Career outcomes

As a graduate of this programme, you’ll be prepared to pursue career opportunities in fields such as engineering, real estate, sales, interior design, analytics, operations, and more. The programme offers world-class faculty for teaching the best practices in the infrastructure and real estate. It enhances your leadership and teamwork skills. You will also learn to adopt a data-driven approach to decision making.

These skills will enable you to obtain rapid out of turn promotions, change job profiles/ companies, scale or start new ventures.

Alumni benefits

After graduating from the programme, you will gain the GMP alumni status and be welcomed into the ISB GMP Alumni Network along with the respective Special Interest Group (SIG). SIGs are segregated by industry and designed to help GMP alumni cultivate their professional network, avail learning opportunities, and access a supportive community. Lifelong access to a GMP alumni personal email ID will help you stay connected with your peers and groups. Discounted executive programmes, access to ISB management briefs, and usage of conditional usage of library resources (on payment of security and annual fee) will ensure lifelong learning.

Career Services

The programme does not provide placement services.

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Applications for next cohort are currently open. Classes start March 2023.

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