Emily Moore

Director of Research and Accessibility, PhET Interactive Simulations


Emily Moore is the Director of Research and Accessibility for the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Moore conducts research on simulation design, student simulation use, and student learning with simulations. She also leads research and development efforts to increase the accessibility of PhET simulations. Her work in accessibility includes advancing the design and implementation of multimodal simulations, with modalities including alternative input, auditory description, and sonification to support access to PhET simulations for students with visual or mobility impairments. This has resulted in the publication of PhET’s first simulations accessible to blind students. Dr. Moore has authored 30 journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings in the areas of science education, educational technology, and accessibility. She has also directed teacher professional development videos, and co-designed numerous classroom activities with K-12 teachers and higher education faculty – available for use through the PhET website.