Nicolai Jacob Wewer Albrechtsen

Associate Professor, MD, GCSRT, PhD


Dr. Wewer Albrechtsen earned his MD at the University of Copenhagen in 2014. Since 2011, he has been working on gastrointestinal hormones and in particular glucagon biology. In recent years, Dr. Wewer Albrechtsen has initiated his own scientific group that investigates the actions of glucagon in dysmetabolic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and NAFLD with the use of state-of art technologies including mass-spectrometry. Since his BSc he has been involved in medical research including endocrinology, pathology and clinical biochemistry. His research focusses on identification and characterization of gut hormones and as well other regulatory peptides. Nicolai’s passion is in clinical biochemistry and its applicability in basic and clinical science. He has together with Professor Mann (Max-Planck Institute, Munich, Germany) created a platform for identification of peptide hormones (biomarkers) using state of the art mass-spectrometry based proteomic. Nicolai has been teaching medical students since 2010, including mentoring for several fellows. He has published more than 100 papers in peer-review international journals, received several (>10) awards for young researchers and has completed a 1 year program at Harvard Medical School (GCSRT certified, elected member of the Harvard Alumni).