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Managing a company in the food and beverage industry is a fascinating task. Food and beverage products are so deeply rooted in the culture of most countries that making and selling them is not only a matter of making and selling good and tasty products, but products that nurture people's body, soul, and heart. Given this, it's not difficult to see that the task quickly becomes complex. The objective of this course is twofold: first, we will focus on contemporary challenges that managers and entrepreneurs in food and beverage businesses should be able to face; and second, we will provide models and tools to design and implement appropriate courses of action to satisfy customers and build an advantage over the competition. This course is made up of four modules and an introduction, each exploring one dilemma that food and beverage companies face. You will be presented with a set of video lectures and guest speakers. These lectures combine an accessible introduction to specific topics integrated with interviews of managers and experts that will give precious insights and examples to the participants. To enhance your learning experience with us, we will make a Documentary on the Excellences of the Modena District available for you, which is in a format that we have developed specifically for this course in order to give you the chance to experience first-hand the territory as our on-campus students usually do. Each module is paired with an evaluated quiz and weekly discussion forums to reflect on the variety of the F&B world, its complexity, and the power of the network that we will build together during the course. Successful completion of the quizzes is required for a course certificate as explained in the Grading Policy. Below the guest speakers of the course: Masterchef Italia Sky – Nils Hartmann, Head of Movie Channels at Sky Italia – Eataly - Paolo Bongiovanni, Marketing Director Italy – Berlucchi – Paolo Ziliani, Owner – Joia Restaurant – Alta Cucina Naturale – Pietro Leemann, Owner and Chef – Branca – Nicolò Branca, Owner – Barilla – Giuseppe Morici, President Region Europe – Proyecto Expo 2015 Chile – Guillermo Ariztia, Chile Pavillon Director – Winery Il Cavallante, Milano – Sergio Morpurgo, Owner Heineken – Floris Cobelens, Marketing Director – TRDN – Martin Oetting, Managing Director – GROM – Federico Grom, Owner and Founder – Tetra Pak – Matthew Hatton, Director Competitor Intelligence – BioHombre – Matteo Panini, CEO – Acetaia Maletti – Carmen & Claudio Maletti Cantine Riunite & CIV – Vanni Lusetti, CEO; Francesca Benini, Sales & Marketing Manager; Elena Lottici, Export Manager; Mario Vandi, Brand Manager – GlemGas – Marco Guerzoni, Program Product Manager – Bibendum Catering – LaFranceschetta58 – Sabrina Lazzereschi & Marta Pulini, Owners and Founders – , DISCLAIMER - Since most of the videos are conducted with those whose native language is not English, we have decided to sometimes preserve their more emphatic speech to keep a tighter match between the audio and the subtitles....

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Very well explained, with very clear and precise examples. I learnt a lot during this course and I'm already trying to find another course to follow and learn new things. Highly recommend!


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It's not easy, but it shouldn't be. If you go in with the intent to learn with interest in the subject. You will learn a lot. More than I thought I would. I'm a little sad that it is coming to an end.

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By Raffaele B

Dec 19, 2020

I appreciate a lot this course, many thanks for the opportunity and to Prof. Troilo for the very high quality of the lessons. The program is very exhaustive and all the subjects are presented in a very clear way; but actually the added value I found is the passion that Prof. Troilo is able to transfer! I strongly recomend this course, is a meaningful experience!

By Rahul S

Jul 17, 2023

A wonderful course that covered maybe every small concept of the food and Beverage market. I would really recommend this course to those who have a small business in food & beverage or thinking to start a company in this market segment and for also to those student who are really into food and beverage technology development and for the management student etc.

By Đorđe M

Mar 27, 2021

This course is covering many areas in Food and Beverage. Some really useful information and data are being provided. Really enjoyed it from the first week till the last. Professor Gabriele did a great job. If you are passionate about food and beverage and interested in Food and Beverage from an Italian perspective, I definitely recommend you to try this course.


Dec 4, 2020

is an excellent course on marketing applied to the food and beverage sector, the principles set out can be applied to multiple sectors.

furthermore, the interviews that highlighted the different strategic approaches explained in the course were useful.

The language of the course is very clear.

I recommend it to those who want to approach the world of marketing.

By Lawrence k

Jun 18, 2024

très instructif et intéressant! j'ai beaucoup appris. ce cours m'a permis d'avoir une vue d'ensemble sur tout le processus de la gestion des aliments et des boissons de la conception à l'assiette du consommateur et son retour sur son expérience en passant par la gestion interne de l'entreprise et de la communication autour du produit et de l'entreprise.

By Dorian S

May 20, 2020

Thank yo for opening my horizons, , sto imparando l’italiano, sono distributore di caffè di Milano è Napoli negli Stati Uniti , and really helped me to keep myself neutral in all the possibilities the market can change. I would like to get more involved in the, if you could give an advise will be very appreciated. Ci vediamo a Milano pronto.

By M. W I

Feb 21, 2021

What an amazing instructor Prof. Gabriele Troilo is, I must say. This course has revamped many misconceptions and disinformation I had about food venture management. Particularly, this course has helped me learn about proper positioning based on the market. We also know what marketing options we should brainstorm in the food and beverage business.

