iOS Developer Salary: Your 2024 Guide

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iOS developers specialize in creating applications specifically for Apple's iOS operating system. Here’s a guide to industry trends and salaries for this role.

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Apple's iOS operating system, formerly known as iPhone OS, powers devices such as iPhones and iPads. Apple consistently releases a new version of iOS once every year, making it a formidable rival to Android. Notably, each version usually brings improvements to the user interface, functionality, security, and overall performance. A career in iOS development entails building applications for iOS-powered mobile devices.

Read on to get a deeper insight into an iOS developer’s salary, including comparable job descriptions and top-paying US cities.

What is an iOS developer?

As an iOS developer, your role revolves around creating software applications for mobile operating systems, particularly Apple products. Using programming languages such as  Objective-C or Swift, you’ll develop, test, and upgrade applications that are user-friendly and easy to install. 

Depending on your preferences, you might choose to work as a freelancer or with a team of IT specialists at a software company. While your daily tasks may vary, here are some common responsibilities you can expect to handle in this role, including:

  • Creating application blueprints

  • Writing source code

  • Optimizing code for quality assurance 

  • Publishing apps online for download by end-users

  • Performing continuous maintenance to enhance app performance

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How much does an iOS developer make?

The average annual pay for an iOS developer in the US ranges from $93,400 to $132,466, according to multiple job listing sites. The following table lists the average salaries: 

Zippia [2]Glassdoor [3]Payscale [4]Indeed [5]US BLS (Median salary) [6]Lightcast™ [7]

Factors that impact iOS developer salary

Several factors can affect your salary as an iOS developer like your education level, certifications, experience, skills, industry, and location.


Typically, your education level will influence your earning potential. The following is a breakdown of the average iOS developer’s salary depending on degree level and the percent of professionals who hold it, according to Zippia: 

Computer science and computer engineering are the typical fields of study for iOS developers. Forty-eight percent of iOS developers major in computer science, while 12 percent major in computer engineering, and the rest have degrees in fields that include electrical engineering, information technology, and engineering [8]. 


Becoming well-versed in Apple's ecosystem can potentially contribute to higher earnings and better career opportunities. Consider Swift certifications offered by Apple to validate your proficiency in using Swift and Xcode for iOS app development. There are two levels available depending on your level of education:

  • App Development with Swift Associate is catered to high school or higher education students who have completed the App Development with Swift Associate exam. This certification showcases your knowledge of how computing impacts apps on society. 


  • App Development with Swift Certified User is designed for higher education students who have completed the Swift Certified User exam and are looking to demonstrate their iOS development skills. 

These certifications complement the free Develop in Swift Fundamentals course on the Apple Book Store. Obtaining these certifications can help you showcase your expertise in Apple's recommended tools and practices.

How much do iOS developers with Swift knowledge earn? In the US, the average yearly salary for an iOS developer (Swift) is $96,474 [9]. Furthermore, Glassdoor estimates an average supplemental income of $7,091 per year, which can be ascribed to cash bonuses, tips, and profit sharing, for a total pay of $103,565 annually.



Your compensation typically increases as you gain more experience. Here is the estimated average total compensation you can earn as per experience, according to Payscale [4]:

  • 0–1 year: $79,795

  • 1–4 years: $95,125

  • 5–9 years: $114,098

  • 10–19 years: $123,810

  • 20 or more years: $124,210


Skills can help enhance your professional marketability as an iOS developer. According to Payscale, the following are some popular iOS developer skills that affect your annual wage [4]:



The industry you decide to work in may also have an impact on your annual earnings. The top five highest-paying industries for an iOS developer in the US are as follows, according to Glassdoor. Please note that these salaries reflect total pay, which includes base salary as well as additional compensation from bonuses, profit sharing, and other sources, whereas salary figures on Payscale and other salary sites reflect base pay only [3]:

  • Information technology: $140,857

  • Telecommunications: $105,156

  • Human Resources and staffing: $104,937

  • Financial services: $103,711

  • Manufacturing and consulting: $98,848


Pay can vary significantly depending on your location. Select cities may offer wages that are higher than the national average. If you’re willing to relocate, gaining an insight into location-based salaries can help you make an informed decision. 

Keep in mind, if you live in a location with a high cost of living, you’ll require a higher salary than you would in a location with a lower cost of living to afford the same lifestyle.

High-paying cities for iOS developers 

Here are some high-paying states, according to data collected by Indeed [5]:

  • San Francisco: $150,772

  • New York: $139,958

  • Austin: $126,527

  • Chicago: $136,929

  • Atlanta: $115,567

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As an iOS developer, you can branch off into specific areas of development or advance to related positions. Should you wish to embark on this career path, here are some related job titles that may interest you.

iOS engineer    

Average annual base salary (US): $108,991 [10]

As an iOS engineer, you will establish specifications, write code, and supervise the testing and debugging of iOS applications. You may also participate in the launch and distribution of applications.                                                                                         

Mobile app developer       

Average annual base salary (US): $80,650 [11]

As a mobile app developer, you will design and implement software programs for smartphones and other mobile devices. It’s also within your purview to modify the programming code to accommodate operating system updates, ensuring smooth functionality on the latest mobile platforms.                                    

Mobile software engineer                                                       

Average annual base salary (US): $123,193 [12]

Your responsibilities as a mobile software engineer may include designing the architecture of modules in a product, participating in code reviews, and troubleshooting production bottlenecks. You may also assume cross-functional supporting roles.

Senior iOS engineer

Average annual base salary (US):  $129,102 [13]

As a senior iOS engineer, you will work closely with the product, design, and engineering teams to conduct app performance evaluations. Additionally, you could mentor junior iOS developers.

Job outlook 

Over 2 million iOS apps are available in the Apple Store for over 1.5 billion Apple devices worldwide, signaling a demand for iOS developers to create, maintain, and improve iOS apps [14, 15]. Some of the most popular app categories include games, business, education, utilities, lifestyle, food and drink, and shopping. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 25 percent increase in demand for software developers, which includes iOS developers, between 2022 and 2032 [6]. This estimate equates to 451,200 new work opportunities within that time frame [6].

Getting started with Coursera

If you’re interested in starting an iOS app development career, consider enrolling in the Foundations of Objective-C App Development course offered by the University of California, Irvine, on Coursera. Topics that are covered include functions, objects, and system libraries. 

You may also choose to obtain a Meta iOS Developer Professional Certificate. This program is led by industry leaders who help learners gain job-ready skills. Upon completion, gain exclusive access to career resources like resume review, interview prep, and career support. 

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