8 Industry-Recognized Digital Marketing Certificates + How to Get One

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Explore the potential career benefits of a digital marketing certificate and the steps to getting your credential in this field.

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Getting a digital marketing certificate in 2024

A digital marketing certificate can be a valuable asset as more companies across industries increase their marketing budgets and efforts to reach customers online. Gartner’s 2022 State of Marketing Budget and Strategy Report reveals that financial services, travel and hospitality, and tech product companies exhibit the most notable increases in marketing budget. Digital marketing accounts for 56 percent of total marketing budget allocations [1]. 

While digital marketing refers to marketing done online rather than offline, the field is broad, encompassing SEO marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, display ads, and other paid advertising methods. Given all the possibilities in digital marketing, it’s important to keep your skills current to meet today’s business demands.       

Benefits of digital marketing certification 

Getting a certificate in digital marketing can offer several career benefits. One important benefit of a digital marketing certificate program is that you can build in-demand, job-ready skills in this field, including navigating social media platforms, using CRM tools, and analyzing marketing data

A digital marketing certificate's benefits may include exploring your creative and strategic sides, learning new technologies, and networking with other digital marketers inside a structured learning experience. 

In addition, a digital marketing certificate may afford you more job prospects in the digital marketing world. For example, graduates of the Digital Marketing Institute’s certificate programs have found jobs at companies like Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Coca-Cola, Twitter, and IBM. 

Roles you may qualify for include: 

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According to Payscale, people with a digital media certificate earn, on average, $59,000 per year in the US, as of October 2022 [2]. 


8 industry-recognized digital marketing certificates 

In this section, you will explore eight digital marketing certificates and certification programs. We’ve selected programs that are offered by well-known brands and industry leaders, available online, take registrants through a comprehensive digital marketing journey, and offer a credential upon completion that you can display online. 

We’ve organized the certification list according to what you’ll learn, the cost to register and complete, the prerequisites you’ll need, and the time it takes to complete. 

CertificatesWhat you’ll learnCostPrerequisitesTime to complete
HubSpot Academy: Digital Marketing Certification CourseHow to optimize your website and attract traffic, grow an organic (non-paid) following, create an ads strategyFreeNone4 hours, 27 minutes
LinkedIn Learning: Become a Digital Marketing SpecialistHow to use Google Analytics, improve SEO, launch Google ads, market on social media, reach customers via email, design graphicsFree 1-month trial, then $39 / month with subscriptionNone18 hours, 29 minutes
Coursera: Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional CertificateHow to attract customers through digital marketing channels, measure marketing performance, and build e-commerce storesFree 7-day trial, then $49 / month with subscriptionNone6 months
Meta: Certified Digital Marketing AssociateHow to establish a platform presence, launch ad campaigns, manage campaigns, understand reporting$99None5 hours, 10 minutes
Online Marketing Certified Professionals: OMCA™ Certification for Digital MarketersTests your knowledge of digital analytics, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, digital ads, conversion optimization, email marketing, mobile marketing$2252 years of marketing experience OR High school diploma + 600 hours of experience OR Pass an approved course75-minute exam
Digital Marketing Institute + American Marketing Association: Professional Certification in Digital MarketingHow to reach audiences on different channels, increase website visibility, create digital ads, measure campaign success, build a marketing strategy$1,368None30 hours
BrainStation: Professional Certification Digital Marketing CourseHow to craft effective marketing content; reach customers on search engines, social media, and email; analyze marketing data$3,250None35 hours
Kellogg Executive Education: Professional Certificate in Digital MarketingHow to use SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, and display ads to reach customers + how to automate tasks$6,185None6 months

Related certifications 

In addition to the comprehensive digital marketing certificates and certifications above, you might consider programs that focus on specific skill sets. These can be great ways to build upon foundational skills or qualify for a job that requires more specialized knowledge of digital marketing. 

Here are some certifications in different focus areas: 

Search engine marketing certificates 

Analytics certificates 

Marketing software certificates 

Customer relationship management (CRM) certificates 

Social media marketing certificates

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How to get a digital marketing certificate 

Follow the steps below to begin your certification journey: 

1. Identify your digital marketing goals.

Get clear on what you want to achieve as a digital marketer, from skills you want to master to a career path you want to follow. That way you can select a certification to help you reach those goals. Here are some examples of goals you can draw from to articulate your own: 

  • Master digital marketing techniques and launch your own business. 

  • Build upon foundational digital marketing skills with specialized or advanced knowledge in a particular topic area, such as SEO, email marketing, or analytics.

  • Pursue a career in digital marketing or advance into a leadership position in this field.

2. Select the best digital marketing certificate program for you. 

Using the table above as a starting point and research different digital marketing certificate and certification programs to select the one that aligns with your goals. Ask yourself these questions as you review programs: 

  • What is the cost?

  • How long does it take to prepare for and take the exam?

  • Does the certificate program offer coursework leading up to the exam? 

  • What skills and areas of knowledge does the program cover? 

  • How do the program outcomes correspond to skills employers are looking for? 

3. Register for and complete the training material. 

Once you’ve chosen a program, your next step is to complete the coursework or training material. Be sure to allot enough time in your schedule to learn the skills your certification or certificate program measures and be mindful of any deadlines by which you must take a certifying exam.

4. Share your credentials. 

Once you complete a program and/or pass a certifying exam, display your credential online on your social media profiles, in an email signature, or on a website or portfolio. Displaying your credential online means you can represent your skills and knowledge visually and potentially attract the attention of employers.  

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5. Update your skills periodically. 

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, it’s important to update your skills periodically so that you can take on real-world business challenges effectively and remain competitive in the job market. 

Depending on the certificate or certification program you complete, you may be required to recertify on a regular basis in order to keep your credential. Recertification can ensure that you have mastered the latest skills, techniques, approaches, and technologies on digital marketing.  

You can also sign up for an additional digital marketing certification course (or course without a certification) in a specific focus area to supplement your foundational knowledge base. 

Get your digital marketing certificate with Coursera 

Explore the options below to learn job-ready digital marketing skills, such as reaching customers on social media, through email, and via search engines, as well as using marketing analytics to make powerful decisions. 

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