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This capstone project is designed to allow you to take the knowledge you have gained through the Specialization and put that knowledge into practice. In the capstone, you will create several of the key planning deliverables that have been discussed in these courses and either work on a project you choose or use a suggested case study. You will begin the capstone project by writing part of the project charter. You will build on that information to define your project, and then ultimately create a schedule, budget and responses for the risks you identify. The goal is for you to use what you have learned in the previous courses and to perform your own research on how to best move forward with the capstone project. Your work will be peer reviewed by your classmates. In turn you will peer review the work of other classmates. Instructions on how to conduct peer reviews will be included in the course. Upon completing this series, you will be able to (1) write a narrative charter statement, (2) create a work breakdown structure, (3) sequence project activities,(4) build a project schedule, (5) create a project budget, (6) create a responsibility assignment matrix, (7) identify project risks and (8) define responses for those risks. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Write a narrative charter statement 2. Create a work breakdown structure 3. Sequence project activities 4. Build a project schedule 5. Create a project budget 6. Create a responsibility assignment matrix 7. Identify project risks and define responses for those risks...

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Oct 6, 2019

I have been enriched through this course. I feel like a better PM and I believe with the knowledge and skills I have acquired by taking this course, I will manage my projects more professionally.


Jan 17, 2017

A fantastic course, whether or not previous knowledge was there the course really pushes the student to understand the concepts in their own manner.

Perfect addition to my skillet, Thank you.

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By Nevena N

Jan 12, 2019

Excellent way to check the understanding of previous courses. The opportunity to review other's work is really valuable and helped me upgrade my project as well. Thanks a lot! Great course.

By Daniel C

Apr 18, 2020

Excelente curso , muy didáctico y posee información actualizada de PMI y ayuda a mejorar las habilidades y destrezas para todo aquel que desea ingresar al mundo de la Gestión de Proyectos


Feb 13, 2017

Very nice theory and very useful practical case with all advises that help to get the best results! Appreciate everyone from UCI and Margaret for this chance to master Project Management!

By Fragoso J M

Jul 20, 2017

This was an excellent course.

I had the opportunity to put in practice everything i learn't from the previous courses. I hope to see more courses on Project Management from UC Irvine DCE.

By Sanchito B

Aug 23, 2016

An extremely thorough treatment of the initial stages of the Project Management process, which in many cases is the most important! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would recommend it to everyone!


May 16, 2020


By Anvita P

Nov 1, 2017

Excellent course to cap off the learnings in the three project management courses. Practical utility and applications to real-life projects help lock-in the learnings from the courses.

By Maria A g

Apr 15, 2022

muy buenas las practias y el examen final que pueda ser evaluado por pares y tambien ver los trabajos de los otros participantes !. muy claros los videos

By Joseph U

Apr 15, 2022

the work was completely understandable

By LapNTHE130833

Apr 22, 2021



Jun 27, 2021

I currently have my PMP certification, but I needed PDUs to renew my certificate. I completed the Project Management Principles and Practices specialization from UCI to achieve the 35 PDUs, but I wasn't pleased with the course overall and had significant issues with the Capstone Project. The three courses included in the Project Management Principles and Practices specialization provide a practical introduction to Project Management. The Professors also discusses problems faced in actual prior projects (i.e. it's not theoretical), how to approach those problems and best practices, which was great.

From my perspective, however, there were a lot of problems with the course:

1. It's not comprehensive. It glosses over a lot of items and unless you are either already familiar with project management applications and/or complete all the supplemental reading, it doesn't entirely prepare you for the capstone project.

2. This is absolutely NOT the course to take if you are looking to understand project management principles to pass the PMP exam. Key components of the exam are only included in the slide decks - and even there are glossed over. So even though you will get the credit to sit for the exam, you will in no way be prepared for the exam. Instead, UCI encourages you to sign up for another course. This might seem like an unfair comment, but recognize that I took one $25 course on another online learning platform that provided me with 80% of what I needed to sit for the exam. I think this should be disclosed upfront in the FAQs to avoid confusion.

3. I was infuriated by my so called peers in the Capstone Project. Of the 8 assignments I reviewed between the practice and final peer review assignments, only ONE met the criteria. There was another which provided a good high level start to the project, but was missing a lot of the details. In general, you could tell people didn't want to invest the time and effort into the capstone project. They simply wanted to complete the bare minimum (if that) in order to get the certificate. I also can't tell you how many submissions I had to flag for spam - and even outright plagirized content. You need to do the work; if you don't want to, you shouldn't take this course.

