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About the Course

This course is the first in a series of six to equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level roles in project management. Project managers play a key role in leading, planning and implementing critical projects to help their organizations succeed. In this course, you’ll discover foundational project management terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a project manager. We’ll also introduce you to the kinds of jobs you might pursue after completing this program. Throughout the program, you’ll learn from current Google project managers, who can provide you with a multi-dimensional educational experience that will help you build your skills for on-the-job application. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define project management and describe what constitutes a project. - Explore project management roles and responsibilities across a variety of industries. - Detail the core skills that help a project manager be successful. - Describe the life cycle of a project and explain the significance of each phase. - Compare different program management methodologies and approaches and determine which is most effective for a given project. - Define organizational structure and culture and explain how it impacts project management. - Define change management and describe the role of the project manager in the process....

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Jan 18, 2022

Very informative and thorough! I've finished this course with so much knowledge that can be applied to the workforce. Everything is laid out in easy to follow and efficient steps. Couldn't be happier!


Oct 5, 2021

Very informative and thorough! I've finished this course with so much knowledge that can be applied to the workforce. Everything is laid out in easy to follow and efficient steps. Couldn't be happier!

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By Lola-Falanna J

Aug 31, 2022

This program was outstanding and I have gained a lot of knowledge from these courses along with my previous experiences to take into my next career path. In additional I have applied the acquired knowlege that I 've gained to strengthten my personal and professional development and time management skills.

By Sunil C

Mar 14, 2022

Different than other courses. Rather than jumping right into core of the project management, this course gives you overarching experience of project management field. This course made me confotable in thinking that I can do it. This course helps building the confidence, which a direct , core course may not give.

By Jose S

Sep 28, 2021

ExcellentExcellent course, very friendly, its content quite complete and easy to understand, the practical exercises complete the training a lot. The instructions are all excellent. Congratulations, it is perceived that they are excellent professionals and are 100% identified and committed to the company, Great.

By Vivek V W

Aug 25, 2021

It was the perfect beginning, initially i was not prepared as i thought how they can make it interesting online, but they have done it keeping things simple. Bringing in people with different background and sharing their views was the perfect booster, eg. the bar attender now a program manager at google. awesome

By Felipe C T

Aug 24, 2021

El curso es de fácil entendimiento ya que lo hacen muy practico y con ejemplos muy claros para entender, adicionalmente el interlocutor tiene un gran conocimiento del tema dando explicaciones de manera sencilla y clara. Es de gran agrado para cualquier que desee comenzar a entender el mundo de Project Management

By Mary j S

Feb 26, 2023

Through this course, I have learned the essential principles of project management, including project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and project closure. I've also learned about the importance of effective communication, team management, and risk management in ensuring project success.

By jonathan f

Oct 18, 2021

Google has a way of breathing life into all that they intend to teach. Taking this course has opened me up to the world of project management, literally making me fall in love with the field. And the best news is that it is very applicable to every part of life. This course showed me how. I highly recommend it!

By Daniel B S S

Dec 12, 2022

I am really grateful for being given the opportunity to access and learn through the Google Professional Certificate. Here in the Project Management course, I gained new insights on how to manage projects, brief introduction to project lifecycle, and questions to ask when becoming a Project Manager. Thank you!

By kum y

Nov 3, 2021

The teachers are excellent. I have learned so much in just one course. I wonder what the other five hold in store. I already see myself as a project manager, and taking steps to edit my resume even though I have only completed this one part, because the skills I have acquired from this course are just amazing.

By Ruzzel B

Apr 24, 2021

Thank you for the great class! I really enjoyed learning from this course. Covers good foundation for Project Management and relates to daily life experience and how it applies to Project Management. The videos of the Project Managers at Google were inspiring too. I'm looking forward to taking the next course.

By Natalia M

Sep 6, 2022

Hi there, determine if you need these Foundations of Project Management courses. I think it's helpful to have a better understanding of what the core foundation of management is. Also, I do believe anyone can benefit from it, regardless of what industry. Besides, we should always explore to learn new things.

By Giulia R

Jul 31, 2022

Very complete, clearly explained, engaging, interesting, detailed, practical. All you need to dive into the world of the project management with a hands-on approach by none other than Google. One of the best courses I have ever enrolled on Coursera and any other e-learning platform so far. Strongly suggested.

By José A M A

May 31, 2022

Great course. This was very insightful and enlightening. It definitely helped lay a foundational understanding of what PM is. For me, it was eye opening to see that I have already been applying some PM principles in my life and work. It also help realize areas I can improve to become better and handling work.


Feb 4, 2022

just few days into this course, my skills as a project manager has been sharpened my eyes are opened to solution for my past errors while handling project, i'm definitely learning further with google project management as to bring out the best of me as a project manager, Thank you Google for this priviledge

By Vijay P

Dec 26, 2021

It was a very good course, providing a broad overview of what Project Management is, the different techniques of Project Management, the different phases of a project's life cycle and explained about each in different methods like videos, reading materials, quizzes etc. Overall, it was a well-designed course.

By Latoya F

Dec 2, 2021

This course had a great deal of information. I was surprised at how many projects we manage in our day to day lives without even noticing. I was inspired by the Google employee testimonies and found it interesting to hear about their unique and individual career paths to becoming a Project ( Program) Manager.

By Teresa B

Jul 25, 2021

The course is well structured, the lecturers are engaging and the detailed knowledge provided is substantial and worth the time investment to complete the course. I have project management experience, but it was a great refresher for me since I have been out of the field for several years. Highly recommend.

By Archana S

Apr 27, 2021

I should say that learning from Google is much way easier than from any other resource. Even if you are new to this field, you'll not have any single issues in understanding all these new kinds of stuff. Learning is actually fun with live demos and examples, hearing from experienced people their experiences.

By Mayra J S L

Feb 13, 2023

This was a great easy course where I learned how my previous experience can be applied for a project manager position. Also, it gave me some tips on job search and job interviews where, though I was applying for a different job, I applied some of them and it was a nice eye opener and helped me land the job.

By Naveen K

Dec 5, 2022

It was a nice learning journey, the lectures teaching skill is truly amazing. The methodology and techniques that are being used in teaching Foundation of Project Management have been fantastic throughout the course. Nice piece of work, Job well done both Google and Coursera. Cheers........................

By Sajeda I

May 10, 2022

I enjoyed the course especially at the beginning it is structured in a beginner-friendly way. The speaker's experiences were a nice addition they help it me better imagine myself in that position and the things I could accomplish in this field in the future hopefully. Thank you google for this great course.

By Gaurav K

May 19, 2021

I found this course is a perfect way to get familiar with the Project management profession, especially for beginners. It also provides a lot to learn about even for experienced professional like me. I am glad that I completed this course. It has motivated me to go ahead with further specialization courses.

By Roberto A

Apr 28, 2021

I'm thrilled, and I can't wait to start with the second phase. All those concepts made me more and more interested on the subject since day 1. I wonder why I didn't start before. And the course is well realized, subjects clearly explained, interesting small videos from real people involved in the job. Wow !

By ChiGoz J E

Dec 26, 2022

The course was straightforward and easy to follow. I enjoyed every moment of it and more importantly I enjoyed being able to learn at my own pace. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone that is already in project management or interested in transitioning into that role/career. Great job Google!

By Luz S

Nov 12, 2022

It was amazing to me can read and learn in english, in a totally easy way. My mind say thanks. Definitely i'm going to do the next part. Maybe one day can be a member that a Google´s project :) All of you sounded easy to me. Thanks for yours time.

I have a question… the certificate is one for the six parts?