Nelson Yoshida

Ph.D., MBA, B.Eng.


Prof. Nelson D Yoshida is Ph.D. (Business Administration) from University of São Paulo (USP). Graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP). Executive MBA from Fundação Instituto de Administração - FIA. Course for Board Members from the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance - IBGC. Consultant, professor and researcher in the areas of strategy, future studies and foresight methodologies to support strategic decision making. He has developed projects in areas such as technological foresight, the future of cities, strategic planning. In addition to his teaching, consulting and researching activities, he has worked for 16 years in the telecommunications industry, in different areas as network operations, business support systems, commercial, marketing, and strategic planning. He's had an executive role in the commercial, marketing, and planning areas. He's been through three M&A experiences, two for the sell-side, one for the buy-side; he also experienced a major mobile start-up. He's been teaching at FIA Business School for the Executive MBA, and the International MBA. His special interest areas are in complex challenges, foresight, strategy and business model analysis, evaluation and creation. In the education area, he is especially interested in the active learning methodologies.