event though the content in this course is not to advance but it is always better to have a little understanding of a topic rather than having none.

If you are reading this review before attempting it I would like to tell you that this is a pretty basic course you can do it if you don't have any idea of what is excel and how to use it. And it won't take much time. In fact you can clear this course within 1.5 hours if you want to.

By tita m

Dec 5, 2023

Introduction to Microsoft Excel course is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to master spreadsheet skills. The course provides a clear and comprehensive overview of Excel’s functionalities, making it accessible for beginners. The instructor breaks down complex concepts into manageable segments, making it easy to follow along and understand.

By Fajar S

Jan 12, 2024

Recommended for kids around elementary school who just started to gain hands-on experience using cloud based productivity applications such as Microsoft 365 family. Also apply to mature people who just switching from old fashioned desktop oriented office productivity suit into cloud based modern office productivity suits.

By Alexander A

Jan 13, 2023

A very short course that can be finished withing an hour but only goes over very basic functions and layout of excel. for me it was a great starting point to lunch me into more content for excel


Jun 26, 2022

such a tremendous guided project it looks difficult to start it but when you start it the instructure makes it very easy i will recommend it at all every where.

By Jiayu F

Aug 6, 2022

Nice video and useful project. Even though the knowledge is pretty entry-level, but it really teaches me some useful shortcuts in Excel

By Brandy B

May 27, 2022

Great introduction class and easy for anyone to understand.


Feb 8, 2024

After completing the course, I was hoping to have a deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, I found that the course only touched on the surface-level concepts and lacked in-depth analysis. The course content was quite basic and did not provide any new insights or knowledge that I was not already aware of. Overall, I was disappointed with the course and felt that it did not meet my expectations. I had expected the course to be more detailed, but unfortunately, I didn't gain much knowledge. The material covered in this course is quite basic.

By Pam F

Jul 27, 2022

Was hard to navigate and really didn't learn anything to help me with Excel.

By Flavia b

Nov 11, 2023

No lo puedo traducir q español(Uruguay)

By Ali D

Jan 21, 2024

ponerlo en español

By Dreher W

Mar 5, 2024

Best learning program around if they had courses that were taught like this when I was in school I would have excelled oo I made a funny (get it) and got further. I cannot say enough of how much I am learning. I took Excel when I was in business school many years ago but didn't remember much of it. but the way that this course is taught and the way the modules are designed and set up at my own pace I am retaining the information. not only did certain things come back in my memory but I am retaining the information that I learned here. I can't tell you how much this means to a disabled person who wants to learn but can no longer learn the way traditional courses are taught in a college environment. this makes me want to learn more and take additional classes to improve my mind and my career.

By Dinesh c

Nov 26, 2022

Good to learn the basics of MS Excel and here you will learn what is a Workbook and what it consists like for example it consists of spreadsheets and in the workbook it consists of ribbon tools where we can save our workbook in a file by going to the file and click on save as and there you go and soon. And further you will learn about the cells and no of rows and columns and etc. So it's fun for learning. Just start and go ahead and learn it. You will gain enough confidence with this introductory course.

By George B

May 13, 2023

A comprehensive introduction into the basic fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, a nice explanation is given of the Excel interface and how the tabs are correctly used. Basic functions of excel are described in enough detail to give an full understanding of how they should be used and their importance. Real life examples of spreadsheets gives the user an understanding of their applicability to the real world and the useful information that can be extracted from data to solve common problems.

By Muniza M

Mar 2, 2024

Excel has been an indispensable tool for organizing and analyzing data in my professional life. Its user-friendly interface and wide range of features make it accessible to users of all skill levels. As a student, Excel has been instrumental in helping me manage my coursework and track my academic progress. I find its spreadsheet capabilities incredibly useful for organizing information, calculating grades, and creating study schedules.