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This course will give you a glimpse into six different areas of American law: Tort Law, Contract Law, Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure. You will gain insight into the complexities and dilemmas that arise from the application of law in different settings, and what is distinctive about American approaches....

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Sep 16, 2018

I enjoyed this course and it helped me to understand the basic parts of American Law. My only suggestion is to provide even more cases as examples to demonstrate the doctrines and statutes. Thank you.


Apr 9, 2020

A great first step on understanding the basic principles of American Law, providing an insight into impact on the systems we encounter on a daily basis and how these systems have developed over time.

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By amparo d

Jul 26, 2019

This is an excellent class, presentations and content from expert professors are well done, I highly recommend this class whether you're studying law or any other discipline this class is essential.

By Trevor W

Jan 4, 2018

I'm starting law school soon but don't have a pre-law background. This course has been very helpful in getting me acquainted with some of the general areas of law to which I'll be exposed in school. Being taught by law professors helped me to get a basic understanding of many of the principles of the law as well as many of the terms that I will need to be familiar with once I'm thrown in the deep end.

I'd recommend this course to anyone either thinking about going into the study of law or actually getting ready to enter law school.

By Akala

Sep 17, 2018

I enjoyed this course and it helped me to understand the basic parts of American Law. My only suggestion is to provide even more cases as examples to demonstrate the doctrines and statutes. Thank you.

By Ruohan W

Apr 6, 2017

I highly recommend this informative course, and it's the first one I've ever completed on Coursera. I candidly appreciate all the hard work done by these excellent professors. Thank you so much for enlightening me! As a Chinese whose undergraduate major is journalism, it effectively informs such a foreign layman like me of some basics of American law. Through step-by-step illustrations, it provides a general picture of the American law, explain its distinctiveness, and shows various problems developed during the construction, interpretation, and application of this legal system. What impressed me and made me think the most during this intellectual journey was how institutional culture of enforcement coupled with constant shift of societal norms was incrementally shaping and consolidating the American law. Although there is still a lot to absorb and internalize, I feel happy and refreshed!

By Michele S H

Feb 19, 2017

I enjoyed learning about our laws and it's applications, as well as history. The course was informative and enjoyable. The presenters were knowledgeable and easy to understand. Well worth the time.

By McKenna P

Apr 28, 2020

I can't believe this is free. As I'm beginning law school this fall, I wanted to find a source online that gave me a good foundation of the basic principles and areas of law I'll be focusing on in my first year, and this course was perfect. I feel much more prepared to take on being a 1L. If you're beginning law school soon, I would 100% recommend this course, especially with how important 1L grades are.

By Farzad A

Oct 5, 2019

I have no background in law whatsoever and this course was a very brief and to the point introduction to the US law. I really liked the partitioning of the course. Each week goes after a specific aspect and gives a great overview.

By Rodrigo P R V

Aug 10, 2019

Como persona que ejerce el derecho en un pais extranjero (Chile) el curso ha sido una fantastica comparativa, que permite ver las diferencias y similitudes entre ambos sistemas. Muy recomendado.

As a person who works as attorney at a diferent country (Chile) this course has been a fantastic oportunity to compair both legal systems, and their diferences and similarities. Very recomended.

By Andrew J T

Apr 10, 2020

A great first step on understanding the basic principles of American Law, providing an insight into impact on the systems we encounter on a daily basis and how these systems have developed over time.

By Noah S A

Jun 8, 2016

I came into this course knowing almost nothing about American Law. Now that I have finished this course, I believe I could go into a court room, and watch the proceedings and actually understand what is happening. Of course, I do not know all of the details, and this did not teach the details. This course gives a practical and intelligent way of portraying the different aspects of Law. Not only does this course represent the substance of Law in a practical manner, but it also is a true introduction as it states. There are no prerequisites required to take this course, and anyone with a decent vocabulary and reading skills can take this course.

By Sharvari S

Nov 3, 2018

A well designed course to provide an overview into the American Law and legal system. I would recommend this to all those who want to understand the American Law especially to legal professionals from other countries who want to seek a deeper understanding into the subject. The professors do a great job of explaining major subjects of the American Law in a precise and uncomplicated manner. The reviews and tests are thought provoking and require some serious prior study and understanding. I have learnt a great deal from this course.

By Nuno d P

May 8, 2019

Too much theoretical;

The teachers talk way too much about principles, general ideas and special cases;

It should be more practical if necessary with more videos, so that after the course students would be able to have a better knowledge of the American Law.

By Molu M

Mar 30, 2017

Este curso es de gran ayuda para personas que son inmigrantes como yo y quiere tener conocimiento del país al que hemos arribado como es los Estados Unidos de América.

Personalmente se que es tarea difícil entender las leyes de cada país y como abogada, graduada en Colombia, mi tierra natal siento la necesidad de aprender y entender como se maneja el sistema legal, sus origines y principales aspectos de Norte América.

