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In this course, you’ll use software development tools like HTML to build attractive web pages that work well—and you’ll use structured semantic data to control how websites appear to the end user. You will then dive deeper into CSS by applying increasingly specific styling to various elements. You’ll learn to use Bootstrap’s grid system to create layouts and work with components and themes. Finally, you’ll explore debugging and learn how it can be utilized to banish common front-end errors. By the end of this course you will be able to: • Create a simple form with a responsive layout using HTML5 and CSS • Create a responsive layout using CSS • Create a UI using Bootstrap • Implement debugging tools This is a beginner course for learners who would like to prepare themselves for a career in front-end development. To succeed in this course, you do not need prior development experience, only basic internet navigation skills and an eagerness to get started with coding....

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Oct 4, 2022

Really cool course, the final assignement really pushes you over to develop your own website. The instructor gives a lot of content in a short span of time, it is good to go over it from time to time.


Sep 30, 2023

Learning HTML and CSS has been pivotal in honing my skills as a front-end web developer. I'm grateful to Meta and Coursera for offering such a versatile and effective learning platform.

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By Laya A

Jan 13, 2023

I had already a good grasp of HTML & CSS when I took the course. The HTML section still had some interesting new stuff to offer. The CSS part, however, is unfortunately not very comprehensive. There's no mention of Bootstrap and Responsiveness, which are crucial in UI design. There's also not enough explanation and practice about layouts which are super confusing. Like other Meta courses, there's lots of TALKING ABOUT the code, rather than actually WRITING it and WITNESSING how it changes the end result.

Take another CSS course after this.

By Joseph P

Sep 28, 2022

There is good amount of content in this course that is helpful. Unfortunately I find these courses not very useful from a pratical viewpoint. Luckily I have some HTML and CSS knowledge and was able to see this more of a refresher than an actual fresh learning experience. I think a lot of people new to HTML and CSS will find the course material to be not very thorough. I feel there needs to be a lot more practical exercises in labs and a better overall structure to the course. It really is all over the place... Coursera also needs to work on making the labs and especially the final peer-review project more user friendly (so many issues are been talked about in the forums).

By Logan D

Jan 4, 2023

This course is informative but not all inclusive. I found myself having to search outside of the course for the information I needed quite often. There is no way get the help from a teacher. Some of the lessons feel extremely rushed and for a course that is titled 'HTML and CSS in depth' I feel like there should have been much more depth to the course.

By Ahmed M

Sep 27, 2022

It has all the required info to start working with CSS and HTML efficient if you can spend some time practicing you will get most of the course

By Ouakani A

Oct 14, 2022

I would not recommand this course for an HTML and CSS beginner, the pace is very fast it feels like reciting

Im an absolut beginner i have taken many different courses online for HTML and CSS and this is quiet fast

By Konstantine B (

May 4, 2023

Because of a buggy exam, I lost the certificate for this course and accordingly the professional certificate. I wrote to the support but no reaction from them.

By Daniel P

Dec 27, 2022

Full of bugs. SHAME !!!

By Matthew M

Sep 13, 2022

Very good course to dive deeper into html semantics, , meta tags and their meanings, and all the ways we can use css

By Csilla K

Nov 20, 2022



get the confidence I

need to start applying

what I


. I wish we were able to practice after every lesson, instead of 1 big assignment at

the end.

By Stephen A

Sep 17, 2022

A lot of information but I felt the explaination relating to each building block (each instruction) was missing. Hence I don't feel comfortable to use the expressions outside the examples given. Such a shame because CSS is so interactive (compared to other SW), so it is easy to show what every line of code does in practice.

By Andre N

Oct 5, 2022

Really cool course, the final assignement really pushes you over to develop your own website. The instructor gives a lot of content in a short span of time, it is good to go over it from time to time.

By Munashe D K

Aug 30, 2023

This section of the professional certificate goes deep into HTML and CSS I gained valuable skills and the instuctor's explanations are clear and the reading materials are informative.

By Ndefru E

Nov 1, 2022

The teachers were so marvelous and explanations were done to perfection. I enjoyed this course and I will recommend anyone who is interested in web development to take this course.

By Abhinendra P S

Dec 13, 2022

Great course, it'll definitely move you via your in-depth of CSS and HTML,many college students are lagging in flex and grid ideas in reality clean the one's concepts

By Samuel S

Sep 19, 2022

Really enjoyed this course. It covers quite a lot of important topics, such as forms, layouts, animations, and more!

By Zee M

Sep 12, 2022

Great course, goes in depth into the latest approaches and best practices in using HTML and CSS in web development.

By J C

Aug 23, 2023

Not enough interactive examples. Most lessons were watching someone else building things, or being told exactly what to type step by step rather than having to learn and think for yourself. Badly structured, and the questions on the tests are often badly worded/ambiguous, and sometimes the correct answers are marked correctly and the other way around. The peer review project submission process is poorly structured so many of the submissions are missing content e.g. image files. making it harder to review them. The grading criteria for this project was also poorly designed leaving to having to award points for incorrectly things and not award points for other things where they should have been.

By Marc R

May 15, 2023

The main lecturer seems to be talking as fast as she can and rarely goes into much depth. Many of the videos seemed focused on covering as many properties as possible with inadequate explanation or hands-on examples. I'd have preferred either a narrower scope of material or extending the course out another week to get adequate depth of understanding. The final project was a good challenge, but all the other labs were basically written for you to the degree that you rarely needed to know what you were doing. Beginners will likely have a difficult time and might be better off with another course, in my opinion.

By Doug B

Apr 24, 2023

Some animation examples were of academic interest only. I would have like to have had more examples that are typically used. I would like them to include the source files from the lectures so we can easily experiment. I felt that the instructions for the final project were not clear ; this was confirmed when reviewing other student projects. The final project would have been much better if at the end of the course working solutions were made available.

By Mallory B

Jan 23, 2023

A lot of content is not up to date or differenciating within the course. Also it runs through content without properly explaining. You're better off googling what you want to learn and come back only for the diploma.

By Mahmoud M

Sep 22, 2022

A valuable course, covers essential topics every front-end developer should be aware of. I like covering the accessibility(SEO), using semantic tags and covering advanced CSS topics. I recommend the course for everyone either beginner or have experiences in HTML and CSS. Good luck.

By Humera T

Feb 20, 2023

The best course to really dive deep in HTML & CSS. Very deep and specific knowledge Thanks to the Instructor, Meta and of course COURSERA. You all doing a great job.

By Shiva M

Aug 6, 2023

It was a good course, it was taught from the basics

But you must pay attention to the fact that you must repeat the codes that are taught during the course

By Tony M

Sep 29, 2022

The overall I liked course , the teaching tyle is amazing. I think the course only needs more exercices...

By S.L.D S K

Aug 18, 2023

i wish everything is free, because this courses are amazing to learn.