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Data Analytics and Databases on AWS

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Rafael Lopes
Oksana Hoeckele

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What you'll learn

  • Key data types and structures

  • AWS services for the ETL process

  • Hands-on skills for Amazon API Gateway and Amazon QuickSight

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3 quizzes, 4 assignments


Gain insight into a topic and learn the fundamentals


(19 reviews)

Beginner level
No prior experience required
9 hours (approximately)
Flexible schedule
Learn at your own pace

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This course is part of the AWS Cloud Technology Consultant Professional Certificate
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There are 3 modules in this course

Welcome to the first module of the course. This module introduces fundamental concepts in data analysis. You begin the module with how to assess use cases for data analysis in the cloud. Then, you explore some of the main data types and structures, and learn how metadata can help you manage datasets. Lastly, you complete the module by contrasting two data-processing approaches for analytics: extract, transform, and load (ETL) and extract, load, and transform (ELT).

What's included

8 videos7 readings2 assignments2 plugins

In this module, you start learning about the ETL pipeline, with an emphasis on the real-world scenario. Through each step, you learn how to gather data, ensure data quality, locate the appropriate storage or database, and evaluate insights. After you examine the ETL process, you assess SQL and NoSQL databases, and interact with a hands-on activity to practice your skills.

What's included

7 videos2 readings1 assignment1 ungraded lab

In this module, you review AWS services for data analysis, and reinforce your learning through practical labs. These services include Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon QuickSight. You review these services in the AWS Management Console, and evaluate how you can use each service in the ETL process. Then, you gain practical experience by working with some of these service in a preconfigured environment.

What's included

9 videos2 readings3 quizzes1 assignment3 app items1 plugin


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Amazon Web Services
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