DevOps Engineer Salary 2024: How Much Can You Make?

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Explore average salaries for DevOps engineers by level of experience and location. Read on to learn about occupational requirements and projected job growth.

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What is a DevOps engineer?

A DevOps engineer is an information technology (IT) professional. You’ll work with your organization's software developers, administrators, and others to optimize the software development life cycle. 

Primary responsibilities for DevOps engineers may include:

  • Overseeing releases of code

  • Analyzing data

  • Strategizing workflow

  • Providing technical support to team members

  • Investigating bugs

  • Planning fixes and resolutions 

If you’re interested in engineering, problem-solving, and project management, a DevOps engineer position could be an excellent fit.

DevOps engineer job outlook

According to the Government of Canada, there is a labour shortage for DevOps engineers [2]. Depending on your location the job prospects are either "good" or "moderate." For example, in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec job prospects are good. Meanwhile, places like British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island have moderate job prospects.

Average DevOps engineer salary in Canada

The average annual base salary for a DevOps engineer in Canada is $97,908, plus an average supplemental pay of $6,711 [3]. The supplemental pay may include commissions, profit sharing, or bonuses.

DevOps engineer salaries by location: Top 5 highest-paying provinces

CRM systemCost (USD)Features
SalesforceStarts at $25/month after 30-day free trialSales automation, track customer activity, AI-powered data and workflows
MondayFree individual plan; $10/month basic planContact management, unlimited contacts, customizable pipelines, templates, use on iOS and Android apps
HubspotFree plan; $45/month starter planReporting dashboard, company insights, deal tracking, pipeline management
Freshsales CRMFree plan; $15/month growth planMultichannel engagement, AI-powered contact scoring, contact lifecycle stages, contact and account management
Zendesk SalesStarts at $20/month after free trialEmail integration, targeted prospect lists, customized email sequences, task sequences, automated workflows
Zoho CRMStarts at $14/month after free trialManage data across sales cycle stages, lead scoring, schedule calls and events, sales forecasting

Many DevOps engineers obtain degrees in computer science or a related field of study. Some degrees aspiring DevOps engineers pursue include a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Computer Science. Higher education is an excellent way to prepare for an entry-level role and strengthen your resume. 

However, some employers accept related work experience or those with certifications in DevOps engineering instead of a degree. The following few sections outline the career path of a DevOps engineer from an entry-level, through a senior role, to a leadership role.

DevOps engineer salary and expectations

The average annual salary for someone beginning as a DevOps engineer is $94,056 [4]. Qualifications for entry-level DevOps engineers may include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field or demonstrated technical ability

  • Understanding of Agile principles, object-oriented programming, and cloud computing concepts

  • Knowledge of software development and networking principles

If you don’t yet qualify for an entry-level position, consider building your skills with a Professional Certificate such as IBM’s DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations.

Lead DevOps engineer salary and expectations

The average annual salary for a Lead DevOps engineer is $112,717 [4]. Qualifications for this mid-level DevOps engineer may include:

  • Strong background in containerization

  • Familiarity with essential DevOps tools and frameworks such as Kubernetes, Git, Docker, Bamboo, and Ansible

  • Understanding of computer systems, data structures, and scripting 

Senior DevOps engineer salary and expectations

The average annual salary for a Senior DevOps engineer is $115,622 [4]. Qualifications for senior DevOps engineers may include:

  • Experience with infrastructure orchestration

  • Expert knowledge of the DevOps lifecycle and Agile principles

  • Deep understanding of Git workflows and cybersecurity 

  • Managing and mentoring other junior colleagues

How to obtain a competitive DevOps engineer salary

DevOps engineer salaries vary with location, experience level, company size, and other professional skills you offer. 

Staying up to date with industry trends and technologies can strengthen your candidacy for a DevOps engineer role. Social media pages, YouTube channels, and blogs can be exceptional resources for job seekers. For example, you can register for the DevOps Slack community, where over 20,000 DevOps professionals share insights.

Professional certificates and portfolios

When seeking a new position, demonstrate your value to potential employers by showcasing your abilities in the field. Enhance your resume and obtain the compensation you deserve with Professional Certificates in relevant fields. For example, someone eager to build DevOps-centric leadership skills might consider becoming certified in DevOps Culture and Mindset.

Enhance your career with Coursera.

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