Henrik Blomgren

Associate Professor, Dr.


I guess one fast way to find out about my background is checking this link: Or just search my digital footprints. Google me for instance and you find that a lot of my working as well as private life is to be found on the net. I´m a rather transparent person and don´t mind for a second if you check out who I might be, or what I might be up to at this moment in time. It is a natural consequence of digitalisation as I see it. If you do, here are some keywords that might help you out: - Swedish - Stockholm - Royal Institute of Technology - KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), the Swedish name for my employer - 53 years old, physically. Concider myself younger, mentally. - ENFP (My personality profile according profesional testing). Guess it tells a lot. - Have been, and is still, travelling a lot globally - Consider myself standing in the middle of Academia and business practice. If you look into my LinkedIn-profile you will not find a straight line of a "carrier", but a fun one and a one full of curious learning. Partly academic, yes I do love academia. But also partly hands-on-business-experienced. A guy in between you might say. - Dog-lover and a huge fan of volleyball, something I spend lot of time trying to develop. I have lot of kids, rather old now but still, and it is great supporting them in fun and relevant personal development. Then just ping me if you like. It is fun, and good learning, to get in touch. The thing is: I´m in a continous process trying to become good in E-learning (which as I see it is somewhat different from "off-line-learning") so I´m seriously interested in feedback and getting to know new people and friends.