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Dyslexia is everywhere, touching so many children and adults, and while science has made extraordinary progress in understanding and clarifying the condition, this incredible powerful knowledge rarely reaches those who most need to know and would greatly benefit from it. Our goal is to change all this with the Coursera you are about to view, produced by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, the Audrey G. Ratner Professor in Learning Development, both the leading scientist studying dyslexia and the most devoted advocate for helping those who are dyslexic. The course addresses and answers just about all the questions you have: beginning with what is reading and what is dyslexia and sharing with you the most up-to-date 21st century federal definition of dyslexia. If you are dyslexic, you’ll come to learn you are not alone – dyslexia is very common affecting one out of five, that is, 20% of the population, including both boys and girls all over the world. The course addresses a major question we hear from so many parents and teachers– how do I know if my child may be dyslexic? What signs or symptoms should I be on the lookout for? And here’s another very important question we hear from so many parents and educators who are eager to do the best for their child – when should screening for dyslexia begin? What is the best method? What should I look for or ask about? A major source of worry for parents is their child’s slow reading- they ask will this prevent a happy future for the child. Yes, dyslexics are slow readers and here, in Coursera, you will come to understand the brain’s role in dyslexia, including slow reading. Great news to share – you will also be so delighted to learn that surrounding a dyslexic’s slow reading is a phenomenal powerful sea of strengths in big picture thinking and reasoning. Dyslexia is a true paradox: dyslexics may be slow readers but at the same time are incredibly fast thinkers! You can be assured, if you care about a child or someone who is dyslexic and have questions or concerns, you will find it addressed here in this course: everything important to know about and help you select the most effective interventions for a dyslexic child; how to go about choosing the best school, including potentially one that is specialized, for such a child, including what is most important to look for when visiting a potential school; the role of accommodations and how to select the best one; and common co-occurring conditions like ADHD and anxiety – their impact, how to recognize and treat. In the following lessons you will meet wonderful, incredibly insightful and highly successful dyslexics – including governors, cardiac surgeons, nationally renowned attorneys, basketball coaches, economists and dyslexic children and their wonderful families who will share their experiences and advice. Enjoy!...

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I have learned so much these past few days. Thank you, Mrs Sally Shaywitz! I am incredibly grateful as being an Early Years teacher, this course will help me with my little learners.


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This course was thorough, interesting, and very relevant to me as a literacy specialist. My students will benefit from my new understandings about dyslexia. Thank you very much.

Sidney Worthen

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By Jonathan A N

Jan 13, 2023

There were parts of the course which seemed repetitive, it was nice to be able to take this course at my own pace from my home. As a dyslexic myself and working with students who are also dyslexic this course was both affirming and informative.

By Jeanne G

Jan 28, 2023

A deep insight in all areas affecting Dyslexic individuals. This book / course should be required reading for all professionals in education from k-college and adult educators.

By Debbie S

Mar 27, 2023

I learned so much from this course! It has really opened my eyes to what dyslexia really means, and what I can do to make my students succeed.

Sally Shaywitz is a rock star!

By Mariam A

Dec 24, 2022

It's a great course and great content I'd love to recommend it to anyone but:

I gave this course 4 stars out of 5 because I expected to see

1) More deep information about symptoms of dyslexia in adults and how to deal with it.

2) More deep information about key strength of dyslexics.

By Anissa U

Feb 5, 2023

The course was very informative. People of color

need to see


of people that look like us. The only black person

was an athlete diagnosed well into adulthood. All others were white highly successful and diagnosed at a young age giving them a huge

advantage to be successful. Dyslexia seems

to benefit

white people



at a huge







why this is so. Thanks

By Cinthy H

Aug 13, 2023

I have read Overcoming Dyslexia prior to this course, however this course brought the information to life. The course gives me confidence to build a bridge to struggling students and parents.

By Jennifer C

Jan 6, 2023

Amazing course and highly recommended. I really appreciated how thorough and well-explained each step was. The questions throughout the video and the quizzes at the end really helped me to focus.

By Liesl P

Jul 25, 2023

I have learned so much these past few days. Thank you, Mrs Sally Shaywitz! I am incredibly grateful as being an Early Years teacher, this course will help me with my little learners.

