How to Make Money in the Metaverse

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Explore the ways to make money in the metaverse and the job opportunities virtual reality offers now and in the future.

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The metaverse offers many new opportunities for potential careers and earnings. From investing and testing new products to jobs and selling artwork and other digital assets, as the metaverse expands, it’s expected new opportunities will continue to evolve. In this article, learn about the different way to make money in the metaverse. 

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual place with collections of three-dimensional worlds. In the virtual world, it offer various activities such as:

  • Shopping

  • Gaming

  • Buying and selling art and collectibles

  • Attending conferences and events

  • Employment opportunities

The metaverse is intended to mirror the physical world. It’s a place where users can socialize and do many day-to-day things. This 3D version of the internet provides more virtual interaction than social media interactions and gaming.

The metaverse typically uses digital assets such as cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to make transactions. You can buy, sell, trade, and invest in the metaverse. 

How to enter the metaverse? 

The best way to experience the metaverse is with a virtual reality (VR) headset that comes equipped with everything you need to enter the virtual world. The headset includes a display screen, stereo sound, and controllers to navigate the world you visit.


How do NFTs work?

Non-fungible tokens are used like cash in the metaverse with some distinct differences. NFTs are used for buying, selling, and trading in the NFT marketplace, but unlike physical currency, it doesn’t have a specific value. Its value is attached to a digital asset held on a blockchain.

The metaverse provides an outlet for visitors to attend concerts, travel, purchase art, play games, and try on clothing. When someone makes a purchase on an NFT marketplace, the token is proof of ownership that lives on a blockchain. A blockchain records and stores NFT information.

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Why work in the metaverse? 

The metaverse provides opportunities for working remotely, and if you enjoy working from home, you can find both entry-level and experienced positions. You’ll also find the metaverse offers diverse job opportunities. 

However, not all opportunities are remote, and the metaverse is expected to bring together those working from home with those in a dedicated workspace. Working remotely may only be for some; however, the future of the metaverse is expected to have both virtual and physical workplaces.

Ways to make money in the metaverse

The metaverse offers opportunities for investors and gamers. Investors can sell NFTs for a profit, and gamers can play to earn. You might want to hold an event and sell tickets or rent metaverse real estate. 

For long-term earning, consider a job in the metaverse industry. You’ll find technical positions and other jobs that don’t require a lot of experience or education. Take a look at some of the available positions the metaverse offers.

Graphic designer

Average annual salary (US): $77,966 [1]

The metaverse will add new opportunities for graphic designers since 3D objects will be needed to make virtual reality more realistic. More animated designs will be needed for users to have a more interactive experience.

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Blockchain developer

Average annual salary (US): $115,168 [2]

Blockchain developers develop and implement digital blockchains. Blockchain technology is used to record and store transactions made in the metaverse. The position may require testing and troubleshooting and requires a solid background in software development.

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Hardware engineer

Average annual income (US): $88,950 [3]

Hardware engineers develop new devices for exploring the metaverse, such as headsets and motion controllers. The position requires an understanding of virtual technology and programming languages.

Metaverse senior software engineer

Average annual income (US): $119,316 [4]

A metaverse senior software engineer builds interactive applications and games and develops new virtual environments. A metaverse software engineer should have programming skills and an understanding of software development.

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Digital marketing specialist

Average annual salary (US): $54,476 [5]

Marketing specialists are needed to promote the different worlds of the metaverse. Some job titles include marketing manager, gaming marketing manager, and campaign manager. Along with in-house positions, marketing management jobs can be done remotely or on a freelance basis.

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Average annual income (US): $43,129 [6]

For artists seeking to expand beyond the physical world, you can sell NFT digital art on an NFT marketplace. You can list digital art that others can buy or trade for with non-fungible tokens. Artists who create digital art, music, and photography list their work and sell it at their asking price.

Game designer

Average annual income (US): $77,966 [7]

If you have experience with programming languages and software, you may qualify for a position as a metaverse game designer. Game designers create stories, characters, and rules for play. Opportunities exist for entertainment and educational games.

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Community moderator 

Average annual income (US): $39,957 [8]

For those who enjoy working with different people, the metaverse offers opportunities for community managers to moderate and keep communities running smoothly. You’ll need good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to resolve conflicts.

How to work in the metaverse

Build skills.

Working in the metaverse requires an understanding of virtual reality and how the metaverse functions. You should have the following knowledge and skills in:

  • Non-fungible tokens

  • Blockchains

  • Metaverse architecture

  • Networking with others 

  • Written and verbal communication 

Most metaverse technical jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. However, there will also be jobs available for those with little or no experience, such as retail and tour guides. You can find entry-level positions in the metaverse just as you can in the non-virtual world.

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Review job postings.

If you want to work in the metaverse with little or no experience, or if you have the education and experience necessary for a technical position, you can find new job openings by following metaverse communities and by checking metaverse job boards. You can also join metaverse meetups for possible metaverse job opportunities.

Get started in the metaverse 

Whether you’re interested in investing in the metaverse or looking to earn disposable income, you’ll find courses and certificate programs to help you maneuver through the new virtual worlds. What is the Metaverse? offered by Meta is a beginner-level course that explains the metaverse and its fundamentals.

For gaming careers, consider C++ Programming for Unreal Game Development Specialization offered by the University of Colorado is an intermediate-level course for those interested in learning how to program Unreal Engine games using C++ programming. The course takes approximately four months to complete.

If you are interested in digital marketing, the Digital Marketing Specialization offered on Coursera by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a beginner-level course that can be completed in approximately eight months. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible for a capstone project set up in partnership with Grainger, a Fortune 500 company. 

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