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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Anatomy: Human Neuroanatomy by University of Michigan

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About the Course

In this anatomy course, part of the Anatomy Specialization, you will be introduced to the central and peripheral nervous systems. You will learn about basic neuroanatomy, sensory pathways, motor pathways and the autonomic nervous system. The course includes illustrated lecture videos and quizzes to help you expand and test your knowledge of the nervous system. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how the entire body influences, and is influenced, by the nervous system....

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Nov 10, 2020

Very well explained, especially for a topic that is usually very complicated to understand. The instructor did a great job of making things clear and concise. Excellent review course.


Dec 9, 2020

The lectures were quite interesting. Demos and neurological examinations were helpful to understand the concepts and applications. The coursework was properly planned and executed.

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By keshia s

Dec 15, 2019

Information was easy to digest and the explanations were easy to understand. A very good course.

By Bareera H

Aug 24, 2020

This was an incredibly captivating and comprehensive compilation that succeeded in diversifying and solidifying a lot of my concepts!

Thank you SO much to the entire team!!

By Danlei H

Aug 19, 2019

Mrs. Sullivan has a really good teaching plan! By reviewing key points in previous lessons, she really enables me to keep up with new knowledge. Also, the design of syllabus is nice, helping me gain insight into different structures and functions of brain.

By Shesha S T K

Jul 25, 2020

This Human Neuroanatomy course is a great start for anyone in their study of neuroscience and related fields. The course has a good amount of labelling quizzes which are, in fact, necessary while taking any kind of anatomy course. The use of cadaveric images is a major plus as it helps understand what actually goes on in the brain. I wish there were more quizzes, especially in the last week, because constantly testing oneself about what one has just learned is the best way to be able to memorise it.

By Abhishek K

Jan 11, 2020

This course is literally helpful to understand different parts of brain and their functions.

By Qusai A K A A

Oct 30, 2020

I am a fifth year medical student and this is my 22nd course that I have taken, I can say with certainty that this is by far the best course I had the privilege of taking, Dr.Kelli Sullivan not only proves that she has a deep understanding of neuroanatomy, but helps you understand it as well with her unique intake on parts and her much appreciated light humor!

By Amanda V

Nov 11, 2020

Very well explained, especially for a topic that is usually very complicated to understand. The instructor did a great job of making things clear and concise. Excellent review course.

By Rineet R

Dec 5, 2020

So well explained. An excellent intro a very complicated space. Connects with your spiritual side. How well constructed our human brain and nervous system is. Almost divine

By Senthilkumar M K

Aug 14, 2020

I am a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA, having work experience in Information Technology. I am also a certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher. I am no way related to the medical field. In Coursera, I just found this course and enrolled that this might help to teach my yoga class with a more meaningful way of using the appropriate terms of anatomy. The course content and the instructor teaching method, interests me to complete the course and learn a new subject in my life. I am also looking to take courses on the skeletal, muscular, and endocrine systems - Sen

By Samantha J H

Jun 15, 2019

Excellent MOOC! Extremely interesting, well structured course with good slides and good build-up of knowledge as the course progressed. I found the lecturer very engaging, especially for an online course, and enjoyed her interest in the material and humour(!). The clarity of what was being taught and why, and salience of the exams to firming up what was important to know, was really good: in other (online and offline) courses, I sometimes feel this focus is missing - but in this MOOC, all the salient info was provided and clearly outlined. It was great.

By Trương M L

May 30, 2020

I love this course. I love how Kelly delivers the lecture. She's brilliant and makes fun of the lesson sometimes which makes it easier to learn. The video are short which is helpful for keeping focus. However, I wish the name of video can be clearer to explain what're in the content of the video.

After all, this is still an great course. For me to learn Anatomy as a nurse, it's the right amount of contents and time to invest. Thank you!


Dec 27, 2020

I am a biology major and I have subject on anatomy and what great about this is its understandable, brief, concise lesson easy to learn. A lot of new topics are introduce and I have a hard time learning them but I am up for the challenge. Thank you for all the people behind this Lesson.

By Irena S

Nov 1, 2020

I learned a lot and I think that I gained long term knowledge! The professor Kelli Sullivan is an amazing teacher and all her lectures are very interesting! Thank you!

By Emily M

May 1, 2020

Great class with easy to follow and digestible material. For beginners and/or people looking for a refresher.

By Valeriu D

Jan 25, 2019

Very well taught! An enjoyable and educational experience! Many thanks to everyone involved!

By Guilherme D

Aug 21, 2020

Great introductory course, covers a lot of subjects. I really liked the way the teacher explained everything, the little jokes she made helped me remember the content better. I'm taking another neuroscience course and this one helped me understand a LOT of things that were overlooked in the other course (because the other one assumes you already know this) and also to consolidate the knowledge I already had. Also this course has tests at the end of each subsection within the week and I think that is a great tool, helped me a lot to assess how much I truly understood from the videos. Strongly recommend.

By Tiina-Svetlana U

Nov 10, 2020

Absolutely stunning, enjoyed every minute!

Professor K. Sullivan is absolutely magnificent - difficult concepts are explained perfectly, oftentimes with a nice humor. I liked that most things are drawn and/or showed on the picture just at the same time that they are explained. The pace was perfect, at least for me. Even if one is not specializing in anatomy, it is a nice course to broaden one's general knowledge and learn something about the functioning of human body.

Thank you professor K. Sullivan, I loved this course!

By Vasudevan R

Jan 31, 2021

The teacher was very clear in her explanations. She talked in a pace that was possible for me to understand. The lessons plans were well laid out.

I suggest that the teacher uses more of real brain samples and point out regions of brains in the actual brain instead of relying more on cartoons.

By Ishita H

Oct 3, 2020

Excellent course! The professor seems like a really nice person too, someone who is absolutely in love with what she teaches. I feel confident that this knowledge will help me in the future when I apply for Research internships related to Neuroscience. I'm happy I took this course.

By Shandna B

Jul 28, 2020

Poorly advertised as being apart of a specialization series. Will charge $50 each month for topics you did not sign up for. Only wanted to take Human Neuroanatomy but cannot get the certification unless subscribed to the whole series.

By Antonija M

Aug 27, 2021

The course gave me a really solid understanding of basic neuroanatomy. I had almost no prior knowledge in the area but I found the lectures very easy to follow. The length and pacing of the video lectures was just right. I also really appreciated the frequency of quizzes, as they encouraged frequent revision of what I learned. And finally, the lecturer was an absolute star and a pleasure to listen to. Dr Kelli Sullivan was engaging, explained everything extremely well, and made the subject matter approachable even for a total beginner.

By Sarah M M

Oct 3, 2019

I wish this class became part of the requirements for massage therapy. It was broken down in digestible bites and simplified the concepts where I actually learned them and didn't have to try and force myself to memorize them. Only wish other college courses were structured the same. I probably would've enjoyed college more if they were. Hands down, this was the best Anatomy class for my learning style.

By Reuben B

Jun 26, 2020

Fantastic teaching, very well explained and is really interesting. The professor is really easy to engage with and breaks some difficult topics down so they seem more manageable. It provides a great basis to build on going into medical school next year. I cannot recommend enough!

By paula f

Apr 9, 2021

Really informative and really easy to understand! I am a high school student and this course exceeded my expectations! Dra. Sullivan's explanations are great and easy to comprehend. Also, the content of the course as a whole is fascinating!

By Amirthaa R

Dec 10, 2020

The lectures were quite interesting. Demos and neurological examinations were helpful to understand the concepts and applications. The coursework was properly planned and executed.