By Alive2Show

Dec 16, 2023

Uncontrollable tears gushed out of eyes when I heard and saw Dr. Sally's final words... the 90% Dyslexic that are under the water. I can't seem to find the right words to use in my review about this course, and, I know Dr. Sally clearly understands why, because, being Dyslexic and never understanding why, I Think differently, Solve problems differently, Teach Preschoolers and Kindergartens differently, Act on stage and in movies differently, I tell great and original stories and I've not been able to write my personal screenplays because, am easy distracted and It takes me three days to finish a cohesive paragraph; after successfully completing Two (2) Screenwriting courses with Top Notch Creative Academies, won Awards from the films I co-joined with other writers that the academies produced (I just don't understand why I have writing difficulties). In addition to my strengths, I navigate through my challenges excellently, resilient and optimistic to succeed in everything I enjoy doing, super ability to technically, logically or scientifically identify future problems or root causes of problems before the show up, always coming first in any given task with my team mates if they adhere to some of my suggestions, As an adult I was able to build my self-esteem and a winners mindset ; so, I never fail at any given tasks, my opinions are always sorted after in any group I belong, only to realize that the ONE QUESTION I had longed for an answer since 2007 just came through... I am a DYSLEXIC adult. I still can't find the right words, and I know Dr. Sally knows I try to control these tears and calm my overwhelmed emotions... Here they come---- ----I am glad I now know, I am grateful for the HOPE given, I am full of Joy to know that I am empowered with knowledge from this Course 'OVERCOMING DYSLEXIA', and finally, I feel blessed knowing that I have been on the path (since 2007) to rescue a few from the 90% in Nigeria. Now, I must figure out what I must do and I know I will succeed, because, I am Overcoming Dyslexia. Thank you Dr. S, Dr. B, Dr. J and Rocky!

By Judih W H

Jan 29, 2023

This is a marvelous course, dealing with every aspect of Dyslexia, what it is and how to recognize it from the earliest age, who might be at risk for being dyslexic, how to work with a small child and secure screening at kindergarten/first grade. And from there the evidence-based route to follow to help the dyslexic recognize the needs and how they may secure aids and accommodations. The stories of those who have overcome their reading disorder in order to fulfill their professional potential, and then how to deal with society to get the support required. The number of dyslexics in our society and how the majority are not finding the support and recognition they need. How the law now backs up Dyslexics to get the necessary accommodations to function at the level they are capable of. Educators, advocates, parents, friends and those with Dyslexia, take this course. Dr. Shaywitz, and her incredible Dr. family are providing an extraordinary service in providing awareness of how to overcome dyslexia.

By Jesse-Marie L

Feb 28, 2023











By Dori R

Dec 25, 2022

Amazing and informative! Great for anyone wanting to know about dyslexia and advocating for their child or others.

By john c

Jan 2, 2023

A professional course for anyone who is interested in Dyslexia.

By Yasmin C

Apr 4, 2023

This is a very good course. I thank Sally and Coursera a lot for the course.

Some suggestions -

1. Instead of the lectures mostly monologues, to have them in the form of interviews where a passionate and enthusiastic person interviews Sally.

2. to talk about the varying levels of dyslexia - it gives the impression that all dyslexics are smart - is that true? Or it that some are below average, average and above average just like in the entire population?

3. to clarify about the extra time in exams - is it just to compensate for slowness in reading ? or also slowness in thinking - I'm a bit confused about this part since it's mentioned that dyslexics are great thinkers.

All in all, it's a great course, I would recommend to anyone interested in this area.

By Laura R C

Mar 31, 2023

Very powerful- just some what repetitive. I didn't partically care for Coursera. I hit a few frustrating glitches.

By Michele D S

Aug 21, 2023

This class was very informative, helpful, and quite interesting. Sally Shaywitz M.D. is amazing! My eight year old grandson is severely dyslexic. It took many years of jumping through hoops to get any type of help. My daughter and I felt like his problems were falling on silent ears. He was put on many waiting lists for doctors, pyschologists, tutoring, testing, etc. Eventually, we were told by a school psychologist that he had a specific learning disability which was not described to anyone. The school district in PA where we live, would not even entertain the discussion of dyslexia. The IEP they created did very little to help his reading. My daughter and I are both educators and had a "gut feeling" that he was dyslexic. Again, the school district would not hear or discuss it. Finally, after many challenging years of doing anything we could to get him help, we found a private tutor who was trained in helping dyslexic readers using the Orton Gilliingham program for dyslexia.He is finally making slow strides, but for the first time, actually showed an interest in a book! He is very intelligent and fits Sally's description of a dyslexic person perfectly! This course helped me understand dyslexia, its tribulations and triumphs, and gave me hope for a wonderful life for my grandson knowing he will prevail! Thank you!

I truly believe that every single educator should be required to take a class on dyslexia before graduating from college or before beginning a teaching career. I know this would definitely change the way they would teach!


