Williams S. Ettouati, Pharm.D.

Managing Director, Master of Science in Drug Development & Product Management


Williams Ettouati, PharmD received his Doctorât d’ État en Pharmacie from Université Descartes, Paris V and a Master of Arts in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition to being Managing Director of this program, he is Director of the Education Innovation Support Team and Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS).

As Director for the Education Innovation Support Team, his role is to provide strategic and collaborative leadership to co-create and support an institutional culture of innovation in education.

Dr. Ettouati is the course chair for three courses in the Master of Science in Drug Development & Product Management. These courses include “Opportunities in Pharma, Biotech”, “Marketing Strategy, Product Value, and Life Cycle Management”, and “Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Corporate, and Intellectual Property Strategy”. Prior to this program, Dr. Ettouati was teaching graduate courses in drug discovery, development, and commercialization at the School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine, at UC San Diego. These courses are also currently offered online on Coursera.

Before joining the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Ettouati spent twenty years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Dr. Ettouati has proven and extensive experience encompassing multiple functional disciplines in pharmaceutical executive management in areas such as general management, business development, licensing, marketing, and new product planning strategy in biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Ettouati served as Chief Executive Officer, President, Co-Founder, and Director at GeneProt, and Chief Executive Officer, President and Director at Ceptyr, both early-stage drug discovery biotech companies. In addition, he was Chief Business Officer for several biotech firms, such as Hawaii Biotech and Syrrx, and was responsible for all partnering activities. He was also Vice President of Business Development for Syrrx, Aurora/Vertex, Vice President of Marketing at DepoTech, and worked in product management at Syntex (now Roche) and ICI (now Astra-Zeneca). Finally, Dr. Ettouati had an established pharmaceutical consulting practice with many private and public clients around the U.S.