Arthur Pliaconis



    Arthur Pliaconis is a Paramedic with Denver Health Paramedic Division and has been in EMS full-time since age 18. His interest in public service and emergency medicine go back to his days in high school where he participated in Fire Explorers in his Florida hometown. He moved to Boston to pursue his BS in Human Physiology from Boston University, and began working as a full-time EMT in 2007 while attending university. After graduating from BU, Arthur completed paramedic school and promoted to Paramedic in 2012. Later in 2014, he made a spontaneous move to the prestigious Denver Health Paramedic Division to advance his Paramedic career, and has recently obtained his critical-care Flight Paramedic certification. Arthur enjoys snowboarding, cycling, climbing, and when time allows, traveling to new destinations around the world. He hopes to pursue future career advances in medicine, and to continue his passion for teaching new candidates about the world of EMS. His favorite chief complaint starts with “Well, you see, there’s this rash…”