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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Overcoming Dyslexia by Yale University

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Dyslexia is everywhere, touching so many children and adults, and while science has made extraordinary progress in understanding and clarifying the condition, this incredible powerful knowledge rarely reaches those who most need to know and would greatly benefit from it. Our goal is to change all this with the Coursera you are about to view, produced by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, the Audrey G. Ratner Professor in Learning Development, both the leading scientist studying dyslexia and the most devoted advocate for helping those who are dyslexic. The course addresses and answers just about all the questions you have: beginning with what is reading and what is dyslexia and sharing with you the most up-to-date 21st century federal definition of dyslexia. If you are dyslexic, you’ll come to learn you are not alone – dyslexia is very common affecting one out of five, that is, 20% of the population, including both boys and girls all over the world. The course addresses a major question we hear from so many parents and teachers– how do I know if my child may be dyslexic? What signs or symptoms should I be on the lookout for? And here’s another very important question we hear from so many parents and educators who are eager to do the best for their child – when should screening for dyslexia begin? What is the best method? What should I look for or ask about? A major source of worry for parents is their child’s slow reading- they ask will this prevent a happy future for the child. Yes, dyslexics are slow readers and here, in Coursera, you will come to understand the brain’s role in dyslexia, including slow reading. Great news to share – you will also be so delighted to learn that surrounding a dyslexic’s slow reading is a phenomenal powerful sea of strengths in big picture thinking and reasoning. Dyslexia is a true paradox: dyslexics may be slow readers but at the same time are incredibly fast thinkers! You can be assured, if you care about a child or someone who is dyslexic and have questions or concerns, you will find it addressed here in this course: everything important to know about and help you select the most effective interventions for a dyslexic child; how to go about choosing the best school, including potentially one that is specialized, for such a child, including what is most important to look for when visiting a potential school; the role of accommodations and how to select the best one; and common co-occurring conditions like ADHD and anxiety – their impact, how to recognize and treat. In the following lessons you will meet wonderful, incredibly insightful and highly successful dyslexics – including governors, cardiac surgeons, nationally renowned attorneys, basketball coaches, economists and dyslexic children and their wonderful families who will share their experiences and advice. Enjoy!...

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Jan 6, 2023

Amazing course and highly recommended. I really appreciated how thorough and well-explained each step was. The questions throughout the video and the quizzes at the end really helped me to focus.


Feb 18, 2023

This course was thorough, interesting, and very relevant to me as a literacy specialist. My students will benefit from my new understandings about dyslexia. Thank you very much.

Sidney Worthen

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By Cindy R

Jun 8, 2023

This course is a wealth of information for parents and educators. The fact that 20% of people have dyslexia should be reason enough for all educators to learn recognition and strategies . What accommodations will help their students.

As parents we need to know how to recognize a problem, where and how to get help, how to advocate for Our children, and that the law is on our side.

I would like to see all people learn that slow reading does not mean slow thinkers.

By Paula D K

Mar 25, 2023

Taking this course has given me so many tools that a special education teacher needs. I teach K-2 students, and now have a much better understanding how to spot the Dyslexic child early. I have had one of these students, and although I did not know what I know now as to how to help her, I certainly knew how intelligent, intuitive, and creative she is! Thank you so much for changing my life and hopefully those of future students!

By Alex F

Jan 4, 2023

My nephew is dyslexic. This course has helped me understand him better and has also spurred me to find ways that I can help him progress both academically and in life. Thank you for bringing this course to Coursera. The school system here in Singapore is also not doing as much for Dyslexic students as they should be as well. Hopefully, they will take more positive actions in the near future.

By Holly S

May 9, 2024

This course provided an excellent technical and practical overview of the special mind, talents, struggles, and needs of the dyslexic! It provides excellent, inspiring methods for championing these students and family members in our midst! It provides wonderful resources to continue to grow in expertise in advocating for, empathizing with, and educating such indviduals. Thank you so much :)

By Marc B

May 8, 2023

This was an extremely helpful and informative course. As a teacher with several dyslexic students, this gave insight into issues I did not have sufficient comprehension of and how I could improve my approach to working with those students. I have recommended this course to parents of dyslexic students as well as colleagues in special education and classroom teachers.

By Luyanda D

May 13, 2024

Taking this course has been a motivation for me because I believe that I may have experience this challenge and I have learnt to socialize and read more novels. This has helped me to overcome this challenge because reading I can read aloud with self confidence and learn to read independent. When I need a word pronunciation I use Google speech and everything is sorted.

By Heather H

Jun 28, 2023

A very informative course in regards to Dyslexia. This course explains what it is, how to help those who have it and how they can become successful with the correct accommodations. Dr. Shaywitz broke everything down into layman terms, I would be glad to recommend this course to parents, teachers, administrators, and of course, those who have Dyslexia.

