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This capstone project is designed to allow you to take the knowledge you have gained through the Specialization and put that knowledge into practice. In the capstone, you will create several of the key planning deliverables that have been discussed in these courses and either work on a project you choose or use a suggested case study. You will begin the capstone project by writing part of the project charter. You will build on that information to define your project, and then ultimately create a schedule, budget and responses for the risks you identify. The goal is for you to use what you have learned in the previous courses and to perform your own research on how to best move forward with the capstone project. Your work will be peer reviewed by your classmates. In turn you will peer review the work of other classmates. Instructions on how to conduct peer reviews will be included in the course. Upon completing this series, you will be able to (1) write a narrative charter statement, (2) create a work breakdown structure, (3) sequence project activities,(4) build a project schedule, (5) create a project budget, (6) create a responsibility assignment matrix, (7) identify project risks and (8) define responses for those risks. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Write a narrative charter statement 2. Create a work breakdown structure 3. Sequence project activities 4. Build a project schedule 5. Create a project budget 6. Create a responsibility assignment matrix 7. Identify project risks and define responses for those risks...

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Oct 6, 2019

I have been enriched through this course. I feel like a better PM and I believe with the knowledge and skills I have acquired by taking this course, I will manage my projects more professionally.


Jan 17, 2017

A fantastic course, whether or not previous knowledge was there the course really pushes the student to understand the concepts in their own manner.

Perfect addition to my skillet, Thank you.

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By Miguel S L

May 3, 2016

An excellent finale for the program, giving us the oportunity to apply most of the knowledge received through the different courses. The capstone project is clear, easy to understand in terms of structure and requirements. It lacks some of the contents of the course but most of the content is included. Once again thanks to Ms Meloni, all the team from UCI and Coursera, keep the good work!

By Gianluigi B

Oct 23, 2020

It's fantastic to finally have the opportunity to put to the test what has been learnt in the previous courses. Guidance to the completion of the task is also pretty straightforward, so one can really appreciate and understand all the passages involved in the writing of the principal documents required to effectively plan and manage a project.

By Axel G

Apr 4, 2017

I strongly recommend the capstone, as it remains the best way to apply the theory seen in the first three modules. It is also an outsanding opportunity to share / compare your own work with your coursera "classmates". I was happily surprised that almost averyone choose a real (own) project instead of the provided examples. Very good.

By Sandy Y

Jul 7, 2020

This was a lot of work, but it was a very useful exercise! I put a lot of effort into this and gave more examples than what was asked. This really made me think. After completing this, I gained a really good understanding of how the different tools work. Thank you Ms. Margaret Meloni and Coursera.

By Daniel P

Oct 6, 2019

The course is quite complete and the explanations given are clear. Besides, some modules have bonus videos which are usually very informative. It is important to do the proposed homework every week, as the last project can be time-consuming if you havent worked regulary on the previous weeks.

By iliasmax

Sep 16, 2017

This course is the best in the specialization as it gives you the possibility to take action and implement the knowledge which you have learned in previous courses. Awsome! Notwithstand, I think that the project should be fixed so that all students would be able to compare their job.

By Magid H

May 25, 2020

This course is more than amazing for an introduction to project management based on PMBOK guide (Lessons need to be updated to the 6th edition) .

It serve as a great step toward getting the project management professional certificate ,

and instructor Margaret is so easy to follow.

By Randall Y

Nov 30, 2016

Wonderful experience. At first, I dreaded the idea of actually having to create a project. Mostly, my concern stemmed from the idea that I'd be too far ahead of my peers and it'd take too long to get feedback. I'm happy to see that others were working ahead as well.

By Manjunatha G

Jul 20, 2020

Project Management is about listening actively, taking the time to analyze, and then thinking of the best possible solution to perform better. It provides positive criticism and allows to see what everyone can change to improve their focus and results

By Sandeep K

Apr 25, 2020

It's a great course for beginners who are new to project management. Concepts are explained in a clear and focused manner. Capstone added a lot of value in helping me think about application of knowledge gained through 3 modules of project management.

By Nadir N

Dec 4, 2018

This is an excellent practical course giving the opportunity to get acquainted with both theoretical and practical work in the Project Management.

I am happy that I completed this Courses and very appreciate to the creators of this specialization.

By Amirah K S

Jul 2, 2020

A great opportunity to implement what I have learnt for something in the real world. Allowing us to take our own case and work on it makes the efforts clearly worth it. It was also a good learning experience to see what others have written.

By Fredrick B

Mar 3, 2020

The was very enjoyable to learn. It gave me insight into the PMBOK . I understand the PMBOK a lot better now because of the course. The exercises were laid out in a way that was easy to read and understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

By Jafed E G

Jul 6, 2019

I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand

By Kalp S

May 15, 2020

Getting hands-on experience and applying all the skills acquired from all the course is a great thing for this project. Moreover, doing it on your own gives a great boost to your confidence. Its was an exceptional experience for me.

By Eliah D

Oct 2, 2017

I am very grateful to my instructors, i have gained so much in this course. While doing the capstone it was as though i am doing real project and i have gained practical experience and now i know how is it like doing a real project.

By Mohil S

Apr 26, 2020

Great value addition to the knowledge and skills required for Project Management. The lectures and panel discussions are clear, concise, and easy to follow. The Capstone Project tests your knowledge in a practical environment.

By José L C

Oct 11, 2018

I've learned so much about PM, the importance of a well structured project, the level of detail and synergy needed to develop a high impact project. The series of highg value skills... this is the begining of a journey.

By Luis M

Aug 23, 2020

I really liked the way it guides you. The only thing I would add is some more "quality" grading, to encourage people to make an additional effort and deliver more solid projects. But it's an interesting course overall.


May 2, 2017

A Systematic and methodical course to learn about Project Management Principles and Practices. It is not only exhaustive and structured but also practical and useful. Many Thanks to the course facilitator and the team.

By Laura B

Dec 14, 2016

This last part of the course brings in the practical aspects neglected by the first three sections. Clear instructions, and an assignment that really makes you think through the phases of project management.

By Bisleshana B P

Jul 31, 2017

The capstone project allows us to use the knowledge gained during studies to practically apply in real world. Some of the projects which I peer reviewed were so detailed that it felt like real projects.

By arunkumarnathan

Mar 7, 2020

The way the course is designed, processes to be followed to complete the course and everything makes sense. Thanks for the wonderful work Coursera. Looking forward to participating in another course!

By Tom B

Apr 6, 2016

Excellent summation of preceding courses. Peer review was particularly helpful in comparitively evaluating your own project and how one can improve their use of these tools. Very good course.

By Andrew R T

Dec 18, 2017

Nice lesson to enroll! It really helps you to grasp the basic concept of PM and helps you to exercise how to plan the simple project by using many basic tools in the Project Management field.