Considero esta aplicación como herramienta accesible debido a que hablo español y los videos de este curso se encuentran con la traducción durante su reproducción, para mi es satisfactorio sentirme en un entorno de conocimiento incluyente al que puedo ser parte gracias a que comprendo y analizo con mayor facilidad los temas.

By Barbara C M

Mar 22, 2020

This course helped me understand most of the information shared from within.

But it remains unclear why or how some arbitration may be binding. That concept needs further explanation, since some arbitration may be dismissed or overruled. I do not know why some arbitrated cased are final and closed, but other arbitrated cases move to litigation.

I also do not understand why different arbitrators would deliver different opinions or decisions over one case, were they asked.

Please share your thoughts regarding this. My contact information is:

Thank you for your time and service.


By Deleted A

Jun 21, 2019

An excellent course. The story telling approach is most suitable for a short introductory course. Concise and punchy without sacrifice of quality. I find the segment on constitutional law not only particularly interesting, but also clears up a lot of my mis-conception about the United States constitution, political system and politics. A big thank you to all 6 professors who are kind enough to have taken the time to present the lectures. An high quality educational experience, though brief, that few other law schools can match or rival.

By Amy R B

Jul 15, 2020

I found this course very interesting and informative and found the Professors very easy to follow and clearly spoken. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the legal industry in the USA.

By Dillon M

Sep 24, 2016

Very comprehensive-- thoroughly enjoyed the lectures on the Constitution. Thought I needed more time for the additional readings; however, inclusion of a quasi-text (or text) was great. Thank you.


Dec 13, 2020

I truly liked the course and I find it useful for "legal transfer" purposes within my own legal context, and for comparative law analysis. I'd like to know if I can still pay for the certificate even after finishing the course, just to include it in my curriculum. I live in Colombia and I've been saving a bit of money to invest in this kind of content, but I had not enough info at first to pay for the online course. Then again, I'd like to know: where do I pay?

Massive thanks and kudos to the professors. They are extremely talented at sharing their knowledge in compact video essays, they are very clear and leave little to no doubt about the message they are trying to communicate. I'd love to meet them again some day just to talk about political and legal affairs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the professors, and to the personel at Coursera whom made this course possible.

By Kaysee C

May 6, 2020

Right now I'm a middle school English teacher, but I've been considering going to law school and pursuing a career in educational law. In my time as a teacher, I've personally witnessed how students are failed every day by the education system and I want to do something about that. I haven't applied to schools yet, but I wanted to take a course to get an idea of the kinds of things I will study. This course really confirmed my desire to pursue law. I felt highly motivated to complete the assignments and found the lectures and readings interesting. I especially enjoyed the module on Constitutional Law. For anyone thinking of going to law school, I think this course is a nice sneak peak.


Apr 25, 2020

The course has provided excellent overview of the American Law. this course helped me in understanding some basic key concepts of the law. the content of the course and selection of the facilitators is awesome. i really liked the Instructor of Criminal Law, his presentation, clarity in concepts and command on the subject is praise worthy. at the end i feel motivated to learn more about the American Legal system which is driving the world towards an ideal justice system. Thanks and profound regards to Penn Instructors and the Coursera Team for providing this valuable learning opportunity with quality content in an awesome way .

By Detlev J C

Feb 12, 2017

As a Brit new to the US I found this course to be a wonderful introduction to the structure and ideas that make up the American legal system. The course lectures are easy to follow, and the reading material very useful. To get the best from the course you need to spend more reading time than the course suggests, especially if unfamiliar with the American legal system at the point of starting the course. Overall I would thoroughly recommend this as a great introduction to American Law, it's evolution over time, and the things that make it unique.

By JoAnne E R

Jun 23, 2017

This course is very informative. I enjoyed taking the course. I believe I can forward this course to another interested person. on a scale of 1-10, I give the course the rating of 11. I approve this course for our humans who live on Mars, therefore this course represents the education system of intergalactic space travel. I am reviewing many universities to determine which universities participace in our now future space program. I write space missions for Princeton, and NASA. I know what I am looking for.

By Javier F Q

Apr 11, 2020

I could only say what a great course is! It is especially interesting for a civil law attorney to understand the very deep foundational differences between the American common law and our legal systems. For example, while civil law completely recognizes an action for the called pre-contractual liability these actions are straightforwardly denied in the U.S because it would imply undermining their basic notions of freedom to contract and therefore to consent. Thanks to all the great professors of Penn Law.

By Amedeo R

Oct 5, 2015

Very interesting course. I'm a student of Law and Business Administration in Bocconi and I found the apporach in the course very useful in order to be introducted to the American Legal System. The differences between the other systems are well defined and every concept is explained in an easy way, allowing even students without a legal background at being involved. At the same time it remains interesting for students who already have a legal background for its comparative issues.

By Cheryl P

Jul 10, 2021

It is an excellent course, from which i learnt about tort law, contract law, criminal procedure and as such in general. The tutors were delivering lectures quite clearly. It's a very helpful course.