4. I also encountered difficulty posting my certificate to the PMI (Project Management Institute) website. I wish the Provider ID were on the certificate and the name of the course exactly matched what was in their directly. I almost selected the wrong course, which would have given me fewer PDUs

As a result, I would not recommend this course, except to those who are curious to learn more about project management - but not necessarily wanting to sit for the exam.

By John P D

Oct 27, 2020

The four courses are undertaken in the PMPP program from the UCI DCE. First, the courses are delivered professionally by a charismatic instructor know as Margaret Meloni from California. Second, during the specialization, I understand the various Project Management components that were difficult for me, then perform it and now at the right level of understanding. And last, I take this opportunity to thank you, Prof. Margaret Meloni, for all your effort and time to train future viable, qualified Project Managers. Again, thanks for sharing pitfall's you encountered in the past, which serves as the benchmark for our carriers as PM.

John Paco Dradria

By Shawn C

Oct 21, 2021

I really enjoy the total series of Project Management. I would like to see the whole series for a Master Degree program for Project Management. If a person only needs a certain amount of credits for a Master Degree Program there should be something that states if you complete the series of Project Management and you only need 1 or 2 additional classes to complete the Master Degree program. I could be all classes or course work in Project Management or a combination of Project Management with Engineering or Business. I have taken a Business Course with the University of Virginia Business Strategy The Darden School of Business (Coursera).

By Meiyu Z

Mar 9, 2023

It's the first time I took Coursera course and I really like the last pratice session.

Most of AGS courses are just simple quiz to get the credit and we hardly can say we mastered, in most of cases we just forgot that course shortly.

However, the actual project assignment in this course is a good way to let us go over all of the courses again and even now, I can clearly remember all of the details, it's really excellent course. I will select more Coursera courses in the future.

By Dorothy H

Jul 2, 2021

This course requirement--a Capstone Project-- was the most challenging, yet most rewarding of all the courses in this specialization! The direct application of the concepts allowed me to process all of the information and essentially really think like a project manager. I learned SO MUCH more by having to complete an actual project! Thank you Margaret Meloni and Thank you Coursera!

By Serafina Z

Jul 26, 2023

I had an incredible learning experience with the Project Management Project course on Coursera! The course was well-structured and delivered by an exceptional instructor who expertly explained the intricacies of project management. The practical and hands-on approach allowed me to apply the concepts I learned to real-life scenarios, which was immensely valuable.


Dec 1, 2020

This course was a great experience and very helpful, I learned a lot practically, optional additional readings was helpful, practical assignments, and the final capstone course was insightful. I have really learned a lot that will guide me in my future endeavours in the field of Project Management. Thank you Margaret Meloni and UCI.

By Otegenova A

Nov 7, 2020

It was great experience for me. Very nice approach of evaluating other peers, as you can see the project interpretations of others, can compare, realize your own omissions and find how it would be better to do. On the other hand, you get feedbacks of your own job too, which turned to be very useful for me. Thank you!

By Julia B

Mar 11, 2022

I have learned so much from the Project Management Project course. Although I was already managing projects, I have learned the tools to plan and proactively manage a project from a high to the granular level. It take much more than executing to properly manage a project successfuly from start to finish.

By Suhaimi C

Nov 18, 2020

Awesome project management capstone project! Loved it that we are able to practice what we just learned. Thank you for offering this course and specialization! Well structured, great instructor, and wonderful materials. Highly recommended to take this specialization to learn project management!

By Tosin A

Jan 29, 2021

Great, self-paced course with real-life valuable insights from Margaret Meloni and the team of Project Managers in the videos/lectures. This might be a beginner's level course but you will have to put time and energy into it. You will learn a lot from this course so I highly recommend it!

By Nurbek A

Nov 9, 2020

A really practical course which requires to take 3 prerequisite courses. It took me about 2 weeks to go through all the courses and assignments, reading, and quizzes. I am sure I will continue to extend my skills in this very important area of my specialization.

By Polina D

Apr 20, 2020

Great ending to the Specialization! It's very useful practical work and I also liked assessing peers' works, because it also provide you with the experience, how other people do their projects. Would definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues!

By Karla A

Apr 19, 2021

A very useful practice to put every aspect seen in courses, in a realistic way. It is possible to see that not all cases are going to be the same and some changes are possible, but taking in consideration all that matters to a project.

By Maday M A

Apr 2, 2021

Excellent course! The teacher is awesome and the practical exercises exited my expectation. I have learned more than I expect, and I am very thanksful to Coursera, to University of California, Irvine, and teacher Margaret Meloni.