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This course will expose you to the transformation taking place, throughout the world, in the way that products are being designed and manufactured. The transformation is happening through digital manufacturing and design (DM&D) – a shift from paper-based processes to digital processes in the manufacturing industry. By the end of this course, you’ll understand what DMD is and how it is impacting careers, practices and processes in companies both large and small. You will gain an understanding of and appreciation for the role that technology is playing in this transition. The technology we use every day – whether it is communicating with friends and family, purchasing products or streaming entertainment – can benefit design and manufacturing, making companies and workers more competitive, agile and productive. Discover how this new approach to making products makes companies more responsive, and employees more involved and engaged, as new career paths in advanced manufacturing evolve. Main concepts of this course will be delivered through lectures, readings, discussions and various videos. This is the first course in the Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology specialization that explores the many facets of manufacturing’s “Fourth Revolution,” aka Industry 4.0, and features a culminating project involving creation of a roadmap to achieve a self-established DMD-related professional goal. To learn more about the Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology specialization, please watch the overview video by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:

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Aug 30, 2020

Advanced Manufacturing will hold industry discussions in the coming years. This course helps you understand the challenges that manufacturing is going through to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0


Jul 14, 2020

Amazing Course and the stuff provided by Prof. English- I am Thankful to Coursera team for Giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn this course to upgrade my skills by providing financial Aid.

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By Dmitry L

Feb 12, 2019

This is very interesting course, thank you!

By Richard L

Jan 9, 2019

Really enjoyed straightforward format of the course with video, readings, quiz for each section, then overall quiz for each week. The structure helped facilitate the capture of the content. The content laid the overview and groundwork in better understanding for DMD, digital thread, and Industry 4.0. Now completed the first DMD course, plan to continue on with the others for systemic understanding beginning to end, while making connections for my roadmap and eventual project involving integrating digital manufacturing and design technology thread and network glue of IoT, with supply chain, AI, ML, VR, Robotics, etc.

By Meetkumar P

Apr 2, 2017

Thank you for giving me excellent information on digital manufacturing & design. It is very helpful course for me. Thank you University of Buffalo, The state University of New York and Coursera.

By Nagamalleswara R J

May 9, 2020

Digital Manufacturing Design course, offered by University of Buffalo , by COURSERA is a wonderful Course, and very useful for the Mechanical Engineers, Students of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, all. The D M D Subject Expert Dr Ken English, Dy Director of Sust Mfg & Adv Robo Tech, Community of Excellence, U B , explained various topics, contents of D M D in an excellent way, and Dr Ken made the subject very interesting to the learners. The key points, components of D M D are explained in a fantastic way. Also, as the Manufacturing at present scenario calls for the essentiality to be converted to Industry 4.0, and the key source is only Digital Manufacturing in all fields, the relevance of the Subject D M D is very appropriate and essential. Thank you verymuch Sir..... Prof J N M Rao, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Dhanekula Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

By Gehad M A O

Feb 15, 2017

This course is very informative, it discusses a broad of things regarding digital manufacturing, and it can put you on the right track by letting you know about the industrial revolutions, where are you standing, and which field do you want to proceed and work in. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in manufacturing, even those who are already in the field and want to refresh their information or to know broader information regarding what they are missing, or want to upgrade their factory's systems. I recommend it also to engineering students, and young technicians. Good luck everyone!

By Serkan O

Feb 15, 2017

It was very usefull information. Our Trade Center would have at 24 th of february this month a conference about Industry 4.0 I would be proudly inform taht I would be qualified soon and I already aware of it.

By Vancho D

Dec 28, 2017

Frankly one of the best courses that I have tried and succeeded here on coursera. My background is mechanical engineering and industrial engineering and management. It was not difficult for me to understand the transition between the traditional manufacturing to digital manufacturing and design paradigm, However, I highly recommend that you take this specialization especially if you're into manufacturing and the transition to Industry 4.0. You'll take me later :)


Apr 14, 2020

An excellent introductory course on Digital Manufacturing and Design (DMD). It helped understand the underlying fundamentals and concepts of DMD like Digital Thread, IM, AME, etc. It would surely help in building further on more detailed courses on the subject. The subject content and the facility were simply amazing.


