Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA)

Macquarie University

Capabilities-focused Curriculum Design

Read more about the Global MBA's future-focused curriculum and why “soft skills” are in demand for senior roles in management, business, or sales development.

Global MBA Curriculum

The Global MBA curriculum is mapped based on the World Economic Forum’s 16 future-focused skill sets and focused on six key capabilities - Strategising, Leading, Analysing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving. There are four units of study under each capability. Students admitted to the degree need to successfully complete all 24 units (i.e. achieve 120 credit points) in order to graduate. Each unit is worth 5 credit points.


Great CEOs know how to leverage talent as well as technology to transform the way business gets done.


  • GMBA8001 Know your people
  • GMBA8002 Know your organisation
  • GMBA8003 Adapt your leadership style
  • GMBA8004 Become a meaning maker


In the midst of today’s fast-changing challenges and opportunities, leaders need to adapt and respond quickly.


  • GMBA8011 Be competitive
  • GMBA8012 Be global
  • GMBA8013 Be disruptive
  • GMBA8014 Be sustainable


Data, and the skills needed to analyse information and generate insights, are more central than ever to business success.


  • GMBA8021 Know your numbers 1
  • GMBA8022 Know your numbers 2
  • GMBA8023 Generate insights
  • GMBA8024 Know your customers


Leaders need to be adept at using power and politics to shape the decision-making process and bring about change.


  • GMBA8031 Communicate with impact
  • GMBA8032 Manage change
  • GMBA8033 Negotiate and resolve conflict
  • GMBA8034 Engage the board


Changes to technology and culture are transforming the meaning of work. Courses in “Adapting” will help students navigate this landscape with confidence and purpose.


  • GMBA8101 Your career, your life
  • GMBA8102 Build personal resilience
  • GMBA8103 Improve yourself, always
  • GMBA8104 Become a global citizen

Capstone Unit: Problem Solving

In this capstone Specialisation, Global MBA students apply their problem-solving skills to real-world projects with guidance from Macquarie’s faculty and industry leaders.


  • GMBA8121 Advise
  • GMBA8122 Be curious
  • GMBA8123 Applied immersion 1
  • GMBA8124 Applied immersion 2

The ability to solve work-related challenges is crucial to adapting and growing in a changing market. This capstone will develop your lateral thinking, and prepare you to address workplace problems in a creative and effective way. Learn more about your professors in this unit:

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Leading: Human Resource Management and Leadership

Jaco Lok

Abas Mirzae

Strategising: Management for Global Competitive Advantage

Dr Mehrdokht Pournader

Influencing: Storytelling, Change Management and Governance

Lawrence Ang

Analysing: Numeric and Digital Literacies

David Pitt

Adapting: Career Development

Alena Soboleva

Program Length

The Global MBA degree may be completed in as little as 14 months (4 units per term) or may be completed at a moderate pace within 32 months (1-2 units per term). Use the following as a guide to calculate the time to complete the Global MBA degree. You may choose to increase or decrease your study load in any term. There are six terms (study periods) per calendar year.

PaceTermsMonthsAvg. units / term
Accelerated pace7144
Fast pace10202-3
Steady pace13262
Moderate pace16321-2


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Application Details:

  • Applications are now open.
  • Application deadline: February, 13th 2023 (Australia time)
  • More information about the entry requirements here

With a flexible entry format, new students may be accepted into the GMBA every term (6 terms per year).

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