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This is the first of seven courses in the Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate, which will help develop the skills needed to apply for more advanced data professional roles, such as an entry-level data scientist or advanced-level data analyst. Data professionals analyze data to help businesses make better decisions. To do this, they use powerful techniques like data storytelling, statistics, and machine learning. In this course, you’ll begin your learning journey by exploring the role of data professionals in the workplace. You’ll also learn about the project workflow PACE (Plan, Analyze, Construct, Execute) and how it can help you organize data projects. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you through this course by providing hands-on activities that simulate relevant tasks, sharing examples from their day-to-day work, and helping you enhance your data analytics skills to prepare for your career. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will have the skills needed to apply for data science and advanced data analytics jobs. This certificate assumes prior knowledge of foundational analytical principles, skills, and tools covered in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. By the end of this course, you will: -Describe the functions of data analytics and data science within an organization -Identify tools used by data professionals -Explore the value of data-based roles in organizations -Investigate career opportunities for a data professional -Explain a data project workflow -Develop effective communication skills...

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Feb 24, 2024

I have really got a fine refresher through this course. One of the basic idea of preparing PACE strategy document and understanding on RACI matrix was new for me. I recommend this course to every one.


Jun 8, 2023

In this course i gain a deep knowledge about what is data science and what are all the other names, fields related with data science. How we use data to gain insights from the model.

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By Beth a

Apr 11, 2023

This course focused on interpersonal skills and a structured PACE analysis activity. The videos were accessible, done by engaging instructors who were 'TV-ready' - great eye contact, speech patterns and teachers. There were additional lessons and interviews with data professionals that were interesting by bloated the time needed to complete this course. Inspite of having good instructors, the course seemed to lack focus at times, and some topics were revisited multiple times, even after demonstrating competency. It was fustrating in the discusson forums to see some students completing assignments while others just entered a single word instead of uploading a document in order to pass out of the assignments. It makes on question the value of the certificate. Moreover, the instructions often required you to revisit assignments and be quizzed on the same interpersonal skill and project management ideas you had demonstrated proficiency in. This wasn't done as a stepping stone to another source of information, but was just done in a way that was, at time, painfully redundant. I am a woman and I appreciate having women as instructors in this industry. That being said, only having women as the instructors in lessons on 'soft skills' may have been inclusive but signaled that being able to communicate, plan and work with colleagues professionally was not something men value. It came off, at times, like having a lot of women in HR positions lecturing you. Based on the slow and repetitive nature of the material, I couldn't recommend this course in it's current format.

By Syd F

Apr 30, 2023

Although this course is part of the Advanced Data Analytics certificate program, it felt much too introductory. Way too much redundant readings. If you are already in the industry (which this certificate is marketed towards), I would skip this course.

By Philipp E

Jun 26, 2023

Being an supposedly advanced course this course is a disappointment. It s a motivational course with zero to none applicable knowledge. What I learned is , everyone is beautiful, half of the staff from google seems to have imposter syndrome and google is very ethical. Thx for that info

By Franco G

Apr 24, 2023

Most of the material seems unnecessary and out of place in an advanced program.

By Hercules K

Jul 1, 2023

This course was a bit misleading as it's more of a "communications" course, than "data science". There should be an option to bypass this course for those of us who have work experience and for those of us who are merely looking to benefit from the technical aspects of the Certificate.

By Julius A

Jul 16, 2023

interesting course outline and assessments given. and i also commend our various course instructors throughout our learning process for thei words of encouragement. thanks.

By Samuel O

Nov 7, 2023

I love the course very much, it provides everything needed to get started with a data science project and proper communication with both the data teams and stakeholders.

By Subhajit S

Apr 23, 2023

This is a very good refresher + new course material for someone who has already completed the Google Data Science course. Looking forward to the next course

By Mumana A

Apr 23, 2023

I loved this class. I think this class may be getting slightly lower rating because it focuses less on technical skills like the other courses do. However, this make sense because this is the intro course to the certificate program. Also, the importance of communication skills cannot be overstated. I just started a job as a data analyst at a hospital system, and the communication advice is coming in very handy as I adjust to the new time. The material is invaluable, and I enjoyed hearing the instructors voice (it's soothing).

By Adam H

May 4, 2023

Fairly light on content.

By Woo T S

Apr 9, 2023

I love this approach of having a project in every of the 7 courses, that will come together to form that final capstone! As someone who just completed the DA Cert, I can feel the commonalities and differences between DA and ADA and how this current one is indeed 'advanced'. In this first course itself, I have already dived into Data Science and learned a lot about the different data professionals that exist. I find this kind of information very meaningful if I were to enter this career field.

By Nilesh U

Mar 9, 2024

66% of the course has complete but no practical skill has been imparted. Major emphasis is laid on generic knowledge of Data analytics career, preparation of interview and Communication. I enrolled in course to learn Statistics, Python and other programing knowledge but still waiting for the same even after 2/3 (66%) of the course.

