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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Algebra: Elementary to Advanced - Equations & Inequalities by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

This course is intended for students looking to create a solid algebraic foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts from which to take more advanced courses that use concepts from precalculus, calculus, probability, and statistics. This course will help solidify your computational methods, review algebraic formulas and properties, and apply these concepts model real world situations. This course is for any student who will use algebraic skills in future mathematics courses. Topics include: the real numbers, equalities, inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions and equations, graphs, relations and functions, radicals and exponents, and quadratic equations....

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Dec 2, 2021

The class was challenging and the assignments were rigorous training. I like the word problems and how fractions are used as a more complex way of learning and doing the math.


Feb 6, 2022

This course was incredibly taught. I did well at math in high school but I don't think I ever had the level of understanding that I gained from taking this course. Thank you!

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By Chad O

Sep 10, 2022

I am an adult learner who took an algebra class in high school but never passed one. I dropped out before completing traditional high school algebra.

Going into the course, the types of problems taught within it seemed arcane to me. I had a very basic grasp of equations and inequalities, and was somewhat familiar with Cartesian coordinates from simple reviews of algebra on Khan Academy. But I definitely did not possess the confidence and patience to solve the problems in this course, especially the word problems. Before the course, I would have read the word problems, had an intuitive idea of how they might be solved, but lacked the confidence, patience, and understanding to actually complete them.

After the course, I have been reawakened to the beauty of mathematics for the first time in years. I am very comfortable and in fact, eager to solve mathematical problems that previously made me a bit anxious and outlined a blindspot in my education. I greatly appreciate professor Cutrone, JHU, and Coursera for this offering.

By Daniel T C

Jul 25, 2021

I rate this course as an excellent introduction to college algebra. I had originally enrolled in the Precalculus sequence and my math skills were too rusty to sustain that effort. This course has helped fill in those gaps in a measured and helpful way. I plan to continue on to the future courses and look forward to doing so. My thanks to Dr. Cutrone and all those involved in this effort.

By Leoš M

Jan 5, 2022

What an excellent course! The lector explained everything clearly and simply, taught us how to think about different problems in real life and how to describe and solve them by linear equalities and inequalities. I highly recommend this course.

By Elisabeth G

Jan 28, 2023

This was an excellent course. The topics were covered in depth with at least one example of how to solve every type of problem. Each problem type was clearly labeled so you could look up more examples if you wanted extra practice. The topics were covered in a logical order, building off each other. Algebra can be a difficult subject to learn, but this instructor made it much easier. Joseph Cutrone explains concepts and walks through examples with clear enunciation and a peaceful tone. This was a well-built course taught by a great instructor.

By Nachiket D

Mar 18, 2022

Professor Cutrone is fantastic! His explanations are extremely clear and his methodology is easy to remember and apply (he uses a good amount of humor and memory devices/triggers to help students in this regard). I am an experienced engineer preparing for graduate school in physics, and I was interested in exploring the roots of mathematics in depth as preparation for the GRE and grad school in general. I have thoroughly enjoyed this process so far, and I look forward to many more courses with Professor Cutrone! On to the next one!

By Patricia F

Nov 23, 2021

This course had a wealth of material that was very easy to navigate. The instructor included videos, notes, and examples to help master the material. All assessments had immediate and comprehensive feedback. Thank you, Dr. Cutrone!

By Jose M M L

Aug 5, 2022

The professor speed talks through a bunch of math. If you're trying to learn, this is not the course for you. If you already know the material and are just in need of a refresher and a certificate, go for it.

By Thomas C K T

Dec 9, 2022

I didn't expect the course to be such lecture feel: no Power Point slides, no interactive elements, no well-prepared graphics, videos, scripts. It's just someone using an online whiteboard writing ad-hoc things and teaches sponteneously. And the lecturer teaches fast, as if it's all just revision for contents that we should have already known. In no time, he thinks we are all masters and the 10 questions are all tricky ones that take quite some time to solve. This is by far the worst Coursera course I have ever tried. I expected far more than this. Last time when I enrolled Logic i and II taught by Melbourne University, it was a whole different level of experience. We had 100-page well written and detailed notes that explain everything we learned from the course videos; the videos were professionally produced with the two lecturers explaining all key concepts at a great pace for beginners. That was a 5 star course. In comparison, this course is very under-prepared, the contents feel like ad-hoc created. It's like an experienced maths teacher was asked suddenly to handle a maths lesson, and he goes in the classroom to just go by what he knows about the subject - experienced, knowledgable, but unprepared. And I don't see any team backup or support here; otherwise at least I would have seen some more attractive and effective use of Power Point slides or something like that.