May 2, 2018

Advanced Manufacturing will hold industry discussions in the coming years. This course helps you understand the challenges that manufacturing is going through to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.


Aug 31, 2020

Advanced Manufacturing will hold industry discussions in the coming years. This course helps you understand the challenges that manufacturing is going through to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0

By M. M L

Jul 30, 2017

Awesome course to get an overview of the trends and the changes we are living. Most of the content is quite basic, so dont expect to have pratical tools to apply on the daily job. But for sure helps to know the possibilities and be in a closer touch with the new technologies in order o better present the topic in a meeting or conversation. I for sure recommend.

By Mahendra V S

Feb 27, 2020

Digital manufacturing looks set to continue and grow in the future as the use of information for production processes becomes increasingly automated.With systems that are able to interact with each other, the growth of Industry looks set to continue the trend for joined-up production in order to increase competition and improve and streamline processes.

By Silvio M

Mar 1, 2017

A lot of hype has built up around Industry 4.0 which makes it sometime difficult to recognize the key components. This great course let’s you organize the tiles to see the big picture.I also find it very appropriate at management level. You get the elements necessary to envision a digital transformation project and communicate with all stakeholders.


Jul 15, 2020

Amazing Course and the stuff provided by Prof. English- I am Thankful to Coursera team for Giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn this course to upgrade my skills by providing financial Aid.

By Priyanshu P

May 8, 2020

Introduction to the main concepts is given in such a manner that it can be understood easily. Also the small quizzes and assignments are a great way to solidify these newly learned concepts.

By Md A

May 7, 2020

Superb course for the engineer who have interest in design using different tools and having some computer knowledge also very good course and its help us in marketing also like in manufacturing product cycle its there selling of the product we can learn some marketing points in this course.

By Qasim N

Apr 27, 2017

An excellent course giving a comprehensive overview of the transformation happening through digital manufacturing & design; unveiling the future industrial trends by exploring the manufacturing’s “Fourth Revolution. Thank you University at Buffalo and coursera for providing this opportunity.

By Sumit B

Oct 13, 2019

It is perfect course for a person who is very keen to learn Digital Manufacturing and Design basics. The course is in very detailed oriented manner and also the additional data provided is very helpful. Thank You Coursera and University of Buffalo for proving such an informative course.


Apr 26, 2020

Great exposure to the worlds top universities, very fun in learning on digital manufacturing and design. how the customer expectations are changing rapidly and to fulllfill that how proactively we have to choose our technology in various scenarios. Massive. Thanks for great oppurtunity

By Radwan J A

May 9, 2020

First of all, I would thank PhD.Ken English very much, and the lovely coursera educator and support team for this wonderful course, i think we can enrich this course by increase more mathematical exercises, and some of software designing programs .

kind Regards

By Praveen V

Oct 15, 2017

Digital manufacturing and design is a valuable course for the industry 4 community and its knowledge add value to those works in the manufacturing field in the industry 4. The manufacturing engineers who deals with digital design should go through this course.

By Johnson N

Oct 28, 2017

It's a pretty informative class about the 4.0 age of manufacturing. Very glad to take this introductory class. The information that is thrown at your is mostly audio making it difficult to take notes and follow along due to requiring so much pausing to write.

By Sagar K

May 7, 2020

Learners create a achieve their personal related the ... project provides a tangible element include in their portfolios that ... This project is part of the and

willroadmap toowngoalstotoprofessionalDigital ManufacturingDesign Technology

By Andres F C G

Apr 17, 2020

Está muy bien como curso introductorio. Podría tambien de hablar de estándares para la automatización industrial que han sido habilitadores para el intercambio de información en la industria de manufactura tales como ISA-95, MESA, NAMUR, ETC.

By Puranjay M

Jul 23, 2017

I think the course is well structured and gives a nice overview of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Being an industry practitioner, I felt more at ease with some of the topics but I felt it was great from a topic refresher perspective.