By Diana A

Aug 10, 2020

Excelente forma de plantear y describir el panorama para la industria de comida y bebidas. Para alguien que no se formo completamente en el área y empezó a trabajar en ella este curso es la perfecto para inducir a esta industria de una manera paulatina y sencilla con excelente visuales y ejemplos para que cualquiera pueda comprender y comparar.

By Avishka T

Mar 12, 2022

Its a really great coures to do and you will gain lot of knowlege about the foods and beverage management.

The Syllabus has coverd in great video content and reading material.

Most importent thing is video diuration is very small, its help us to educate with good concentration.

"Customer Value: Benefits / Sacrifices"

Go and study you wont regret!

By Fabrício S

Apr 28, 2020

Relevant training for those who work on F&B business, short content with interesting interviews of experts and market players.

The most exciting lesson was Big vs Small as it let understand more consistently how to actions with different company sizes in relation to each brand on many and specific market.

Yes! I recommend this course.


By Francesco G

Feb 17, 2021

Corso davvero ben curato, con un Professore d'eccezione in grado di trasmettere una autentica passione per quel che insegna e vive attraverso un formato limpido e ben strutturato.

Ringraziamenti doverosi anche per la quantità e qualità di contenuti extra molto utili e motivanti.

E' stata un esperienza utile e sorprendente.

Francesco Giammario

By Sushmitha S

Oct 23, 2020

An excellent course. Very detailed and beautifully instructed. It wasn't helpful for the field of Food and Beverage Management alone but Business management and marketing overall. The instructor explained everything very clearly and loved the examples, links and in-between quizzes. Highly recommend every marketing student to do the course.

By Evan B M

Sep 8, 2022

An excellent course! True insight into the world of 'F&B' (Food and Beverage) for the beginner (which is what I am).

Gabriele Troilo (Associate Professor) is an 'excellent guide' on your 'delicious journey,' who dispenses 'real world' information about the industry and interviews many relevant guests (within it) along the way!

By Lul H M

Jan 2, 2023

this course is the foundation of my dream in the field of food and baverage , and the teacher was very good and understandbale , this course have documents to dounwload and read even after the course ends and that was very helpeful thanks coursesa and University Bacconi for this wonderful course i really appriciated taking it

By Javier S

Jun 17, 2020

Habla de todo en general , de como entender como se trabaja pensando en todas las colaboraciones que ahi que tener en cuenta cuando ahy que tomar alguna decision.

I like it , because has all the parts that you need to understand when making a decision and the collaboration that you have to take and available to understand .

By E. A

Jun 3, 2020

Yiyecek ve içecek yönetimi sertifika numarası URL'sini veya bağlantısını nasıl doğrulayabilirim? Bence sisteme doğrulama numarasını koyarsanız tüm öğrenciler için çok daha iyi olur, çünkü çoğu öğrencinin bana da daha az maliyeti vardır .. Yardıma ihtiyacım var .. Mesajlarımı okuduğunuz için çok teşekkür ederim


By Nur E

May 9, 2020

Really interesting course. It includes both basic marketing concepts and interesting insights (although some are old, they are still pretty solid). I would 100% recommend this course not only to whoever is following a career in the sector but also to food passionates, because of the interesting insights and interviews.

By Jocelyn

Jan 4, 2021

I really enjoyed the course, the content is very relevant to my work as a market consultant specializing food supply chain and foodservice. It is easy to understand, and interesting case studies. The professor presented the ideas in a very well-structured way, helped me to understand the whole picture on F&B industry.

By stefano s

Jan 8, 2024

ben strutturato e con il giusto ritmo: utile sia per chi ha già esperienza nel settore per avere una struttura mentale che favorisca una lettura alle differenti decisioni operative che vengono prese quotidianamente, sia per chi vuole iniziare da neofita a comprendere meglio le dinamiche dl f&b management

By Harindra G

Oct 8, 2022

really good learning materials. What is really interesting is the examples taken and the interviews with people who are resoponsible of the brands. very clear lectures.

However some links didn't load as those are not valid anymore.. if you can check on these then other students will benefit from those.

By Manuela C

Nov 14, 2020

This course is very well structured. It is fluent and transparent with good content. The material that is release to learn on your own is really useful. The slides are really interesting. The vocabulary is explained very well by the teacher. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn.

By Iris G

Dec 30, 2020

I greatly enjoyed Pr. Troilo's classes and I learned a lot of new things. His explanations were always clear and I liked the recap slides (they were very useful as they summarized the lesson nicely and were a great help for the quizzes). I will certainly re-watch this course if need be.

By Ying Y

Jul 11, 2020

It is a really great course where I got to see many business cases in food industry. The specialized topics discussing the current trend and conflicts in the field is insightful. I can related to many examples and hopefully can utilize what I learned from this course in real-life cases.

By Linda B

Sep 20, 2021

It was one of the most interesting courses I've done so far. I recommend it for those who want to enter the world of food and beverage or for those who already are but want to expand their knowledge. Beautiful and useful explanations of the professor. Interesting also the intervsiste.

By Anna G

Jun 8, 2020

The course was good structured and the material was explained very clearly and in an exciting way with a lot of interesting examples. The course attendant receives a new insight into the food and beverage industry and several ideas for the growth and development in this industry.