Alisa Acosta

Director of Research and Education


Dr. Alisa Acosta is the Director of Research and Education at the Blockchain Research Institute, where she is dedicated to exploring and sharing knowledge about the strategic implications of blockchain technology on business, government, and society. Alisa has a PhD in the field of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning from the University of Toronto, where her research focused on the design of learning analytics, intelligent agents, immersive simulations, tangible media, and “smart classroom” architectures to support active learning in face-to-face contexts. Prior to this, she was a high school science and math teacher with the Toronto District School Board, working with students from one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world. In her current role with the Blockchain Research Institute, Alisa is responsible for leading all educational initiatives, executing the BRI research agenda, managing the content and programming for the Web3 & Blockchain World (W3B) conference, and overseeing the submission and judging process for the W3B Awards.