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Science, Technology, and Society in China III: The Present & Policy Implications

This course is the third in a trilogy of short courses. In this final part, we integrate what we have learned in the previous two parts to investigate the evolution and implications of Chinese government policies designed to promote scientific and technological progress. Based on this, we will attempt to sketch a picture of the future of science and technology in China.


Course at a Glance


About the Course

In this course, we examine science and technology in Chinese society today as well as the basis for the policy prescriptions the Chinese government is currently employing to promote innovation and technology development. We will cover the impact of these policies on the efforts of Chinese companies to enhance their global technological competitiveness. We will learn how observers inside and outside China have come to regard the country as a “technological superpower”, and analyze the extent to which this reflects the actual situation today (and tomorrow).

Recommended Background

It is entirely possible for those who have not taken Part I and Part II of the course to take Part III, but that said, there will be a few key concepts and ideas that were introduced in Parts I and II that will inform the content offered in Part III.

Course Format

The class will consist primarily of lecture videos, which will be enriched with learning activities. There will also be short standalone homework assignments that are independent of the video lectures.