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Behind the success and failure of teams lies team culture. But what exactly is culture? How and why does it contribute to success and failure? In this course, you learn how to recognize aspects of team culture of which most people are typically unaware. It is often these seemingly unimportant aspects that have the greatest effect on the outcomes of group tasks. Your recognition of them enables you to form, join and lead teams more effectively. You also come to appreciate the role of ritual and symbols in the daily operation of teams, as well as in situations of change and crisis. Knowledge of the ideas and information in this class enables you to be a better team player and a more effective team leader....

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May 3, 2020

Got an amazing experience in online education with this course and bunch of new knowledge. I would like to thank coursera and University of Pennsylvania team for offering me a financial aid.


Nov 9, 2016

That was quite a fascinating course, at least for someone who does not know anything about anthropology. The tutor did an outstanding job and also provided good readings. Highly recommended.

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By Alex P

Jul 19, 2019

Interesting to consider team culture from an anthropological perspective, but it was also obvious that the instructor's perspective is one of white male privilege.

By Ashish U

Feb 7, 2021

It is really a wonderful course and helped me understand how to create an effective team to achieve phenomenal success. During the course I realised the reasons and barriers in progress of people, society, community, institution and organisations inspite of resources and talent. The knowledge gained through this course will help me to be a successful school leader. I recommend this course to all those who are yet to realise success, achievement and glory in life.

By Sherrae L H

Nov 5, 2018

I definitely have a better understanding of hiring practices and leadership styles and the affects of culture on their successful implementation. This help me to better understand how to implement needed changes in an already set culture and why certain individuals would be a better hire over others, not simply based on skill because they can be learned, but based on culture as that is much more difficult to teach, especially if someone is uncomfortable in a situation or with change. Great Class!

By craig b

Jun 1, 2021

Very well laid out course, with excellent supporting materials. Professor Urban kept the tempo of the course moving forward at a good pace. I also appreciated his real life experiences and cultural references from one of his students. It was very engaging and I look forward to applying some of these concepts at work to improve our high performance culture. Thank you.

By ChunMi A

Oct 29, 2017

Interesting class built in such a way that I could study it on the train to work by downloading the short videos and watching them in small chunks everyday. The professor takes his time to explain using stories, and he reviews the previous content each week. The perfect way to learn for a busy professional!

By Ekaterina M

Nov 4, 2019

This course is an excellent mixture of academic knowledge and practical examples of what culture is, how it evolves, and how it can be influenced and changed. Greg Urban is a great storyteller. His style makes it easy to understand and internalize the study material.

By Karina A F

Jun 2, 2021

I loved this course, very enlighting and specific. Professor Urban is very clear and gives great examples. I enjoyed every bit of this course!

Thank you Professor for your dedication, I found this course very helpful for my carreer spectations and for my job.

By Nicole W

Mar 22, 2021

I really enjoyed this course. The Professor made the course easy to understand and incorporated useful examples in each lecture. For those of us whom seek to understand and improve culture in the workplace, this is a great course to begin the journey.

By Miguel (

Jan 5, 2021

Dr. Urban teaches a strong, engaging course. Just when you think he's taken the material and pivoted away from the course material or gone on a tangent, he course corrects and brings the message home to great effect.

By Kumudu M

May 4, 2020

Got an amazing experience in online education with this course and bunch of new knowledge. I would like to thank coursera and University of Pennsylvania team for offering me a financial aid.

By Bertrand K

Nov 10, 2016

That was quite a fascinating course, at least for someone who does not know anything about anthropology. The tutor did an outstanding job and also provided good readings. Highly recommended.

By Brennan S

Apr 3, 2020

This was a great opportunity to have a foundation built on the understanding and appreciation of culture-forming habits. I'm excited to see what the rest of the specialization has to offer!

By Jade C d S

Jan 23, 2021

I enjoyed this course in a way that never happened before. The professor is incredibly didactic. I'm really happy and satisfied with it.

By Donna W

Jul 9, 2021

Very interesting lectures. The stories and examples presented aided in understanding the information presented.

By Robert W S

Apr 14, 2021

Very interesting course. Dr Urban's conversational style lectures are quite engaging and easy to follow.

By Jasper V

Dec 3, 2020

Really good and informative. I learned a lot that I feel was quite relevant and that I can begin to readily apply. However, I would have loved to see Adaptation covered as it is mentioned briefly in Unit 4 of the course, but I can see it would be important to cover in more depth.

By Aamir S

Jan 9, 2021

This course is helpful for understanding Team culture and how to effect the culture change effect the team performance. you learn powerful skill i.e.



3.Communication and reliability


By Warren P

May 22, 2018

Dr. Urban is an excellent communicator, an expert in his field, and clearly loves his subject matter. That said, I had hoped to come away with more practical and experiential learning. I was hoping that the learning here would be directly translatable into a business environment and to come away with more business and interpersonal insights and fewer definitions which I fear I will soon forget due to lack of use. I must admit that by the end of the course I had tired of the academic tone and found the articles to be obtuse, to borrow a word from "Shawshank Redemption." Admittedly, the problem was equally due to my misdirected expectations and I bear some responsibility for the mismatch here.

By Brian C

Oct 24, 2020

While interesting I found the course lacked guidance on practical applications. I have a large global team that I need to evolve the culture on and am seeking other strategies to direct that evolution. This course spends almost all it's energy on theory without then turning it into practice at the end. I may try the follow up courses perhaps they'll dig more into the practical aspects.

For people without any experience working globally I think there is some good content here that lays out the basics of regional culture differences and how that relates to team culture but for me that wasn't new info.

By Ivan L R

Feb 26, 2021

I liked some of the classes but I thought it was going to be more focused on the psychology of "teams" and the effects of "good teams". It got too technical for what I was looking for.

However, the reading "Hiring for Cultural Matching" was amazing. It really did help understanding "culture" within a business and how it can influence our hiring choices.

By Jae C

May 30, 2020

Too theoretical. This is class for anthropologists. I wanted insights into knowing about team culture that I can apply to existing organizations. Even though there were occasional nuggets, most of the information is laden with terminology that prevents me from using the concepts to take advantage of team culture.

By Mandy A

Sep 4, 2018

This was not the hardest class I've ever taken on Coursera. I enjoyed the subject matter but wish I could be more challenged.

By Mohamed S S

Oct 21, 2023

"The Power of Team Culture" course was truly transformative. It emphasized the significance of fostering a positive and cohesive team culture in a succinct and impactful manner. The course's insights on how a healthy team culture can drive productivity and collaboration were eye-opening. The practical strategies for building and nurturing a strong team culture were highly actionable. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on communication, trust, and shared values, which are the cornerstones of any successful team culture. The case studies and real-life examples provided concrete evidence of the course's principles in action. The interactive elements of the course made it engaging and easy to apply the concepts to my own team. Overall, "The Power of Team Culture" is a must for anyone looking to enhance their team's effectiveness and build a culture that inspires and motivates. It's a concise yet comprehensive resource that can make a significant difference in any organization.

By Lynda E

Dec 3, 2020

This course dives deep into the foundational elements of team culture. It is thought provoking and I learned quite a bit about culture, the affects of different forces on culture, and team culture in general. The lectures kept my interest, but some of the readings were quite cerebral. That said, this seems like an appropriate foundational course for this program.


May 2, 2020

I am in the medical field and I must confess the social-anthropology topics are not part of my knowledge, but definitely it is very well explained and very easy language all through the course, which made it much easier to understand and learn.

I would love to have recommendations of lectures more updated, easier to understand, more practical.

Thank you