In simple words, the production quality of this course is very disappointing. It reminds me of going in some very unprepared lecturers' lessons in university. Good scholars maybe, but bad teaching. This is far worse than some online free resources such as which teaches maths far better and cost nothing.

By Ben R

Mar 16, 2024

The instructor's teaching style is excellent and manages to be conversational, even though it's a virtual class. I want to take more classes by the same professor.

By Shchur A

Sep 14, 2022

Course is great. But i think that not enough information about solving the expressions by non-graphical method.

Thank you for a good course, it really helped me!

By Aniket

Apr 27, 2022

One of the best math course i've taken so far. Explanations are simple and easy to comprehend, there are ample questions given to practice as well.

By Joe H

Oct 29, 2022

Excellent refresher for those of us that have been out of a math class for a while. I look forward to the other math courses available!

By Varshani B

Dec 21, 2022

The course gave me the chance to brush up on my algebra expertise and created a strong foundation for my study of calculus.

By Vikas K

Aug 6, 2022

Way of teaching with exmaples and covering 360 degree views and the practice questions made my learning easy.

By Joel D H

Sep 1, 2021

Excellent explanations with challenging sample problems. Well worth the time invested! Thank you.

By William E

Mar 27, 2024

I am an adult learner who has not seen the inside of a math classroom in almost 15 years. In trying to figure out what I want to do for a living, as part of a career change, I decided to start by returning to the universal language: math. Dr. Cutrone is a tremendously gifted lecturer and has a knack for giving excellent explanations of the underlying concepts. For the first time since I was a child, I feel confident and poised with my mathematical skills and hope to develop and nurture them the way I desperately wanted to as a university student. I am enjoying math again for the first time since high school. This basic algebra course is the first of many courses taught by Dr. Cutrone here on Coursera, and I am looking forward to completing every last course he teaches - a curriculum that takes the sufficiently motivated learner all the way through integral calculus.

By Edmar O

Sep 12, 2022

After 20 years of not doing Maths, this course has refreshed me with the basics of Algebra. The professor explains the lessons effectively by going to the details and examples. The lessons are also organised such that I was guided well along the way. This course has reorganised my mathematical thought and this gave me a clearer and wider view of Algebra. The problems were extremely challenging but the good thing is, immediate feedback is given at the end of each quiz. I found the inclusion of feedback for every answer -right or wrong, effective in learning. Thank you very much.

By Doug N

Feb 20, 2023

Really enjoyed this class. Lectures are very clear and develop your intuition. Lot's of practice problems to work on and the tests feel roughly the same difficulty level as the problems solved in the lectures and practice material. I did not need to seek study material outside the lectures and clear notes provided in this course.

Looking forward to taking further courses with Professor Cutrone!

P.S. Thank you Professor Cutrone!

By Mohamed H

Mar 31, 2022

Great content that is both concise and adequate. The instructor is engaging and explains all the key aspects of each topic he discusses in a great manner. Finally, I loved a lot the quizzes and all of the curated questions to firm the newly gained knowledge. I'm Looking forward to taking all of the remaining courses in this specialization!

By Vlad M

Jul 16, 2023

As a person who only starts learning applying mathematics, I give this course a strong 5 out 5 review. The lecturer is concise yet effective in conveying information on non-trivial topics. All sections have applications to the real world problems and have an exercise set which allows you to test your knowledge.


Aug 8, 2023

I am also a student of 5th semester of BS in Pakistan but i had learn too much from this course... A stronge Basic course. And Tutor is very impressive, they have teach every single point very clearly and deeply. A have Enjoyed alot.Thanks.

By Michael M

Sep 8, 2022

Excellent instructional design: lecture with examples to explain the functions, detailed notes that serve as a reinforcement and review, examples that help you go from knowing the functions to actually understanding and applying them.

By Jansenio A

Jun 7, 2022

This is an excellent refresher course. Dr Joseph Cutrone's teaching style is outstanding. At some point it resembles one-to-ne tutoring, but at your own pace. Needless to say, you have to apply yourself. I would highly recommend.

By Deleted A

Dec 13, 2022

excellent prep for those in need of reviewing the foundation of algebra. the lectures are concise, clear and well-structured while the exercises are practical and help reinforce the notions introduced in the prior lectures.

By Nikolaos B

Feb 25, 2024

An outstanding MOOC in High-Secondary Algebra of Numbers, Linear Equations and Inequalities through computation exercises, mathematical modeling and applications with Desmos software.