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Subtitles: English
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100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Beginner Level

Approx. 15 hours to complete

Suggested: 5 hours/week...


Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

5 minutes to complete

Innovation Strategy: Developing your FinTech Strategy

1 video (Total 5 min)
3 hours to complete

Competing on technological innovation

8 videos (Total 49 min), 4 readings, 5 quizzes
8 videos
Pulverizing finance9m
Danske Bank: Changing market3m
The Disruption of Finance4m
Spotting Disruption8m
Danske Bank: The Digital Transformation of Finance6m
Need for Speed: Hypercompetition6m
Position your Fintech Strategy8m
4 readings
PSD2 - Changing the face Banking in Europe - and in the US20m
Clayton Christensen on Disruptive Innovation8m
Richard D'Aveni on Unsustainable Advantage3m
The unbundling of finance10m
5 practice exercises
Recapture 115m
Recapture 28m
Recapture 36m
Recapture 48m
Module assessment30m
3 hours to complete

Organizing for digital innovation

8 videos (Total 48 min), 6 readings, 5 quizzes
8 videos
Innovation struggles8m
Danske Bank: Barriers to innovation3m
Moonshot factories7m
Danske Bank: Bold innovation7m
All-speed IT8m
Danske Bank: Working differently2m
Follow the digital trace8m
6 readings
Who killed Nokia?12m
Google: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure16m
Danske Bank: A critical look at June10m
Gartner: The myths about Bimodal12m
More about DevOps7m
More about Kaizen10m
5 practice exercises
Recapture 512m
Recapture 612m
Recapture 78m
Recapture 86m
Module assessment30m
3 hours to complete

Channeling the smarts of others

7 videos (Total 35 min), 4 readings, 5 quizzes
7 videos
Tech acquisitions - The shortcut to innovation?8m
Danske Bank: Fintech acquisitions2m
Teaming up - The year of Fintech partnerships?5m
Danske Bank: Fintech partnerships3m
Accelerators - Cultivating your ecosystem7m
Hackathons - Seeding the innovation pipeline6m
4 readings
Microsoft-Skype and the integration paradox10m
Deutsche Bank - Creating new opportunities through strategic alliance20m
Wells Fargo accelerator program10m
A practical guide to arranging hackathons15m
5 practice exercises
Recapture 94m
Recapture 1010m
Recapture 1115m
Recapture 1210m
Module assessment30m
3 hours to complete

Capstone project

2 videos (Total 8 min), 3 readings, 1 quiz
2 videos
Danske Bank: Leveraging regulation6m
3 readings
Capstone project assignment10m
Danske Bank: State of business10m
Danske Bank: How to capitalize on digital disruption?10m
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By RRMay 29th 2018

Excellent course.It gives capstone Project to do so.That's why it is definitely best one to improve our knowledge

By GTFeb 11th 2019

Amazing content relevant to the current times and engagingly delivered.\n\nThanks Team!!



Jonas Hedman

Associate Professor
Department of Digitalization

Stefan Henningsson

Associate Professor
Department of Digitalization

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About the Digital Transformation in Financial Services Specialization

This Specialization is intended for learners that have or wants to have a career in the digital financial industries. The Specialization explores the evolving world of finance, focusing on the changing dynamics caused by the conversion of products and services into digital goods, new customer demands and changing regulation to govern the competetive landscape - the digital transformation of finance. You’ll learn about concepts such as digital platforms and business ecosystems, be exposed to the emerging Fintech landscape and master a new toolbox for successfully competing on innovation in the digital era of finance. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll create and defend a holistic digital transformation strategy for a real world company. Throughout the course, the instructors will use state of art examples and share their own research from the European and North American finance industries, as well as expose practices from leading digital financial services and companies, such as MobilePay, Saxo Bank and PayPal. The main focus in the course is on the financial sector (in particular in North America and Europe), but the course also include material of relevance for the financial trading and insurance sectors and inspiration from Africa....
Digital Transformation in Financial Services

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