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Ebola: Essential Knowledge for Health Professionals
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Ebola: Essential Knowledge for Health Professionals

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Here you will find general information about the course. The learning objectives, the structure, the format and the requirements of completion will be presented to you. The course credits and a short survey are part of this first learning unit as well.

What's included

1 video4 readings

This learning unit describes the epidemiology of Ebola virus disease, past outbreaks and the current West African Ebola outbreak.

What's included

1 video8 readings1 quiz

This learning unit describes the probable transmission routes and reservoir(s) of Ebola viruses, which can cause a wide array of symptoms and are often fatal.

What's included

1 video9 readings1 quiz

This unit will focus on what happens when the virus enters and spreads throughout the body.

What's included

1 video5 readings1 quiz1 peer review

In this learning unit, the focus lies on the clinical symptoms you may encounter when examining patients suspected of ebola virus disease (EVD). The modes of infection of Ebola, incubation time, symptoms, lab findings, differential diagnosis, clinical characteristics of the current epidemic, and complications and outcomes will be discussed.

What's included

1 video10 readings2 quizzes

The primary objective of this learning unit is to provide you with sufficient knowledge on how to fight the Ebola epidemic from a clinical perspective: how is Ebola virus disease (EVD) treated and how can transmission of the virus be prevented? In addition, this unit gives an overview of the experimental therapeutic options and vaccines.

What's included

1 video9 readings1 quiz

In this learning unit you will explore the reality in the field of the care for Ebola patients through the experiences of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Since the start of the Ebola outbreak in West-Africa, MSF has provided care to Ebola patients in Ebola Management Centers (EMCs) across the affected countries Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the interventions in DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Mali, Senegal and Nigeria.

What's included

3 videos11 readings1 quiz

In this learning unit an example will be given of what consequences the Ebola outbreak has had in the practice. We present you the tough reality in a NGO hospital in Sierra Leone, hear from its staff and experience their work. While reading you can watch corresponding videos.

What's included

11 videos11 readings

What's included

2 readings1 peer review


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