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About the Course

This course from Lunds university will help you understand and use AI so that you can transform your organisation to be more efficient, more sustainable and thus innovative. The lives of people all over the world are increasingly enhanced and shaped by artificial intelligence. To organisations there are tremendous opportunities, but also risks, so where do you start to plan for AI, business and the future of work? Whether you are in the public or private sector, in a large organisation or a small shop, AI has a growing impact on your business. Most organisations don’t have a strategy in place for how to make AI work for them. The teacher, Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, will guide you through the topics with short lectures, interviews and interactive exercises meant to get you thinking about your own context. 12 industry professionals, AI experts and thought leaders from different industries have been interviewed and will complement the short lectures to give you a broad overview of perspectives on the topics. You will meet: Kerstin Enflo Professor in Economic History Lund University Dr. Irene Ek Founder Digital Institute Samuel Engblom Policy Director The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees Pelle Kimvall Lead Solution Ideator AFRY X Joakim Wernberg Research Director, Digitalisation and Tech Policy Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum Marcus Henriksson Empathic Leader of AI & Automation and Digital Business Development Empathic Johan Grundström Eriksson Board Advisor, Innovation Management & Corporate Governance Founder & Chairman, aiRikr Innovation AB Jakob Svensson Professor in Media and Communication Studies Malmö University Ulrik Franke Senior Researcher RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Björn Lorentzon Nordic Growth Lead Sympa Anna Felländer Founder AI Sustainability Center Prof. Fredrik Heintz Associate Professor of Computer Science Linköping University...

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Jul 19, 2022

Excellent course, with well-portioned lectures and relevant examples. Provides a well-rounded foundation for those seeking to understand the role and effects of AI and the Future of work.


Nov 9, 2022

A great learning about the AI, its application in Business and Future of work that gets changed with global competition. A very good learning of how to implement AI in our organization.

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By Tera R

Feb 19, 2023

Good course that provides basics that are essential foundations for anyone who consults businesses on the journey of Digital Transformation.

By Letlotlo M

Feb 17, 2023

Great beginner course for any student/person looking to have the foundations of AI and machine learning in the business sector.

By Dr. N M

Aug 29, 2023

This course was very much useful for me. Highly informative and valuable. A special thank to our professor for making this course more accessible.

By Bandula W

Nov 2, 2021

Well designed course to introduce AI. When I began I had heard of AI but thought this a new trend of the younger generation. Dr. Anamaria conducted the course very professionally and efficiently and gave a good insight to what is AI, how it is applied and effecting us and what to expect in the future. Now I know AI is all around us and effecting our daily life. I hope the developers will follow ethical practices so that AI will constructively help the humans to develop the world to be a better place rather than destructively make the world a sadder place,

By Daniel T

Dec 10, 2023

This course provides the right level of content that helps me to effectively identify the relevant issues of AI implementation in the business environment. Well organized course

By Girish K

May 22, 2023

The course gave brief overview of past, present and future of AI. There is a lot that has been implemented globally and many of the aspects have been discussed in this course. This is the best course for individuals with zero technical knowledge of AI but would like to implement in their organization or business. Highly recommended.

By Tjerja G

May 20, 2023

Very informative. Nice to get a quick (strategic) overview of the possibilities and future impact of AI adoption and implementation in the work environment. Although some situations are already further/improved than stated in the course contents, overall all information is daring and helpful. Much appreciated.

By Md R

Jan 4, 2023

This course is an excellent starting point for AI, Business & the Future of Work. The course is very short in scope but well presented with clear explanation and interviews of experts on the field. Wish to attend 2nd installment with more advanced level discussion from Lund university.

By Abdullah S

Feb 27, 2023

why cant i even get soft copy of certificate

By Jonny C d S

Sep 9, 2023

First of all, I would like to mention my background on working with Applied AI for the last 25 years, which includes developing my own doctorate thesis (an expert system prototype to design hydraulic systems in a concurrent engineering perspective), advising dozens of master and doctorate projects applying similar approaches to industrial domains such as: maintenance, natural gas networks, cogeneration plants, electric motors, compressors, and developing prototypes for sensors failure modeling, plug-load management and design rationale systems during my post-doc at NASA. In all these initiatives, I have applied a very technology oriented perspective. Having said that, this course was a true upskill in my understanding related to AI, because I made me seeing a new, and much broader, perspective of this key area. So, I see three direct effects it will have in my work. First, I will include some of this course principles, and key references in my own Applied AI course, that I have given at UFSC-Brazil. In this respect, some of course materials will serve to enhance my teachings.

The second point is that, as I am also a certified coach, sometimes I am invited to give talks about career of the future, as it just happened with a recent invitation. Therefore, this last section gave me powerful insights to offer a new view in these career talks. And the third point is that I will incorporated some of the course teachings in the way I present my AI approach to companies. As a matter of fact, I will have the opportunity to put this in practice during my trip to Sweden in November, as I´ve been selected among the seven Brazilian researchers in AI to form the CISB delegation (*) that will interact with companies and universities in this country to prospect project collaborations.

