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Approx. 14 hours to complete

Suggested: 5 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week...


Subtitles: English, Vietnamese
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100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 14 hours to complete

Suggested: 5 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week...


Subtitles: English, Vietnamese

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

3 hours to complete

Harnessing the Power of Personal Analytics for Career Branding

7 videos (Total 38 min), 8 readings, 4 quizzes
7 videos
How to build a skill builder?3m
What can we learn from business strategy?9m
DREAM skills for dream jobs4m
Career development lab: Introduction5m
Case study: Hiring a new employee4m
Self-coaching toolbox: Assessment grid and T-portfolio (pdf attached)5m
8 readings
T-Shaped Professionals: A Case Study by Morten Hansen at the 2014 T-Summit10m
The Power of Auto-Analytics, or The Quantified Self10m
CDL Weekly workout schedule10m
Case study: Hiring a new employee10m
How this course works10m
Optional reading10m
Course developers and contributors10m
Reuse of content10m
4 practice exercises
Week 1 Practice Quiz 110m
Week 1 Practice Quiz 210m
Week 1 Practice Quiz 312m
Week 1 Final Quiz16m
4 hours to complete

Understanding Assessment

10 videos (Total 50 min), 1 reading, 4 quizzes
10 videos
Critical tasks3m
Standards and benchmarks5m
Assessment tools: Rubrics1m
Expert assessment4m
Benchmarking: An interview with Tom Lindsley12m
What have we learned in Week 2?1m
Skills assessment (pdf attached)6m
Self-coaching toolbox: Self-assessment grid and T-portfolio (pdf attached)4m
1 reading
3 practice exercises
Week 2 Practice quiz 112m
Week 2 Practice quiz 218m
What have we learned in Week 2?16m
2 hours to complete

Mastering Self-Assessment

11 videos (Total 49 min), 5 readings, 3 quizzes
11 videos
Meet Sonya (pdf attached)5m
Sonya's self-assessment, part 14m
Sonya's self-assessment, part 27m
Exercise: Self-assessment3m
What does literature say about self-assessment? (pdf attached)6m
Tools of self-assessment (pdf attached)5m
Accuracy of self-assessment (pdf attached)3m
What have we learned in Week 3?1m
Self-coaching toolbox: Self-assessment grid for evaluation (SAGE) (document attached)3m
Self-coaching toolbox: Present job market value (PJMV) and the Dashboard3m
5 readings
Supplementary materials: Creating PowerPoint presentations10m
Supplementary materials: Delivering PowerPoint presentations10m
Exploring self-assessment10m
Exploring self-assessment tools10m
Employer's perspective on selection: An interview with Pamela Lanier10m
3 practice exercises
Week 3 Practice quiz 112m
Week 3 Practice quiz 212m
What have we learned in Week 3?14m
4 hours to complete

Putting Self-Coaching to Work

11 videos (Total 57 min), 4 quizzes
11 videos
Final skill building dashboard4m
360 degree self-assessment6m
Revisiting the SWOT analysis4m
Present job market value3m
Self-coaching vs. professional coaching4m
Implementing your strategy3m
Self-assessment of the leadership style: An interview with Elliot Masie13m
Qualities of a leader: An interview with Elliot Masie10m
What have we learned in Week 4?1m
CDL Workouts review: Making sense of personal analytics3m
3 practice exercises
Week 4 Practice quiz 116m
Week 4 Practice Quiz 220m
What have we learned in Week 4?14m



Dr. Valeri Chukhlomin

SUNY Empire State College

Dr. Michele Forte

Assistant Professor, SUNY Empire State College
Community and Human Services

Dr. Kymn Harvin Rutigliano

Assistant Professor
SUNY Empire State College

Dr. John M. Beckem II

Assistant Professor of Finance and Management Studies
State University of New York, Empire State College

Dr. Tonka Jokelova

Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Design
SUNY Empire State College

Amy Giaculli

Assessment Specialist
SUNY Empire State College

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About the Career Brand Management Specialization

In the business world, smart organizations use branding and strategic management techniques to differentiate themselves from their competition and to achieve a competitive advantage. In this Specialization, you will learn how to use proven brand management methods and tools for individual career development in competitive job environments. You will gain knowledge and analytical skills for career self-management and learn techniques for career brand building. You will create a robust self-management information system that will help you self-organize and increase your human capital by building high demand employability skills. During each week of the Specialization, you will be practicing various career branding techniques in your custom-built, individual Career Development Lab. The final Capstone Project is designed as a training facility where you will create your evidence-based portfolios, professional development plans, personal self-marketing and branding strategies, presentations, and public profiles....
Career Brand Management

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