Nov 22, 2023

The law section was especially helpful in learning how to go about advocating for self-determination of, in this case,people with dyslexia. It turned out wherever one is impairments bring out the best in people as well as the worst in particular, those who will never see other people's desperation. Education, Health and Human services tend to be inhumane. Thank you for the first time, putting out a course that is up-close and personal about the suffering of young and old with dyslexia. One thing that was mentioned in passing I'd like to share. Adults who have suffered strokes tend to have trouble retrieving information. They mean one thing but another word comes out. It's like saying "flies" instead of " fries". Is the neural pathway similar to those with dyslexia? The stories featured are just as scary and similar, it seems like, even though I 'm at the other side of the world.

By Audrey O

Feb 12, 2023

I have recommended this course to parents and friends. I hope school districts use this course in their in service or at least get the book for a book study. I have members within my family that have overcome dyslexia and served as our district’s dyslexia specialist. This course covers many aspects that face the dyslexic from beginning to read through the workplace.

It is filled with useful information, resources and steps to take for overcoming dyslexia. Dr. Shaywitz delivers the information with such passion, empathy and heart that it is impossible to leave this course without feeling the need to reach out and share the information.

Thank you for bringing dyslexia into the light and giving hope to parents, teachers and students that being in the 20% may be difficult but it doesn’t define or limit you and in most cases enhances your perseverance and life view


Jul 19, 2023


Thank you Coursera for giving me an opportunity to enroll this course "Overcoming Dyslexia". Moreover Thank you very much for the granted FINANCIAL AID.

I have an emotional and great experience in this course. Why am I emotional? because I am a high school teacher I only have a few information about dyslexia. I admit, failed many students in my class before because I thought non- readers are just lazy to read. It brings back the memories the mistakes I did to the slow and non readers. I feel so guilty. Because of this course, I can now understand and help the students. I promise to give extra time for them specially in reading. Dr. Sally Shaywitz is indeed INCREDIBLE !! You are truly an inspiration! This course is a life changing experience.

MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO!! Coursera and Yale University!!

By Marcelle P

Jul 8, 2023

This course is an excellently conducted one. It provided a lot of important information about dyslexia and the ways in which people should deal with anyone who is diagnosed as dyslexic. All teachers should pursue this course as it will open their ideas and help them understand and appreciate how the dyslexic brain functions.

Educational planners in this country would also benefit as the information shared about the importance of accommodations and creating suitable laws will prevent the hiccups that are experienced during national and regional examinations where parents seek accommodations and are denied.

By Kaiquan M

Jan 17, 2023

Good lectures and sharing by different speakers about

1. dyslexia

2. how people with dyslexia can succeed

3. what accommodations people with dyslexia need in school and taking tests

The in-video quizzes were too frequent for me and could have limited to appearing just all at one point in the video instead of having multiple in-video quizzes at multiple points in each video. Having just one point with all the in-video quizzes per video would really help people who are listening to the lecture while going about their day.

By Mary C L

Jan 18, 2023

As a grandmother of a dyslexic grandson, I took this class to learn more. Luckily, and thankfully, my daughter, his mom, is a kindergarten teacher and has been advocating most of his school career for him. She recently had him...Joey.... tested and he now has that all important diagnosis that will help in the rest of his middle school, high school and post high school years. She is teaching him to advocate for himself and to speak up when needed. She feeds his curiosity and interests. What a lucky young man!

By (Sven) W G L

Jun 13, 2023

The providers of this course practice what they preach, and the lessons were succinct. This made the subject matter clear and easy to have confidence that one could USE the insights right away to scaffold students.

In my case, as a behavioral technician, I could better evaluate the avoidance behaviors I so often see in those diagnosed with dyslexia. I also came to understand how my intuitive use of mind maps needs to be supported with word clouds as spoken comprehension is not necessarily a 1:1 ratio.

By Laura C

Mar 10, 2023

This course was exceptional! I read Overcoming Dyslexia several years ago while teaching a graduate course however, hearing from Sally Shaywitz herself brought it to a whole new level. I cannot wait to share this information with my colleagues and future teachers, so that we can improve our practice and ensure that we are identifying students, as well as providing them with the tools and strategies they need and DESERVE to reach their potential.

Thank you for this opportunity!!!

Laura Crowley Ed. D

By Joy H

Jun 19, 2024

This course, Overcoming Dyslexia, is excellent! It's comprehensive and covers all critical issues concerning Dyslexia, from initial diagnosis to legal support. Various crucial topics are covered including evidenced based information and resources. This course is a MUST for anyone who is a parent or teacher of someone with Dyslexia. Sally Shaywitz has made her mark on the history of the remediation of Dyslexia intervention, support, and services. OUTSTANDING!!!