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About the Course

This course is intended for learners with some experience using Microsoft Windows, who are seeking to build presentation skills with Microsoft Word. To be successful in this course you should have an understanding of the basics of using a Windows-based computer. Experience with printing and using a web browser are an asset, but not required. Knowing how to use Microsoft Office products is essential in any professional setting. Whether you want to expand your expertise to apply for a new role, start your own business, or simply develop a new personal skill this course is for you. This course will introduce you to Microsoft 365. You will become familiar with the apps and services included in an Office 365 subscription. If you are familiar with Word’s basic features you can take your skills to the next level. If you are not familiar with Microsoft products or are a beginner you will get the opportunity to develop basic word processing skills. This course covers the different features of the Word interface, shows you how to create a basic document, and introduces you to Word’s most important tools. By the end of this course, you should be able to apply the necessary techniques to produce high-quality, professional documents. You will also understand how to create complex documents using tables, charts, references, and various types of illustrations. This course will help you prepare for Exam MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019). This exam covers the ability to create and maintain professional-looking reports, multi-column newsletters, résumés, and business correspondence. Certification exam candidates are expected to demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Word and complete tasks independently. You will get an opportunity to hone all these skills in this course....

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Nov 11, 2023

Course provides you knowledge on how to use Microsoft word from the very basics to advanced. Completing this course can help expertise in Microsoft word which will help you in your professional world


Aug 2, 2022

from begging to end all the sessions and assignments are very intereting. after compliting this course you will be familier with each and every feature of microsoft word.

so let's get start now

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By Arif U H

Dec 23, 2022

The course certificate is a scam as Coursera does not offer any course by itself but through its partners like Microsoft. However, in this specialization certificate, Microsoft name/logo/brand are missing. Coursera must respond by stop using Microsoft name or put the brand on Certificates.

By Payel B

Sep 11, 2022

The course "Work Smarter with Microsoft Word" was very helpful and too much informative. Thank you Coursera and Microsoft for organising such an amazing course.

By Annabelle G

Apr 6, 2022

I learned so much from Microsoft Word! It was easy to understand and the course was VERY hands on. I learned so much stuff that I never knew about before.

By M. W R

Oct 26, 2023

This class was excellent. This was the first time I have taken a class in a remote format, and I was delighted with it and look forward to coming back for more classes in the future! Thank you.

By Joe F T

May 26, 2022

This is a very good overview of Microsoft Word. I reviewed things I had forgotten about, and learned a lot that I didn't know before.

By Sarah H

Dec 1, 2022

Even though I completed the Honours they will not recognize it! After getting frustrated I found out this is a very common issue!! So it's a fine course but I was really excited for the Honours part

By Kevin K L

Jul 5, 2022

I did not received honor recognition badge on my certificate.

By Shubham Y

Aug 2, 2023

the content was good and precise. A lot of topics were covered and clear understanding was made throughout the course. I use word but in layman method but now i have learned how to use it fully.

By Damla F

Apr 29, 2022

It is almost impossible to get a review. So THE honor degree thing is kinda a lie. It is not interactive at all.

By Kito T

Jul 4, 2022

This course is a great beginner course to teach and/or refresh knowledge about Micorsoft Word and generate interest in a career involving Microsoft.

By Patricia E

Oct 17, 2022

I learned a great deal in this course and further developed my technology skills through Microsoft Word and the Coursera Organization. Throughout the course, I continued to grow as a life-long professional and look forward to new opportunities.

The State of Missouri, Workforce Development and Higher Learning and the Full Employment Council all played and integral role in ensuring that I received a quality technology experience. I feel blessed and honored to have completed the first course of my program of study.

The Coursera Technology Support Team were phenomenal in guiding and redirecting me when I asked for technical assistance. I am grateful for their expertise, their patience and their advocacy role during this course.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to develop or further enhance their skill levels. It was not an easy accomplishment; however, resources are available to you for support. This was a rewarding experience for me and I am excited to begin my next course for my program.

Dr. Patricia Edwards-Ellsworth

By Matthew T N

Oct 25, 2022

Great course that helped me fill in gaps I have with using Word, and learned new practical skills such as creating enhanced documents with more control over graphics, and things I did not know one could do in there. Also the editor is like a spell checker on steroids an amazing time saver when editing docs. Learning how to securely share documents was immensely important. Briefly going over other Microsoft 365 products was helpful as well: OneDrive, Teams, Publisher, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint. All concepts covered in Word are applicable to different environments for personal, educational, and professional use. Thank you...God Bless!

By Budi S

Nov 24, 2022

I've just completed one very well composed training, very educating.... one that truly reflects Microsoft's quality.

I've been using MS Word since Windows 95 (Office 97), yet still find that there are so many things to learn in the recent version. Coupled with examples and best practices to use MS Word optimally, this course is an eye-opener for me. I believe I will be able to produce better documents and with stronger impact to the audience. Thanks for the effort on making such course available.

By Aaleza A

Aug 29, 2023

After learning this course I can now do my work/assignment much faster and can save much time. This course help me alot now I can do my work without searching for tutorial. Thank you

By S S

Apr 23, 2023

A detailed course that has taught me finer nuances o MS. Word that I hitherto had no clue about. Much learned and practised which made the course even deeper and useful

By Obiick

May 22, 2022

Explaination was clear. Nonetheless, in a few topic, the examples should have to be more broaded. Example : ruler, margin etc. Otherwise, one of the best experience.

