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Learner Reviews & Feedback for BIM Fundamentals for Engineers by National Taiwan University

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About the Course

​The course is designed for students to learn the essential concepts of BIM, and the basic technical skills to create and manipulate a BIM model. Those skills include how to retrieve information from a BIM model and how to use common modeling tools....

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Mar 26, 2020

I've managed just in several days (approximately 3-4 hours daily) to learn basics of Revit and I'm ready to upgrade my knowledge in some of the next courses and I'm feeling ready for those challenges!


May 20, 2020

A very good overview for beginners to BIM. Enjoyed it a lot, yes some people might find his English a bit difficult to understand, but overall it is great. Totally satisfied and highly recommended.

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By Mario S

May 7, 2020

This course is a good introduction for engineers that want to learn about BIM from the ground. I didn't enjoy it too much though. First, the slow, monotone reading from the instructor makes hard to keep the focus on the content, and the pronunciation of English is improvable. The Revit videos are useful but Week 4 practically repeats the same concept over and over for different elements. The Revit practice is nice but the assignment objectives are set vaguely, and sometimes other person corrects your work from a subjective point of view that is not necessarily correct. Furthermore, the discussion forums need moderation, as I could only find spam of students asking for correction of their work.

By Mar L

Apr 28, 2019

The only downside is the assignments instructions. Sometimes they are not clear enough. Also, it would be helpful to have folder with the cad dwgs used on the videos, for us to practice.

By Ghufran A

Jun 28, 2020

A great course to learn the basics of BIM and Revit. Nothing is beyond the scope of the lectures and tutorials which is, in my opinion, a very fair thing. Put effort, get results, easy as that!

By John M

Oct 31, 2018

Very good course to start learning BIM. I give 4 stars, because the professor work on the videos with examples that I dont have, and they are not available to download through the web.

By Lokesh V g

May 17, 2020

The teacher did a mistake at the first tutorial itself. I found it very difficult to submit my assignment because of it. The tutor don't possess any english communication skills.

By Muhamad A A b A A

Dec 20, 2021

The lecturer teaches and explains everything well and easy to understand. The topic covers is also helpful in developing students' understanding. However, it is better if they can provide the same REVIT files the speaker used in each lecture.

The drawbacks I experienced in this course is the peer's review system. It is hard to review and to get reviewed by peers. Students are constrained by datelines and have to make sure the assignments are reviewed before the datelines. This is not practical since the students enrolled at the similar weeks is very limited. Modder needs to consider other mechanism for the grading.

Next, is the format uses for assignment submissions. Revit doesn't support backwards compatibility, which means if a student using a much older version will have a problem reviewing .RVT file that is from the latest version. This is troublesome for me personally as I am using 2021 version and when peers can't review my submission, some also resort to giving me low grades. I don't remember how many times I have to edit and resubmit the same .RVT file, then wait for another peers' reviews. To make it simpler, just allow students to upload multiple files of their assignments in JPG or PNG.

Hence, the 4-stars (I'd rather give 3.5-stars for the course).

By Luka K

Mar 27, 2020

I've managed just in several days (approximately 3-4 hours daily) to learn basics of Revit and I'm ready to upgrade my knowledge in some of the next courses and I'm feeling ready for those challenges!

By Khurram M

May 21, 2020

A very good overview for beginners to BIM. Enjoyed it a lot, yes some people might find his English a bit difficult to understand, but overall it is great. Totally satisfied and highly recommended.

By sebastian t

Oct 10, 2019

It is a good course to know BIM from the basic stage. I hope I could use some materials that I've got to more learning BIM

By Waqar A

Oct 30, 2019

Really impressed by the course structure and assessment method for this program. Hope to learn more from coursera

By amoolya r

Nov 10, 2020

thank you very much for this course. it helped me a lot. I have learned new software that too in a very less span of time. the only problem that I have faced is that I did not get the serial number for the software I have even mailed you but there is no response from your side. kindly guide me so that I can get the serial number for revit 2021 software.

By Nicolas M

May 7, 2020

Personally I think it was a good introductory course for BIM, I have learned so much and I want to thank professor 謝尚賢, that has put a lot of effort into this course, and everything thing explained in theory, and REVIT were explained with minimum detail. It is wonderful, and I recommend it to everyone, who wants to get introduced in the world of BIM

By Aisulu I

Apr 26, 2020

I totally can recommend this course for new students who still thinking to take it. It is accurately explained and easily perceived. I expect to expand my opportunities by this new knowledge and apply them in my work! Thank you to all the developers, our instructor Patrick and others who are involved in this course!

By Sanasriza M S

Aug 6, 2020

A Very good course for beginners with zero knowledge about Revit. The lectures are well organized and well explained.

By Anastasia Z

Jan 19, 2021

In this course, you learn the basics of BIM and then you are able to work in that with basic skills, despite the fact that many of us hadn't seen it before. So, it is a great opportunity if you're interested in that and you'd like to earn some knowledge and learn a new skill, that will maybe help you at your work.

By Martin W

Feb 20, 2021

Muy Buen Curso , especial para Ingenieros que quieran Introducirse en el mundo del BIM abarcando desde lo mas basico de las herramientas de Revit, hasta modelar y crear Elementos de un Proyecto .

100% Recomendado.Para quienes No conoscan BIM ya sean Arquitectos o Ingenieros.

By Carolina P M N

Jun 13, 2020

Muy útil, a partir de lo básico se puede desarrollar una infinidad de cosas. Enseña las herramientas adecuadas para para un buen desempeño, el resto del trabajo le corresponde al que quiera seguir aprendiendo acerca de formar irregulares, megaproyectos, etc.


By Sunil K R

Sep 25, 2021

This Course is very helpful I have utilized my lockdown and learn some new skill has been a civil engineer it is important to know the software which has demand in the future. Thanks to the instructor for issuing this course free of cost to learn.

By Sharanappa

Feb 12, 2021

Very informative course and I learnt 3D modeling, Construction management and Civil engineering elements. And about trainers, they gave full information about the course and I thank National Taiwan University and Coursera for offering this course.

By Ahmad A

Oct 14, 2019

Very Thankful for this nice course

This course is very necessary for a civil engineer to get a nice fundamental introduction for how to use Revit in apart of BIM. In this course, you will know the benefit of Revit.

All the best

By Amir F

Jun 17, 2021

BIM Fundamentals for Engineers helps me to recover essential Autodesk Revit experience which I had obtained 7 years ago. Amazing assignments and class environment will motivate you to do it. It was worth it!

By Mehta S

Sep 27, 2019

One of the best courses i have pursued till. Professor is really awesome he teaches very nice. This course really helped me to uplift my carrer and got some better salary hiked and position in company.

By Loo Y T

Jul 25, 2023

A very helpful course for me to understanding Building Information Modelling (BIM). I never being explored about BIM, yet the this lecture could explain it to a rookie like me. Thank you so much.

By Andrii S

Apr 4, 2022

Thanks a lot for this awesome course. Now I can do my job better and faster with features of BIM. Everything was clearly for me, so I hope to finish the next course successfully too.

By Jason P

Jan 20, 2022

It is a very good course BIM fundamentals and also the faculty is very good who teaches every thing in detail. Also, after completing this course you will be able to use revit.