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Building Alliances in Global Health: From Global to Local
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Building Alliances in Global Health: From Global to Local

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Olakunle Alonge
Anna Kalbarczyk
Svea Closser

Instructors: Olakunle Alonge

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November 2023


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There are 5 modules in this course

In this module, we will begin with an overview of the course. To consider strategies for global disease eradication, as a case study, we will cover the basics of poliovirus and polio eradication — the reason that we are doing this is that choosing eradication, rather than control, as a strategy had deep impacts on the way global and community partnerships have played out in the polio program. It's important to understand how the characteristics of a disease, and the strategy chosen to address it, affect everything from global partnerships to local communication strategies. This information will be particularly useful in the coming weeks as we begin to understand how the global initiative came together.

What's included

7 videos6 readings1 quiz

In this module, we will explore the history of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative - how it came together, the key actors involved, and how it has evolved over three decades. This will allow us to consider challenges faced by global health alliances. We will round the week out with strategies for successful alliance building across the global, national, and community levels.

What's included

12 videos4 readings1 quiz2 discussion prompts

In this module, we will explore the role of policy engagement in a global disease control program. We will begin by understanding the core pillars of the polio eradication effort, then we will dive into the process of health policymaking and its key constructs. You will have a chance to learn about and complete a stakeholder and context analysis - both key tools! We'll round the week out with a roundtable discussion on policy engagement strategies in conflict settings.

What's included

12 videos7 readings1 quiz3 discussion prompts

In this module, we will delve into key principles for health communications in supporting a global disease control program. We will begin with understanding the challenge of vaccine derived polioviruses, since that is a major communications challenge for the program. After exploring the basics of communications, we will explore some unintended consequences of communciation plans and strategies experienced by the program.

What's included

13 videos5 readings1 quiz5 discussion prompts

In this module, we will begin with exploring approaches for effectively engaging communities, focusing particularly on the example of the Social Mobilization Network in India - a unique and interesting initiative! We will then apply these approaches to different scenarios, considering marginalized populations and conflict settings. We will round the week out with a discussion on applying lessons from polio to non-polio efforts.

What's included

15 videos6 readings1 quiz3 discussion prompts


Olakunle Alonge
Johns Hopkins University
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Anna Kalbarczyk
Johns Hopkins University
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