By Lucy O

Apr 3, 2022

Good flow of lectures and exams. I refreshed my memory of Word skills and learned new areas of Word I will be putting to use.

By Vineet P

May 19, 2022

i couldnot review the resume of other students, as there were no links to view there resume. Other than that the course is good and very informative

By Brenda S

Mar 19, 2022

I enjoyed learning more about word. There are a lot of features I didn't know about or didn't know how to use them. I feel that this course was the tip of the iceberg. However much of it was frustrating for me because there were a lot of technical gliches with the practice material.

By Nahari K

Jul 25, 2022

Very particular about things that seem trivial.

By Pawel L

Aug 28, 2022

not worth your effort

By Khalid A

Jul 20, 2023

Title: A Game-Changer: Work Smarter with Microsoft Word

Rating: ★★★★★

I recently had the opportunity to explore the features of Microsoft Word and its potential for boosting productivity, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. From its intuitive interface to its powerful tools, Microsoft Word has truly revolutionized the way I work.

One of the standout features that caught my attention is the ability to create and modify templates. With just a few clicks, I can now create professional-looking documents that are consistent in style and formatting. This has saved me countless hours of formatting and allowed me to focus more on the content itself.

Another aspect that has greatly improved my efficiency is the collaboration feature. Microsoft Word allows multiple users to work on a document simultaneously, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues or clients in real-time. The ability to track changes and leave comments has streamlined the review process, eliminating the need for lengthy email threads and version control headaches.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the extensive range of formatting options available in Microsoft Word. From customizing styles and fonts to creating tables and inserting graphics, the possibilities are endless. The program's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and discover these features, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Additionally, the integration with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and PowerPoint, has further enhanced my productivity. I can now seamlessly import data from Excel spreadsheets into Word documents or create dynamic presentations using Word's content.

While Microsoft Word is a powerful tool, it is worth mentioning that it does require some time to fully explore and understand its capabilities. However, the learning curve is relatively gentle, and with online tutorials and resources readily available, mastering the program becomes an enjoyable journey.

In conclusion, Microsoft Word has proven to be an invaluable asset in my professional life. Its user-friendly interface, extensive formatting options, and collaboration features have significantly improved my workflow and productivity. If you're looking to work smarter and more efficiently, I highly recommend exploring the full potential of Microsoft Word.

By Shahir A S

May 28, 2023

I just completed the "Work Smarter with Microsoft Word" course on Coursera, and I must say it was an incredibly valuable and enlightening experience. This course has truly helped me level up my Microsoft Word skills and work more efficiently than ever before.

The course content was well-structured and covered a wide range of important topics. I particularly found the sections on collaboration, tracking changes, and secure document sharing to be incredibly useful. Learning how to effectively collaborate with others and track changes in real-time has greatly enhanced my ability to work seamlessly with colleagues and clients.

What sets this course apart is its practicality. The concepts taught are directly applicable to real-life scenarios, and I've been able to immediately implement what I learned into my work. The instructor's teaching style was engaging, clear, and supportive, making it easy to grasp even the more advanced features of Microsoft Word.

I am impressed by the course's emphasis on boosting productivity. I have noticed a significant improvement in my workflow and time management since implementing the techniques and strategies taught in the course. The course not only focuses on the technical aspects of Microsoft Word but also provides insights and tips for working smarter and more efficiently.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to maximize their productivity and proficiency with Microsoft Word. Whether you're a student, professional, or anyone who regularly works with documents, this course will undoubtedly equip you with essential skills that will save you time and effort.

Overall, "Work Smarter with Microsoft Word" exceeded my expectations. The course has provided me with invaluable knowledge, practical techniques, and a newfound confidence in using Microsoft Word. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a high-quality course, and I'm excited to continue applying my newfound skills in my everyday work.

Kudos to the instructors for creating a course that truly empowers learners to work smarter and achieve more with Microsoft Word!

By Shahzain W

May 21, 2023

Microsoft 365 is a great tool for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. If you want to learn how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint effectively, you should take these courses offered by Coursera: Work Smarter with Microsoft Word: You will learn how to create professional-looking documents using Word's features. You will use formulas, functions, references, illustrations, and design templates to make your documents stand out.

These courses are part of the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Specialization offered by Coursera. This specialization teaches you the basics of Microsoft 365 quickly. The courses are online and include hands-on projects using Coursera Labs. You can enroll for free or apply for financial aid. You can also get a certificate when you finish.

These courses are easy, engaging, and informative. They will help you work smarter with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

By Johaira M D

May 22, 2022

I was a self-taught Microsoft Word user before starting this course. After finishing this course, I learned many functionalities of Microsoft that I never tried before, this course was interesting! I learned many new things such as:

- the significance of using the headings to create automatic table of contents - adding citations, footnotes and bibliography - header, footer, watermarks, captions, - using page breaks, section breaks - using the Design tab, accesibility features - comparing documents, track changes

I am progressing very well as a learner in this course. It helps a lot to play with its features after the instructor introduces a feature of Microsoft Word to familiarize it even more and getting used to its usage.

Very excited to start excel course to move on to numbers, formulas and other functions.

Thank you Coursera!