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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Cryptography by University of Maryland, College Park

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This course will introduce you to the foundations of modern cryptography, with an eye toward practical applications....

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Nov 18, 2016

Very interesting course. I would like programming assignments to be mandatory, not optional. Or at least there should be a way to get some information that the assignment is passed on Coursera page.


Nov 3, 2016

Wonderful and well organized course, it is really recommended to take it for those who are interested, which will definitely provide you with really understanding of cryptography!

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By Maarten B

Dec 12, 2016

Pretty nice course, on par with the more popular Coursera course Cryptography I by Dan Boneh - more of an introductory course for applied cryptography while Cryptography I is somewhat more theoretical. Useful introduction to DH and RSA. Purely optional programming assignments - .

By Randy D R

Jul 1, 2020

Love the logic teaching part of the course, but the practical... All my life I have struggñe with math, so this course was particularly difficult for me. The good thing is, I'll dive more about cryptography since I barely understand the math part. But overall, is a great course.

By Nelson d V O

Sep 2, 2018

Great course. I learned a lot. It won't go deep enough for you to be able to implement the algorithms yourself, but it will give you a good understanding of how cryptography works. I realize it does not require a great deal of math, but it helps to have a mathematical mindset.

By László H

May 1, 2016

Nice course! The private-key schemes part was especially well structured. I would consider plus one or two weeks to have more time for public-key part too. This way the practical implications of public key cryptography, like the lecture on SSL, could be more detailed as well.

By Jimmy

Oct 26, 2017

I learned a lot in this course. I really appreciated. What I miss in several parts of the course is more examples. There are only a few examples in each lesson and with more examples it would be much easier.

By Elliott K

Jan 14, 2017

Interesting course, the math was certainly complex. I would have liked to know a little more on how the equation itself worked.

Also more hands on work is also nice and paints a more clear picture.



Jun 10, 2016

Awesome course those who wants to learn more thing about cryptography should go for it.

I really appreciate work done by Prof. Jonathan Katz.

Thanks Jonathan Katz for sharing your valuable knowledge.

By Daniel Y

Mar 4, 2016

There are too much materials for each week for a Hong Kong secondary school (middle school) student. The speed can be adjusted to a slower one, so as to allow more people to catch up the course.

By Gavin L

Nov 12, 2016

Good course, but can get very deep at times, especially near the middle of the course.

The first 2 weeks are rather simple, week 3 is okay, 4 and 5 are very detailed, and 6 and 7 are easier.

By P V R P

May 14, 2021

This course was well organized with all the crypto topics that cover the basic need for upcoming sections. I am feeling great by doing this course thank you professor Jonathan Katz.

By David P

Jun 19, 2017

Very interesting, but a bit too theorical : it would be cool to see more practical case, and the internal mechanisms of a standard encryption scheme like AES.

By Chinmay S K

Apr 21, 2020

The course is an excellent one for those who want to learn cyber security. Concepts are explained really well although it requires a higher mathematics.

By Ayman M

Oct 3, 2019

Thanks a lot to our professor but I think we need to know more about the prerequisites of this course and more examples wit numbers and answers

By Sumit G

May 4, 2019

Nice teacher, but the course is tough for those who didn't know ABC of cryptography

By Victor J

Feb 4, 2017

PDF slides would have been appreciated. The course is good, contents are good.


Apr 4, 2021

It will be helpful to clear your cryptography concept and tnx to coursera

By Mahmoud H N

Aug 12, 2018

very nice course material, just it was stuffed with too much statistics

By Marcos S G

Mar 7, 2017

A pretty dry topic, but the teacher manages to keep the interest up!

By Francois G

May 12, 2023

Hard, and fascinating. I wish I had Prof Katz when I was a student!


Jul 14, 2021

The course is very good, it covers from basics to all adv models

By Fabio D

Jun 12, 2016

Complicated course that requires lots of mathematic background

By Maciej P

Mar 23, 2017

Sadly, I was unable to comprehend everything I had seen. :(

By nicolas d o r

Mar 13, 2021

es bueno el curso debería estar mas enfocado a la practica

By Vivek B

Feb 19, 2020

it was very good to be honest. Very good for beginners.

By Sjir B

Feb 28, 2018

Pretty though at some points, but very interesting.