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About the Course

This course will highlight the most interesting experiments within the field of psychology, discussing the implications of those studies for our understanding of the human mind and human behavior. We will explore the brain and some of the cognitive abilities it supports like memory, learning, attention, perception and consciousness. We will examine human development - both in terms of growing up and growing old - and will discuss the manner in which the behavior of others affect our own thoughts and behavior. Finally we will discuss various forms of mental illness and the treatments that are used to help those who suffer from them. The fact of the matter is that humans routinely do amazing things without appreciating how interesting they are. However, we are also routinely influenced by people and events without always being aware of those influences. By the end of this course you will have gained a much better understanding and appreciation of who you are and how you work. And I can guarantee you that you'll learn things that you'll be telling your friends and family about, things that will fundamentally change the way you think of yourself and others. How can you resist that?!...

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Feb 17, 2017

I loved every minute of this course! Professor Joordens was very engaging and it was set at just the right pace. I'm looking forward to my next course already! The discussion forums are very helpful.


Dec 16, 2016

good course. suitable for starters. I learnt some basics and something interesting. I now can analyse some social events from the psychology point of view. I understand humanity a little bit better.

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By andyma

Mar 22, 2019

the very best

By İrem M

Mar 20, 2019

This course was very entertaining and beneficial for me. I really enjoyed to participate all of the lectures.Also, essay process also broadened my horizons. Thank you to Mr. Joordens and everyone who contributed.

By Sarwaswa

Jul 30, 2018

The course was great and enhanced my knowledge on various topics. Especially the bystander effect , I was able to relate that in my country India, there have been many cases where nobody helped the victim and just stood around him/her down the road.

Moreover, now I know how my brain works. How conditioning takes place , how sleep affects our lives.

Last but not the least, I would suggest this course to anyone who is curious.

If you are curious this 12 week course is for you , it is not like any other psychology 101 course, it contains a lot of information which would be a great digest if ingested.

By Humphrey S

Jul 23, 2017

Very good course

By Chun C

Apr 09, 2018

wonderful class to understand my brain and how it works.

some parts about brain diseases are a little boring to me.

By robin

Feb 14, 2018

Most amazing course, highly insightful.....

By Saswata P

Jan 09, 2018

the professor is so cool and will take you through a wonderful journey .

By Lada P

Dec 08, 2016

It has been a wonderful journey through mind. We all have it but we know so little. Thank you for allowing me to come closer.

By Natalya U

Jun 10, 2017

Very informative, interesting, and well-taught.

By Trinh T T

Jun 16, 2017

lots of useful knowledge given in a fun and casual way. The lecturer Steve is good, funny and cool. And I love his lectures on kids development for parents as I am a parent of a toddler myself, and I agreed totally with what he said. This course helps you to be aware of the psychological aspect in everyday situations which is cool and usual.

By MD. A A

Feb 14, 2017

This course is a must for every human being. It teaches us about ourselves . The instructor, Steve Joordens, is a awesome guy who knows how to implant difficult knowledge in our brain smoothly. Enroll this course and learn about yourself in depth !

By James R

Oct 21, 2017

I have thoroughly enjoy this experience. It has proven to me that after 30+ years of failing miserably in scholastic endeavours that i can in fact succeed.

By Omneya M

Apr 01, 2017

Well I really loved the content of the course and how it has been taught by professor Steve, It is very useful and I recommend this course to everyone. Thank you so much <3

By Nahla A

Apr 14, 2018

It was very good, it gave me a great knowledge about Psychology as a beginner at this field

By Qiqi H

Mar 12, 2017

Best lecturer so far. Interesting topics and well presented.

By Daniela E M V

May 08, 2017

Amazing course! Learned so much!

By Sonya M

Aug 21, 2017

Wow! This course is a really AWESOME introduction to all things psychology - I would love to take more courses with the same professor and recommend this to anyone interested to learn more about the topic.

By Ambika A

Jul 06, 2017

Informative and interesting. It's a course all Psychology enthusiasts should take on.

By Thomas

Apr 08, 2018

Great introductory psychology course

By Susannah R

May 05, 2017

An absolutely absorbing course. I was hooked from the start.

Excellent lectures delivered in an engaging style.

A very enjoyable 3 months.

By Shaik M R

Nov 10, 2017

Very Interesting and Informative.

By Amar j

Feb 10, 2017

Its informative and explained in detail with connecting/

By Isabel A

Mar 21, 2018

I absolutely enjoyed this journey with Professor Steve Joordens. Lessons were very well given, easy to understand and very interesting. Thank you so much!!

By Yola L

Nov 28, 2017

This course kept (still keeping) my attention and interest, because the way it was given by Steve Jordan, very clear, scientific and very funny. He makes it easier to understand. It's a lot of information, but it triggers you to do your own research on the internet and books. I'm enjoying this course and it was never boring.

Thank you for your teaching skill, Steve.

By Trevor H

Jan 24, 2018

Wonderful course! Every opportunity to go above and beyond in this course is provided and encouraged through Professor Joordens' intriguing and inclusive teaching style. He is one of the most wonderful online teachers I have ever had, and really goes out of his way to make the course interesting and fun while still being down to earth and easy to understand.