By Barakat

Oct 27, 2022

A nice introduction to Advanced Data Analytics. I particularly liked the portfolio project at the end of the course and where you role-play as a data analyst and the various learner activities!

By samarth a

Apr 15, 2023

this module helped me to understand the basics and also if to interpret the places and fields the data science, analyze is being used in


May 7, 2023

A well crafted course by Google. Surprisingly goes in depth on the foundations of data science career space and roles.

By Hamza B

Feb 11, 2024

The course was top-notch, easy to follow, and truly exceeded my expectations.

By John

Apr 15, 2023

Course is fine but maybe includes too much information catered to early career professional to be included in advanced data analystics certificate courses. I like that it's self-paced and the structure flows nicely with useful perspectives from working professionals.

By Stavros X

May 22, 2023

It was a well-structured course but I do not believe that should be a part of a certificate that has the word "Advanced" in its title. I rate this course as a part of the certificate and not as a stand-alone. As a stand-alone course, I would rate it 5 stars.

By Himansu H D

Jul 4, 2023

This course, Foundations of Data Science, is the first one out of seven course series designed for Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate. I am satisfied after completing course and it has given me information about what data science is and what constitutes data science.

Since this course is almost theoretical, it has given me solid understanding about various topics covered in this course. Each topic covered in this course covered good details. Out of all these topics, I will remember two topics for a long time and they are (1) RACI Matrix and (2) PACE Framework. I have understood importance of both topics and I will remember them how to use them in a data science related career.

In summary, I am satisfied the way this first course covered material ranging from Video contents, templates and Exemplars, detailed description of many topics, practice quiz, graded quiz and writing Strategy and Project Proposal as part of end-of-course project proposal assignments. These end-of-course project assignments prepared me to recall learned material and came up with right answers to questions asked in corresponding assignments projects.

By Dashchoimbol B

Aug 24, 2023

The Foundations of Data Science course was an excellent introduction to the world of data analytics. The course provided a comprehensive overview of data science roles, workplace expectations, and the PACE workflow, which was incredibly helpful in understanding how data professionals operate. I particularly appreciated the exploration of data ethics and communication skills, as they are crucial in any data career. The course content was well-structured and easy to follow, and the real-world scenarios allowed me to apply my knowledge effectively. Overall, it was a valuable learning experience that laid a solid foundation for my data analytics journey. I feel more confident in my understanding of the data career space and look forward to applying these skills in future courses and real-world projects.


Nov 23, 2023

Enrolling in the Foundations of Data Science course on Google Coursera was a transformative experience for me. The course, expertly designed, provided a comprehensive and structured journey into the realm of data science. From fundamental concepts to hands-on applications, each module was engaging and well-paced. The content was delivered by knowledgeable instructors, making complex topics accessible. The practical exercises and real-world examples not only reinforced theoretical learning but also equipped me with valuable skills. I am now confident in my grasp of foundational data science principles, thanks to this outstanding course. Highly recommended for anyone looking to embark on their data science journey!

By Yahya M A S

Sep 3, 2023

This course was very good, and I learned a lot of new things in it

One thing I think the way of doing and solving projects is not clear from the first time and the text materials regarding projects are not straight to the points

Generally, I found this course valuable and the PACE model adds a lot to me and changes my way of thinking in a procedural manner, I learned similar things in Google Data Analytics specialization earlier, but here I think the process is more compressed and functional wise and the path from identifying the problem to sharing insights about it is clearer than that found earlier

Thanks a lot to the instructors and content providers for their remarkable great and wise educational materials

By Akachukwu E

Feb 20, 2024

where I am today, I never expected to be, chance happened upon me. I was able to be observant to see opportunity and grab it with both hands. I am learning and I really love what I am learning. It is invaluable, data data everywhere whose gonna do the work: "I am". That's why I am really grateful for this opportunity that gives me the enablement to do the work. Thank you #coursera, the learning process has been challenging but never insurmountable. Thank you so much #Techxtramile: my love for you guys is eternal. Also a big thank you to #Google.

By A D

Oct 29, 2023

"I am incredibly grateful to Google and Coursera for offering the Foundations of Data Science course. This course has been a tremendous learning experience, and I can't thank them enough for providing such a valuable resource. The content is well-structured, and the knowledge gained is truly enlightening. I look forward to the rest of the course and continuing my journey in the world of data science. Thank you, Google and Coursera, for this incredible opportunity!"

By Riyadh U

Jul 7, 2023

The Foundations of Data Science course is a great way to learn about data science. It is well-structured, engaging, and informative. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about this exciting field.

Learning is a continuous process, so make sure to stay focused and finish as much as possible. Take breaks and stay hydrated, but only for short periods of time. If necessary, review each module and course so that you do not lose interest.