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About the Course

This course offers an intimate, story-based introduction to the experiences of six transgender children and their families. Through illustrated stories and short teaching videos, learners will gain a better understanding of gender identity and the gender spectrum. Stanford physicians, K-12 educators, and transgender faculty members offer practical tips for parents, teachers, healthcare providers and anyone who wants to help create a more gender-expansive environment - one in which all people can live authentically. As a global community of unique individuals, we can begin to build a world that is ready to nurture and love each and every child. Due to the sensitive nature of the story-based course content, we have chosen not to offer course certificates for this course. Simply put, we feel that the thoughts, ideas and sentiments of these remarkable children and their families... are priceless. We are confident that, like us, you will end up learning more from them than you could ever imagine. Together, we can lay a stronger foundation for all children. Join us as we explore health, across the gender spectrum. Additional note: When submitting answers to quizzes, you may be asked to enter your "full legal name". This feature is primarily for verification purposes for courses that offer a certificate on Coursera, so it does not really apply to this course. We recognize that, for some individuals the name they use does not match the one on their legal documents. Please feel free to enter the name you normally use in these boxes....

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May 10, 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. My stepson (born a female) is transgender. This course has helped me understand things more and gave me a lot of pointers on how to do things. Thank you so much!


May 17, 2020

I love how concise and easy to understand the videos were. They all get straight to the point and it was really a mind-blowing experience to learn about the differences and what we can do to support.

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By Carlos A Z

May 8, 2020

Es interesante toda la información que el curso presenta y la manera de exponerlo y presentarlo es sumamente atractiva y fácil de analizar.

Estoy muy contento con tener esta herramienta para el ambiente de la salud, ya que en la actualidad estos temas son importantes para un correcto trato a los pacientes.

By Priyanka B

May 23, 2022

I am 28 years old and i feel weird that this topic in my country is still not dicussed openly which should be. I good for mental heath as well as physical health. I really feel great and thanks alot stanford for this course and I got to learn alot about the topic in detail. Thank you all once again.

By Vicky R

Apr 11, 2017

This was a very interesting and mind-opening course. I have to admit that I did not give much thought to transgender, and I am very glad that this course was suggested by Maya Adam, MD in another course. I hope this information spreads around the world and we all become more inclusive and caring.

By Faye M

Jan 26, 2018

Gave me a great depth of knowledge about what it's like to go through the process of identifying and transitioning to a gender other than the one assigned at birth. It was really nice to hear some real life experiences from the perspective of both parents and children too. Would really recommend

By Amelia

Jul 25, 2023

This was a brilliant an eye-opening course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to more about the gender spectrum. I think it is really important to be educated on gender, so that everyone can address their unconscious biases and become more accepting and understanding.

By Paula M D G

Jun 24, 2018

In addition to being very instructive, it was an extremely delicate and beautiful course. With each story I was moved and learned a lot about being able to listen to learning and also about having more empathy. It is a course that will add a lot to my profession and my life as a human being

By Adriana V H

Aug 11, 2020

Me encantó este curso. Después de hacerlo salgo con una mente más abierta, un entendimiento de lo que pasan las personas transgénero y con esto espero crear un ambiente de más inclusión. Muchas gracias por toda la información, gracias por los videos tan lindos que nos hacen vivenciarlo más

By Amory D

Sep 15, 2022

This course provided Great insight on how to approach engagment with Trans people. As someone who has never grown up in a school setting with minimal transgender representation, this gave me a lot of info on how to help Trans people in the future at many types of institutions and homes.

By Gayle S S M

Aug 17, 2017

This was a thoughtful series of educational lectures with any number of practice changing ideas to enhance the care of my patients. It is well worth the time spent to self-educate on an important topic and contains additional resources for further study and for patient/parent sharing.

By Paula A J

Jun 11, 2020

Es un curso que te abre la mente, pone en discusión un tema que muchas veces es ignorado y dejado de lado, y lo hace con información concisa, ejemplos claros, testimonios de personas transgénero, permitiendo una mejor y más cercana comprensión de lo que significa el ser transgenero.

By Elisa C

Nov 3, 2017

I found the course very inspiring and helpful: it made me disclose a wide world i was not that acknowledged about. Thank you very much for this opportunity! I really hope people mentality could widen and be receptive and sensible to such delicate themes.

I feel a better person now.

By Ivanice F d O

Feb 10, 2021

Escreverei em minha língua materna... o curso é excelente! Se houver algum brasileiro aqui procurando informações sobre ele, faça! Deixa claro as questões e volta o curso tanto no aspecto emocional quanto físico, saúde pública e a fins. Parabéns aos responsáveis, foi sensacional!

By Emilia P

Apr 23, 2020

Este curso es una puerta abierta al genero y el transgenero. A pesar de estar dirigido al personal de salud lo puede tomar cualquier persona interesada en el tema y en un futuro inclusivo para todos los generos. Es educativo, emotivo y claro en todo su desarrollo. Un gran curso.

By Anita V

May 14, 2020

Si bien estoy familiarizada con el tema, hay varias cosas que no sabía y me educó más, como también siempre es bueno recordar cosas que uno ya sabe, darles más importancia. Además, presenciar experiencias personales enriquece mucho más la visión que uno tiene sobre estos temas.

By Carlos F F M

Oct 1, 2017

Excelente curso para aprender sobre el espectro de géneros que existe y comprender la importancia de dar a conocer este conocimiento en nuestra sociedad, con el fin de ayudar y mejorar la salud de aquellos niños transgénero y promover la diversidad que existe en nuestro mundo.

By Christine C G

Apr 17, 2017

A very timely and worthwhile course. I love how it is about learning and teaching important subject matter rather than being onerous and difficult. The videos are incredibly effective. Maya models the attributes of inclusivity and compassion that are necessary for this course.

By ruchi k

Aug 24, 2018

Really the course will brighten up some knowledge to parents about this crucial topic which any kid can experience in their life.This course is must to every parent as it enlightens the topic properly and also explain how to manage if anything such happens with their child.

By Sooraj B

Oct 29, 2017

This class is beyond words to describe. I have never had a class shift my way of thinking so much. I am left constantly speechless at the beauty described by these stories. So strong are the children who are spoken of and speak in these lessons. A must take class for anyone.

By Blanca I M R

May 23, 2017

Very unique course, and a very important topic to talk about. I really loved it. I think every person should know the things that we learned here if we expect to have a better society. I love the way she explain everything in all her courses Ive taken but specialy in th

By Yulia G

Apr 2, 2018

Easy to comprehend, very well-planned with fun video materials and short quizzes and most importantly, this course gives a precious understanding that is extremely important to our society, priceless knowledge that I as a parent and a teacher absolutely must possess.

By Adela R

Oct 19, 2017

Great course, would highly recommend it to become better educated about the gender spectrum and have an overall better understanding as to what "transgender" really means, what transgender people go through, and how you can support them to the best of your ability.

By Gabriela P

Sep 29, 2023

I think it is not enough to say you "accept" everyone; to understand is what empowers and gives tools to collaborate and make this world, or at least the people around you, more supportive and tolerant. This course has valuable information, I totally recomend it.


Apr 28, 2020

Me gusta mucho, es muy educativo e interesante. Esto puede ser muy necesario para personas y especialmente niñxs trans, también para estudiantes y profesionales de carreras sociales y medicas que tengan que trabajar con menos que necesiten ayude y orientación

By August C

Jun 14, 2018

Very well written and the videos are great. Very in adequation with the reality. You won't learn a lot if you know already about transgender people but the interviews and stories are great and i love the fact that this course focuses on children and youth