Therefore, as it can be seen this course was very important for my career. Thank to all organizers.


By Pablo C

Mar 16, 2024

I recently completed a course that I must say exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts. The presentation of the material was exceptionally well done, making concepts easy to understand. One aspect that truly stood out was the historical review integrated throughout the course. It provided valuable context, allowing me to appreciate how the subject matter has evolved over time. This historical perspective not only enriched my understanding but also made the content more engaging. Moreover, the course was conducted with a high level of professionalism: From the structure of the modules, to the film set, to the clarity of the instructor's explanations, every aspect exuded professionalism. It was evident that the creators of the course had put considerable effort into ensuring a polished and informative experience for the learners. What truly brought the content to life were the real-life examples woven into the lessons. They made the material relatable and reinforced its relevance. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the subject matter. Its excellent presentation, historical insights, professionalism, and real-life examples make it a standout educational experience. Bravo to Dr. Anamaria and Lund University

By Idris B

Jun 14, 2023

I definitely recommend AI, Business, and the Future of Work as a good introduction to AI and the Workplace. I have learned a lot from this material. Soon, voice assistance will become more prevalent in #healthcare and other industries. From frontline staff to healthcare providers and their managers, they will enjoy more creative ways to use voice assistance in the delivery of their duties. The unlikely winners will be Augmented and Virtual reality. First, they will be indispensable in the training of new healthcare professionals, and next in the simulation and actual performance of long-distance medical procedures. Internet connectivity across the planet will have to improve fast for these predictions to become reality. You need to be positioned right to play a vital role in this unfolding scenario. The future is exciting. Pinch me, I am dreaming!

By Calvin C

Jul 3, 2023

The course is very good for introducing you to the impact of AI in business and the overall economic trends. The course starts off with an introduction of what the definition of AI is, it proceeds into what AI is capable of and how to implement it. The course then explains the positive and negative impacts of AI, its applicability to business and how to apply to your organization. The course regularly connects the content to your company ensuring you get an understanding of how applicable it is to your workplace. Overall its a good introduction course for those with little to no understanding of what is AI, its business impacts, and economic impacts.

By Dharmender S R

Mar 27, 2024

AI is reshaping business and the future of work. It streamlines processes, boosts efficiency, and unlocks new opportunities. While some fear job loss, AI often enhances human roles rather than replacing them entirely. Businesses need to adapt by investing in AI training and fostering a culture of innovation. Collaboration between humans and machines will be key, with AI handling repetitive tasks and humans focusing on creativity and problem-solving. This symbiotic relationship can drive growth and competitiveness. Embracing AI responsibly ensures a brighter future where technology empowers rather than displaces workers.

By Angelica J S A

Mar 8, 2024

It was a wonderful course, Ana Maria was great and having all the expert interviews were incredible and added a lot of value. It's a very complete course, dynamic, interesting and easy to understand for begginers in AI.

By Saud m a

Jul 26, 2022

very nice course but i faced one problem which is the choice of words. English is my second language and im almost fluent in it but there are a lot of words that made it hard for me to understrand what was presented.

By Nathaly A M

Apr 16, 2024

Conteúdo bem estruturado, mescla de conhecimentos teóricos e práticos, excelente condução das entrevistas e materiais de apoio bastante interessantes, mesmo para profissionais de outros países.

By Tan M J

Jul 20, 2022

Excellent course, with well-portioned lectures and relevant examples. Provides a well-rounded foundation for those seeking to understand the role and effects of AI and the Future of work.

By Vikas K

Nov 10, 2022

A great learning about the AI, its application in Business and Future of work that gets changed with global competition. A very good learning of how to implement AI in our organization.

By Marcio T G

Apr 11, 2024

O Curso fez muito bem a contextualização, história, desafios, oportunidades relacionados a IA, além de dar foco em como podemos evoluir em todo o processo de aprendizado. Muito bom.

By João A G N

Dec 8, 2023

I would like to indeed thank to all teachers, lecturers of the course, It was extremely to me to learn all AI can offer to me and my company. Again, thank you all very much!!

By Juan B J

Apr 3, 2024

This course has allowed me to better understand the close link that exists between business and artificial intelligence; currently and into the future. Thank you very much.

By Clara I d P M C

Apr 6, 2024

Es un curso muy interesante, excelentes expertos y con muchos recursos de aprendizaje para cualquier persona que se interese en el tema. Muchas gracias, aprendí mucho.

By Patryk B

Feb 3, 2022

Great course that taught me many things about Artificial Intelligence, it's risks and possibilities as well as how to effectively introduce AI into one's business!

By Sergio B

Mar 22, 2024

Top course, good teacher, clear explanations and lots of references to deep dive learning. I strongly recommend it to start your AI upskillment plan