Cybersecurity for Business

Completed by Jennifer Faer

November 16, 2017

Course Certificates Completed

Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business

Cyber Threats and Attack Vectors

Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Threats and Attacks

Proactive Computer Security

View certificate for Jennifer Faer, Cybersecurity for Business, offered through Coursera. In this specialization, learners learned how to apply practical computer security through understanding threats and mitigating those threats.  Learners dove into today's data breaches and were able to research how data breaches occur and researched how to better defend their own networks and systems.  Finally, learners gained hands-on proactive security skills by examining the penetration testing process and compromising live systems.  Learners developed the skills necessary to apply computer security, practically in the workforce.

Course Certificates

Earned after completing each course in the Specialization