By Mary M B

Mar 10, 2023

Outstanding information! I loved the factual information, the people sharing their stories, the structure of the course, and Dr. Shaywitz's quotes. I am a dyslexia therapist and special education advocate and I learned new informatio Thank you for making this course available for fre Great work!!!!

You are making a difference in the world.

By Samantha M

Mar 12, 2023

So much useful information that I can take back directly to the school and classroom! Specifically, I loved the section on law and background of how our laws protect students who need accommodations. I also appreciated the online flexibility yet having the deadlines for accountability. Thank you for providing this opportunity to learn!

By Sonia R

Jun 4, 2023

excellent course that puts all the important information about Dyslexia at your fingertips. This is for parents as much as it is for educators and lawmakers I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to learn and help my child and others. Will work on th 90% not identified. Thank you to the creators' lecturers and role models.

By Kristina L

Apr 4, 2024

I have learned so much about Dyslexia. As a parent who is waiting over 7 months to get my child in to be tested for Dyslexia is becoming frustrating. I’m so happy I came across this course and Dr Sally’s book. I’ve gained so much knowledge and it’s been great in helping my child and advocating for them.

By Jay L

Mar 25, 2023

Excellent presentation. Delivery was simple, straightforward and informative, which made it very easy to follow along and understand the key issues that dyslexic people and their caregiver have to deal with in their life.

In particular, I like the way it is organized, very clear and well-structured.

By Kevin G

Apr 30, 2023

The course is meant for people who advocate for dyslexic people, but it is extremely useful for dyslexics. Especially older dyslexics. The lectures are clear, organized, and easily accessible to anybody listening to them. I strongly recommend this course for anybody with any stake in this problem.

By Peter G

Mar 26, 2023

The concepts are clearly explained and living examples help understanding. Dyslexia is demystified and I am empowered to consider it a challenge, but in a sea of strengths. I can help those with dyslexia in the work place and so help them fulfil their potential, which is to everyone's benefit.

By Divine D

Feb 9, 2023

This course gave me a very in-depth insight into what Dyslexia entails and how to support students with Dyslexia in my line of work. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on the brain's activity during reading for a dyslexic student and the accommodations that are available for dyslexic learners.

By Kathia M P

Feb 16, 2023

It is really a great resource for teachers, parents and people with dyslexia have access to a very interesting way of learning about this disability. Learning is power and understanding is an important key, as a teacher myself, to create a learning environment that is inclusive and fair.

By Andrew K

Jan 10, 2023

This is an excellent and enriching learning person with dyslexia. It helped me to understand the superpower of a person with dyslexia and a much more in-depth understanding of the proper techniques and requirements to harness the hidden talent and overcome these challenges into strength.

By Cheryl R

Mar 9, 2023

As a dyslexic person, I found the information here not only informative but also it was a relief to know someone understands the day to day struggles of a dyslexic. I couldn't finish this course quick enough, there was so much wonderful and insightful information.

Thank you so much.

By Yu T S

Oct 16, 2023

This is a great course for parents, educator, teachers and even SEN specialists, with the fundamentals, current developments and latest comprehensive views all clearly presented in a highly organized way, delivered by the most credible, seasoned and professional expert speakers.

By Angela D

Feb 20, 2023

This is the best course I've undertaken on Dyslexia.

I particularly appreciate the brain scan imagery, the testimonies of people who overcame dyslexia, and the hope given by knowing that systematic phonological instruction can improve a child's chances from KG onwards.

Thank you

By Melissa W

Aug 28, 2023

I really enjoyed this course. The more I learn about dyslexia, the more I realize this was probably my problem growing up and as I got older I found strategies to help myself. I especially loved that this was a video course! That really works well with my learning style.

By Kathryn W

Jul 26, 2023

This is so interesting and taught me so many things about dyslexia. Absolutely everything about dyslexia covered from diagnosis, who can diagnose, how these brains work, medications, law behind exemptions and so much more. I believe every teacher should complete this course!

By Heather M

Mar 5, 2023

The course was easy to understand and well presented. Any educational and legal terminology was easily explained, abbreviations were explained more than once. I loved the way I could pick up and stop at any time, so learn fitted my circumstances and connectivity issues.

By Soledad M

Jan 29, 2023

The questions after each section are helpful. The presenter and the real life testimonies helped me connect to the materials. Having the text along with the spoken word was helpful to me since English s my second language. I am interested in more special education classes.

By Tiffany B

Mar 19, 2023

Very informative! Helpful in supporting knowledge about Dyslexia, from explaining what Dyslexia is, diagnosing, and appropriate accommodations to the systems within the educational system. Provides practical advocacy and successful evidence based solutions.