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This is a self-paced lab that takes place in the Google Cloud console. With this lab and Google’s tools you can learn how to get the best possible quality from the Speech-to-Text systems on your specific data....
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By Kate T

Dec 23, 2022

I was unable to do anything but still have been marked as Completed.


ImportError Traceback (most recent call last)

/tmp/ipykernel_9028/ in <module>

46 s3-130732-0004 In the pre-fire days there were many places which paid especial attention to the cooking of the crab among them being the Cobweb Palace"""


---> 48 from import speech_v1p1beta1 as speech

49 import simple_wer_v2 as wer

50 from IPython.display import display, HTML, clear_output

ImportError: cannot import name 'speech_v1p1beta1' from '' (unknown location)